Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Friday the 30th April 2010, Twilight Shadows Paranormal investigated West View Day Nursery in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. Historically, the nursery was a family home. It would have been a wealthy family who resided there as it was of considerable size and was a three-storey house. They would likely have employed a number of servants.


Upon our arrival to the nursery Dave and Jacky took us on a tour of the house. It is lovely with Victorian fireplaces and other features. Almost immediately in one of the cloakrooms, Emma felt something tug at the back pocket of her trousers. She looked really shocked for a minute.


We wandered around the many rooms of the house. In one room there was a slide for the children. Nettie immediately recoiled and said that she did not like this room. I felt fine in there. I tried to link in with what Nettie was feeling but I could not feel anything. But poor Nettie felt so awful in that room, she quickly left. Pete said that there was a dark feeling to this room and he did not like it either.


I thought I heard voices upstairs on the third floor but I knew that there was nobody up there as we were all accounted for on the second floor. We climbed the stairs to the third floor and I immediately felt a different atmosphere. It was not a negative feeling but I felt that we were being watched. Pete said that he had been looking for marbles during our tour of the house as he had heard marbles rolling and hitting each other. I thought that Dave was going to pass out with shock as previously he had been told by the nursery staff that as she entered the building in the morning, she sometimes heard the sound of marbles rolling and bumping into the skirting boards. Only Jacky and Dave knew of this so we were all impressed with Pete’s information.


As we stood in the top room, Dave said that he could feel a presence in there. I could also feel this presence and as I said previously, I felt like the presence was watching us. Pete said that voices had been heard in here. I was surprised by this as I had heard voices from the third floor while standing on the second floor landing area. Pete said “even the children have heard voices.” Jacky said that she had a dragging feeling and she had the sensation of heaviness. Pete said that there was a young female in that room who had been heard singing. She presents herself in her mid-teens and she has “the voice of an angel.” Dave said that that his legs and back felt strange. Dave often gets a feeling in his back which he feels when the presence of a spirit draws near. There was a small door on the third floor landing. Loretta and I likened it to ‘an Alice in Wonderland door.’


As we stood inside the rooms upon the third floor, Pete said that he could see children playing in period costumes. He dated the time-frame as the mid 1800’s, possibly earlier.


Pete said that he does not think that Dave and Jacky had been told everything as he feels that staff members have been hearing voices and giggling and discovering that it was not the voices of their charges. Also Pete feels that when the children are having ‘their nap,’ staff hear the running of little feet and they investigate who it is that is misbehaving and to their astonishment, all the children are actually asleep or just lying quietly. We decided to go downstairs. As Emma walked out of the room on the third floor she distinctly heard a female child’s voice say “don’t leave me.”


We went downstairs again and had a look at the cellar. Pete did not like the cellar at all. Emma, Loretta and I did not feel anything of a spiritual nature in the cellar.


At this point, two staff members came into the building to see how we were getting on. The lady that experiences the marble rolling was there. She told us that she was the only person to experience this and was impressed with Pete that he had connected with it.


We went into the kitchen. This was a lovely, warm and comforting room and we decided to use this as our team room. We split into three teams. Emma, Loretta and I decided that we would start upstairs. We went into one of the rooms on the third floor and situated ourselves so we could see into the other room also. I felt quite spooked but I did not feel that there was anything negative in there. Emma and Loretta agreed and Loretta said that “her hackles were up.” I saw an orb with my naked eye fly past Emma and as I exclaimed this, Emma took a photo in front of her. Strangely, the camera had captured an orb which was the same size and height as I had seen. I am not a great fan of orbs as I think that most orbs captured on digital cameras can be explained as a dust particle, moisture or an insect. But I was left feeling unsure about this orb after visually seeing it with my own eyes and then Emma capturing a photograph of what I perceive may be what I saw.


We sat on the floor and started to ‘call out.’ I still felt that I was being watched, mainly from the adjoining room and I felt that the atmosphere was closing in. My left hand started to tingle which is what happens to me when I feel that spiritual energy is drawing close. We were quiet for a moment and heard a scraping noise. Emma took some photographs and the photographs that she captured in the adjoining room all had orbs in them. The photographs in the room in which we were sat did not contain orbs.


We ‘called out’ again. We heard a strange noise and I thought that it sounded like the small cupboard door opening. (When I looked later at the cupboard door, it was closed).


