Twilight Shadows Paranormal
This Halloween (2007), Twilight Shadows Paranormal were invited by White Horse Paranormal to join them on their Halloween charity event at the White Hart Hotel in Calne. OPuck Paranormal were also invited. Many people were wearing Halloween costume as fancy dress including guests who joined the three teams for the investigation. The purpose of the event was to raise money for 'Breakthrough Breast Cancer'. There were two locations to cover, The White Hart and the Landsdowne Hotel, both in Calne. We were given a tour of the hotel. One room in particular affected us all, especially the bathroom and we were excited about the prospect of returning to this room later.


Following a briefing in the function room, it was decided that members of the White Horse Paranormal team would take some guests to the Landsdowne Hotel and that OPuck Paranormal and Twilight Shadows Paranormal would take the remainder of the guests and investigate the White Hart Hotel.



We began the evening in the function room as we had been informed that there had been some alleged paranormal activity in that room earlier in the day. The guests wanted to try some glass divination. We gathered around a table, asked the Higher Realms for protection and attempted to communicate with any spirit people present in that room.          

We sat around the table for quite a while. The glass did not move and the atmosphere in the room felt flat. We decided to explore elsewhere.



We all assembled into Room 1. This is a beautiful room with a four-poster bed which is used mainly as a bridal suite. It is the room in which we had felt a presence earlier while being shown around.


Initially we called out to spirit and then stood in silence. Gill (one of the guests) said that she "could hear the silence". Several of us could comprehend this statement.


We continued to stand quietly in this room. I was standing next to Gill and quite unexpectedly she lurched forward and then to her right. We all perceived that she has moved her feet and stumbled slightly due to the uneven floorboards. Gill did not say anything for a moment and suddenly she said "did anybody push me"? We were all quite surprised by this question. I was standing to her left and was actually facing her when she stumbled. I can categorically say that none of the investigators or guests were standing near enough to Gill to push her. Strangely enough we were told that a short while ago a honeymoon couple were staying in Room 1 and while in the bathroom the groom claims he had been pushed in the back. The couple later asked to be moved into another room as they were too afraid to stay in Room 1. Mel (from OPuck Paranormal) said that he could feel someone walking around us. Several of us could identify with this. We could hear small knocks now and then, a couple of the knocks seemed to coincide with requests from us to knock. There was a clicking noise from the middle of the four-poster bed heard by Nic and Mel (from OPuck Paranormal) and a couple of other people who were standing near them.


Most of us sat down on the floor. We continued to hear small knocks and bangs but we could not say for definite that they were of a paranormal origin.     


We went into the bathroom of Room 1. The atmosphere was thick and you could really feel an energy in there. There was a small table and Vikki and I placed our fingers on a glass in there. In no time at all the glass was moving erratically. Nic, Mel and some of the guests joined and we soon had a good level of spirit communication going. The spirit was a male and he said that he felt angry but not with us. He said that there were nine spirit people in all within the vicinity. This male spirit said that he did not push the man (honeymoon couple) in the bathroom but another male spirit did. He said that it was not a malevolent action, he pushed him as a joke.


The male spirit left us and a female spirit arrived. She apparently worked at the hotel and she was trapped downstairs in the cellar. She said that she was "alone now." Mel cold feel where she was standing. We asked her to push the glass to her position in the room and the glass moved in between Mel and myself. I think most of us knew where she was standing anyway as you could feel her presence. Nic said that she thought we should ask the spirit if there had been scrying performed in the room. I was amazed that Nic had mentioned scrying as I had been bombarded with thoughts about scrying and scrying images since entering the room. We asked the spirit if someone had been scrying in the room and the answer was "Yes".


The original male spirit returned and said that he had been in the cellar. We decided to move to the cellar.



We made our way to the cellar. The cellar is quite extensive and you have to walk down a little passage to the end room. Chris joined us. We decided to try table-tipping. We assembled around the table with some of the guests. Mel said that he felt that the table was sponging which may be described as breathing or pulsing. Several of us felt this also and I just kept seeing the table spinning to the left and right, which is wasn't. It didn't move at all. We tried some more glass divination but the glass did not move. We could hear the church clock chime 01 00 hrs. The guests decided to leave but we carried on. Mel said that he had seen a male with a white shirt at the back of the cellar. He saw him twice.


We decided that we would stay a while longer and placed our fingers on the glass. In no time at all, the glass started moving. It pointed to each one of us as if we were required to introduce ourselves (in my experience from previous investigations spirits often like us to introduce ourselves in this way). The spirit was happy to stay in the cellar and did not require our help to go over to the light.


We decided to try table-tipping again but the table did not move. We (from Twilight Shadows Paranormal) decided to leave the investigation due to work commitments.


Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to thank White Horse Paranormal for inviting us to their charity event. We had a wonderful time and it was lovely to meet you all. Also thank you to OPuck Paranormal. It was great to meet you also and interesting and enjoyable to work with you.


Written by: Maria Williams