Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Saturday 25th June 2011, a small group of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal Team conducted a paranormal investigation at an alleged haunted house in Wiltshire.

I had previously met the owner of this haunted property and I was amazed at some of the incidents that had occurred. The spirit haunting this house seemed to have quite some power and I felt immense oppression as soon as I entered the house. The atmosphere in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs felt awful and I actually shuddered. The same feeling was evident in the front sitting room. I was shown through to the kitchen to have a discussion with Karen, the house owner. Here the atmosphere seemed lighter. Karen discussed the events that she had experienced.

There were unexplained knocking and bangs heard continually, strange smells, odd mists, items moved around the house, glimpses of shadow figures and occasions where Karen had been touched. Karen said that she often felt as if she were in danger of being physically abused because she felt a violent feeling pervading the house. She said that at times she often smelt a vile, bad breath-type odour.

We chatted for approximately forty-five minutes and arranged a time for the team to return to the house. As I passed by the sitting room I stopped still in shock. The whole room was full of a strange grey mist. Nobody had been inside this room while I was there and the room was clear when I had passed it earlier. The foreboding feeling remained.

In between this visit and our return, I explained the phenomena that Karen had explained to me, together with my experience of the strange mist to one of our team mediums, Pat. She asked her spirit guide to assist in this matter and she then explained that this property was haunted by a previous home-owner who lived at the house during the early1800’s. Pat explained that the gentleman was an angry individual who smoked heavily and drank a copious amount of alcohol. She said that he was thumping the walls and doors in the house in anger and he often exhaled the foul stench of his breath near Karen to let her know that he was close by.

I returned with the team to Karen’s house a couple of weeks later. Jacky, Dave and Loretta all felt the foreboding atmosphere by the front door and stairs. Jacky, Dave, Loretta and I decided that we would assemble at the top end of the stairs and try to communicate with this most unpleasant spirit entity.

In no time at all, we started to started to hear movement around us and as we  ‘called out’ the noises became louder. Dave decided that he would go outside for a while and leave us girls upstairs alone as he felt that we would experience more paranormal activity without a man there. He was right. What a difference! Almost immediately we could all smell the most foul odour. To me, it smelt of un-brushed teeth, with a sour smell of stale alcohol and old tobacco. As we talked about it, the smell became stronger. Jacky asked the spirit “Are you angry that we have come into your home? Well, it’s not your home anymore, it belongs to Karen.” Immediately, there were two sharp knocks and then the balustrade at the top of the stairs seemed to be kicked with great strength. The noise it made was really loud and we all saw it move with the force of the ‘kick.’ This was one very angry spirit.

The three of us decided that we were certainly not going to be bullied by this disagreeable spirit and we told him so.

Pat and Lindsay arrived and Pat said that even before they arrived at the house, she was seeing images of an angry and unkempt elderly man. She felt that he appeared older than he actually was because of self-neglect, excessive smoking and alcohol abuse. She had seen images of him repeatedly hitting a lady which she assumed was his wife. Suddenly Pat was taken to another scenario and watched as the angry man took his own life. He did not commit this act near to the house but somewhere quiet where he would not be found for a while. Pat asked her spirit guide why the man had killed himself and was informed that he had beaten his wife so badly one evening, he was afraid that she would die and therefore fearful that he would have to stand trial and be incarcerated in jail.

We linked together and told this spirit that it was time to move on, he was not welcome at the house and it certainly was not his place to continue instilling fear into his innocent victims. Pat then performed her house-clearance rite. I felt a peaceful feeling descend upon us and the house. I hope he stays away for good.

Written by: Maria Williams