I looked up and noticed that the flag was moving. I thought that this was due to a natural breeze but when I looked at a wind-chime very close to the flag, the wind-chime was completely still. I looked around the room and everything else which was suspended and hung from the ceiling was not moving either. I thought this was slightly odd and I mentioned it to the others. I asked if it was spirit that was moving the flag, could they move it with a stronger motion. We all agreed that the movement of the flag increased and moved more. It really did look as if the movement was controlled and not just fluttering in a natural breeze.


We ‘called out’ again. We had placed our fingers around a small table and we heard a definite knock on the table, on Emma’s side. After a while, there were some other bangs and knocks which seemed to be coming from underneath the table. Additionally, we heard a scratching under the table and it really did feel like it was little fingers making the scratching sound.


Emma said that she saw a double flash in the adjoining room and as I looked up, I thought that I saw a shadowy movement in there. We all still felt that we were being watched.


The atmosphere felt electric and like something was brewing. There were a couple more taps on the table. Loretta said that she felt as if there was a larger, etheric body growing and over-taking our bodies in size. As I looked across at Emma, I saw a little arm go around Emma’s shoulders and a tiny hand rest on her shoulder for a second. As soon as I realised what I was seeing, it had disappeared. I felt quite shaken. I told Emma what I had seen and she said she felt like she wanted to cry. As we sat there, the energy around us seemed to be dying down.


We decided that we would ‘call out’ again. We wondered if there would be any spirits of the servants of the house. We felt that one of these rooms were the original nursery and perhaps the other room was sleeping quarters for the servants who cared for the children when this building was a private house.


Loretta told us to look into the adjoining room. She said that she had seen a door with a doorknob that wasn’t physically there. We all looked out of the doorway of the room we were sat in and through the open doorway of the other room. I clearing saw a light moving in the doorway and Emma said that she could also see it. We were suddenly all really shocked and riveted to the spot as we could all see a shimmering light moving towards us and coming towards the doorway. The temperature seemed to plummet and the room was icy cold even though it had seemed warm enough moments before. The three of us could see sparkly lights and Emma said that it was as if we had put glitter onto our eyelashes. It was exactly like that. As we watched transfixed, it came out of the doorway of the other room and just stayed on the landing. We could not move or hardly breathe. We were both scared and elated. It then transformed into an outline of haze, like a heat haze and then it really sparkled. After a while, we asked if it could come nearer. I could hear my heart pounding. It didn’t come any closer but it became a bit misty, small swirling dashes of mist. I was shocked at seeing this image so clearly and Emma and Loretta were stunned also. Eventually, Emma took a photograph but the image she captured showed nothing. This was disappointing. After this, the image we could see seemed to retreat slightly and as it moved back we could all see something else which looked as if it was peering around the door. I saw a couple of sparkly lights moving and Emma said that she could see them too. We captured a couple of these lights on Camcorder.


We all heard a sound which sounded like ‘Ooohhh.’ We were amazed. Emma asked if a spirit would come forward and hold her hand. Emma reached out her hand towards the spiritual energy and then exclaimed that she could not see the end of her hand. I could see what she meant by this. It was strange.


After a while, we felt the energy fading away and we realised that we could see nothing now apart from the landing and the room. We also all realised that the room felt warm again.


We left the third floor and investigated the second floor. We did not experience anything strange on the second floor. We returned downstairs to the kitchen and had a drink with the other teams. We did not mention our visual experience with them. (Later at the end of the investigation, we were shocked when Jacky’s team had experienced an almost identical visual energy as us. They had no idea of our experience and had told us about their experience which occurred after ours See Jacky’s report).   


We decided to hold our next séance in the cellar. I did not hold much hope of anything occurring in here as I had felt nothing during our walk-round. We all felt the same about this although we were aware that Pete had not liked the cellar so we hoped that we were wrong. It was colder in the cellar but probably naturally so. Pete had asked us to record anything we heard, felt or saw in the cellar so he was obviously hopeful for us.


We stood in the cellar, ‘calling out’ but not feeling much. Suddenly, Loretta asked if anyone had heard a noise like someone clearing their throat. Emma had heard it and thought it was me. I had heard it and thought it was Emma. We wondered if perhaps something was down there with us. All of a sudden, something vibrated on my arm. There was nobody touching me and I was not leaning on anything. Our mobile phones were back in the kitchen. It was very strange and had made me jump considerably.


We knew that something in the cellar had already scared Dave and we asked if it would frighten us as well. I had an incredible feeling of naughtiness all of a sudden and also felt that I was tipping back. We heard some clicks which we could not work out the origin.


Emma said that she had seen a light with her own eyes which had a red glow to it. I heard a knock. I asked for more knocking and we heard another knock and then another. I started to look through the Camcorder as it was recording and became really frightened that I would see something really scary. We then heard four taps close to us. The sound was metallic, like something tapping tin. I asked any spirits there, if they could bang the drum and Emma said that she immediately heard five taps. Emma felt an energy right by her.


Suddenly, I felt a massive cold draught by my right ear as is someone blew on me. It was so sudden and strong that I really jumped. I then felt something on the right hand side of my head, which was tickling me. I asked Emma if she could see anything black and crawly on my head as I was afraid that it was a spider. Emma said that she could see nothing on my head but she and Loretta started laughing as I was shaking my head trying to get whatever it was, off! While we were all laughing, I felt something very cold touch my face. Emma got her glasses stuck on her head and we all dissolved into giggles over this. We usually find that when we laugh during a paranormal investigation, things seem to happen as we believe that laughter raises the energy thus giving spirits the power and strength to make physical contact with us. While we were still laughing my Camcorder captured a light anomaly that I thought looked amazing. (Since reviewing the light anomaly on a big screen at home, I am less hopeful that its origin is paranormal but I will publish it on the website so that people can draw their own conclusions).


Nothing of further significance occurred in the cellar after this so we moved into the Minnows room where the marbles are heard rolling. I noticed a baby-monitor and I switched it on. I didn’t know where the other monitor was so but as the first monitor was making a ‘white noise,’ I left it on to see if any spirit voices would come through. We listened to the ‘white noise’ and ‘called out’ requesting that any spirit people use the noise to speak to us. Every time we requested this, the ‘white noise’ became considerably louder as if it was answering us. But we did not hear any voices.


We heard footsteps just outside the room and I went outside to see if there were any team members walking around outside. It was Dave. I returned to the room. The temperature seemed to plummet and then there appeared to be the sound of footsteps coming through on the ‘white noise.’ This was strange as the other baby-monitor was not switched on so it was definitely not the sound of the team walking around upstairs. We asked any spirits present if they could make the sound of rolling marbles. This did not happen but the door handle to the room rattled immediately. I quickly jumped up and opened the door but there was nobody there. I called upstairs to ask Jacky if all the team members were with her. She answered that they were. This was impressive as the door handle really rattled as if by human hand. I started looking around the rooms downstairs and found the other baby-monitor. I switched it on and spoke through it to Emma and Loretta who were still in the Minnows room. I went back to the room. I chatted with Emma and Loretta and we suddenly heard a sound like marbles clicking when they hit each other. We were excited by this.


We sat there a while and then the other members of the team joined us. Pete and Nettie were leaving. The rest of us decided to sit in the kitchen and discuss the night’s events. As we were chatting together, we heard running footsteps from above. This happened several times and there was also a considerable bang. We were alone in the house so we found these audibles impressive.


On behalf of Twilight Shadows Paranormal, I would like to thank Arlene for allowing us to investigate her lovely nursery. We had a wonderful time.


Written by: Maria Williams




On the 30th April 2010 the team met up for their latest investigation which brought us to the heart of the lovely town of Bradford on Avon. We were invited by the owner of West View Day Nursery who had mentioned before to us that her staff had witnessed some ‘spooky goings on’ at the nursery and she was interested to know what we might be able to find out.


When we arrived we were surprised at the size of the building which was formally a private residence before it became a children's nursery. Before we even started our tour of the building Emma exclaimed that she felt her trouser pocket being tugged.


Before we started our investigation, Dave was told by a member of staff that when she went to let herself in, in the morning, she heard marbles being rolled along the floor as if being played. Naturally this alarmed her as she automatically thought that someone had arrived early but when she let herself in, the rolling sound stopped and there would be nothing there. While we were having our mini tour Pete felt sure that marbles had been heard rolling along the floor down on the ground floor and also a female possibly in her teens had been heard singing and was described as sounding like an angel. With this revelation Dave looked very startled. He had only just found the information out about the marbles before we started the investigation that night and to that point, only I knew about them.


We decided to use the kitchen area as the team hub and split into 2 main teams and one small sub team. Team 1 was made up of Maria, Loretta and Emma, team 2 was made up of myself, Pete, Chris and Dave and in team 3 was Nettie and Ethan. Team 1 went to the top floor to start their investigation, team 2 started in the cellar and team 3 went off to explore the other rooms.


We descended down the steps to the cellar which we noted looked a lot older than the rest of the building. On the very bottom of the steps there is slate set into the stone that I noticed nearly everyone walked over being careful not to tread on it. We turned the lights out and after a brief period of quiet we started to call out. Dave felt very uncomfortable being stood in the left hand corner of the room and moved towards the doorway. Pete went to stand where Dave had been stood instead. I noticed that as Pete was talking, he had started to cough. I also noticed that Dave had started to cough too. Dave said that he felt like his chest was being crushed and Pete likened it to being in sand. Pete said that he had picked up on 2 male spirits. One he felt had died from asphyxiation possibly from a gas leak in the cellar and Pete also felt that this accident was witnessed by a male that was already in the spirit world. Chris and I could smell incense but Dave and Pete could smell a sour odour. During our time in the cellar, two of the team did feel that they had come up with a few names but these are yet to be verified.


After our time in the cellar, we decided to move to the Minnows room what we now refer to as the marble room. Again we got ourselves comfortable, turned the lights off and sat quietly for a brief time. I was filming with my camera and caught an orb almost immediately. Orbs are light anomalies that some believe are the first stages of a spirit manifestation. Pete said that he sensed two female children, one aged four years old and the other six years old and he got the names Emily and Mabel. He felt that they were from around 1865 and dressed in traditional Edwardian clothing of tunic/smock dress. I tried calling out and Pete said that he could see the girls were attracted to my voice and were sitting on the floor right at my feet like I was telling them a story. He suggested I sing a few nursery rhymes. First of all I tried Jack and Jill but apparently they did not recognise this. I then tried singing Ring O Roses, The Mulberry bush and then had an idea. As Pete had tuned into the two girls energy, he had witnessed a scene that he said filled him with warmth. He saw a scene of the girls playing in the room we were now in, it was Christmas time and they were bathed in a lovely warm glowing light that was cast from the roaring fire which they were sat in front of. I remembered from when I was in infant school a Christmas Carol which I sang. The carol was ‘Here We Come A Wassailing.’ Pete said that he was suddenly overcome with emotion. This was a rhyme that their mother sang to them. He felt that the children wouldn't have seen their mother much and most of the childcare would have been from a Nanny. He said that this was a family that was very well off and it would have been expected of the mother to socialise, which Pete felt the mother was not keen to do. He also felt that the room, in which we sat, would have been the father’s study.


After a break we decided to move to the very top floor. While we were in the room it didn't take long for activity to start up. Almost as soon as we settled down we heard a large bang and a cupboard door flew open. This made us all jump. We then noticed that there were some crayons on the floor spilling out of a pot. We just couldn't remember them being there before and what seemed even stranger was the crayons seemed to splay out of the pot even further but we we were watching them the whole time but we didn't see them move. We also heard scratching noises that sounded like the wooden chairs moving ever so slightly against the carpet.


We started to call out to see if we could get any paranormal activity happen. I felt like there was some energy building and felt it was female. Pete and Nettie were sat next to the doorway and I asked Pete if he could sense anyone materialising. When he asked me why, I said that I could see a figure stood just behind him. I can only describe as a very hazy outline of a person approx just over 5 ft tall and I felt that it would be female. Pete said that he had gone very cold and said that he felt that this was a watcher. He also felt that with all the energy from the children playing, that things would be seen or moved but either this would go unnoticed or unmentioned for fear of being made fun of. He also felt that spirit children would be seen but not necessarily noticed.


Pete also wondered if there may have been a fire in the building at one point or another.


As it was getting late, we had to bid farewell to Pete and Nettie.


We did continue for a short while after with not much else witnessed upstairs by us but we did notice a very strong smell of tobacco smoke and a very sudden drop in temperature in the nursery room on the ground floor and whilst Myself, Dave, Maria, Loretta and Emma were chatting over the nights events in the kitchen we heard several sets of footsteps overhead and also a male voice was heard upstairs on the next floor.  Maria also captured a stunning light anomaly on Video Camera in the Cellar.


We would like to thank Arlene Caddow for permission to investigate such a wonderful building and I would also like to thank the team for giving up their Friday evening and making the investigation a great success.


Written by: Jacky Wicheard



On Saturday, the 13th November 2010, a small group of Twilight Shadows Paranormal  returned to the West View Day Nursery in Bradford on Avon to meet the owner Arlene and another member of staff.


We assembled in the kitchen and had a chat before Arlene came. When Arlene and her staff member arrived, we stood in the hallway and Pete told them about the spirits who still reside in the house, especially the children with whom we met upon our first visit. Pete described very clearly to the staff member, that the children, particularly one female child, watched her while she worked and sometimes moved things which were on her desk. She seemed to understand exactly what Pete was saying. He also said that the children loved watching the other children in the nursery and he said that sometimes some children see the spirit children. One little girl who has now left the nursery to start school used to see the spirit children on a regular basis. Pete told this lady that one particular spirit child feels sad when she is sad and told Pete about the illness of an animal which the lady confirmed.


Pete began talking to Arlene and it was soon obvious that he was about to give her a personal reading so Loretta, Vikki and I went upstairs to conduct a vigil. We looked in all of the upstairs rooms but we were drawn to the very top of the house where there are two large rooms which are separated by a small hallway. We discussed what had happened when Loretta, Emma and I sat there during our last visit. While we ‘called out’ we could see lights flickering and then a hazy, misty appearance which resembled the shape and size of a child, standing in the doorway which seemed like it was trying to materialize. It was a heart-stopping moment which seemed to last a considerable time. Unbeknown to us at the time, Jacky’s group experienced the exact same thing but we did not discuss this until the end of the investigation. So we thought that the upstairs rooms would be a good place to start our latest investigation. We sat in one room, looking through the hallway into the other room through the doorways. It seemed to take longer this time but Loretta and I started to experience the same thing as before. Vikki could see what we were seeing and we all sat there barely daring to breathe. We talked softly to the spirit children and we could see the same flickering lights as before and an energy seeming to build. However, unlike our first visit, the energy was not as strong and did not manifest to the same degree as last time, despite our encouragement.


We eventually went downstairs to the next floor but we did not experience anything of a paranormal nature. So we went down into the cellar. Pete had said that he felt that there was an oppressive energy down there and there had been a dispute between two males at some time resulting in a murder which may have been accidental. I could not feel anything much down there but Loretta, Vikki and I settled down to conduct a vigil. Vikki and I took it in turns to ‘call out’ and we heard a few little knocks. It was difficult to ascertain whether the knocks were responding to our questions or not. There appeared to be a few breezes sometimes blowing on our faces or hands but we were in a cellar which could have natural draughts. However, I stood by the small window and I could not feel any draughts coming from it.


We eventually decided to return into the main house and try some of the rooms on the ground floor. We sat in silence for a good while and tried ‘calling out’ but all was quiet spiritually.


Dave’s team did not experience anything which could be deemed as supernatural in the house but when they were in the cellar they also heard some knocking and also the sound of a sigh.


As it was getting late, we decided to end our investigation. We gathered in the kitchen again for a chat and I was hoping we would hear the sound of small footsteps running over the floor above. This happened during our first visit when we were packing up to go home. The whole team were accounted for and the house is not joined (or near) to any other building. Sadly this did not happen upon our second visit.


Although the spirits were quiet upon our second visit, we would like to thank Arlene for allowing us to visit West View nursery again.


Written by: Maria Williams   


On Saturday 8th February 2014, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at Westview Day Nursery in Bradford on Avon.


We sat in one of the downstairs rooms, leaving the door open so that we could see out into the hall. Jacky 'called out' and she immediately saw a light anomaly in the hall. We were quiet for a while and then Dave jumped slightly and said that he had heard a whisper very close to him. Tony said that he could not feel much in this room but he had felt something in the kitchen and got 'shudders down my back.' As Tony was talking, there was a tap on the floor and then another. Jacky asked if any spirit people who had joined us could do something more and there was a responsive tap on the floor.

Dave said that he saw a light anomaly (with his own eyes) by the door frame and Jacky said that she had been feeling drawn to that spot. There was a knock on the floor very close to me and Dave and Tony simultaneously said, “I've just heard movement by the stairs.” Dave and Andrew left the room and went into the room opposite. Jacky warned them to be careful as she had captured (on her Camcorder), a light anomaly coming out of the room and into ours.

Jacky 'called out' and we heard a noise which sounded just like a ball bouncing on the floor. Jacky said that her legs felt cold and we heard the bouncing ball noise again. It sounded like it was inside the wall.


We settled inside the cellar and Dave saw a light anomaly travel from behind Andrew towards me. I thought that there was a lovely atmosphere inside the cellar. Dave agreed with me. We discussed that the stone steps coming down into the cellar were very worn and were part of the original foundations of a 16th Century house before the 18th Century house was built on top.

I 'called out' and Dave and Andrew heard some taps on the stairs. Andrew also heard a voice but he could not decipher what was said. We decided to use the Ghost Box and the Olvius. Between this equipment we received the following words:









Burning (there had been a fire)







Gas (we'd been talking about the gas meter earlier)

These pieces of equipment can be silent with no information for hours but at this time, they were speaking constantly. Dave 'called out' and we heard:







When we heard the loud voice say 'Quiet,' we had been talking loudly to Ben who was coming down the stairs. I 'called out' and I felt a spirit coming forward and a chilly breeze whizzed by me.

Jacky asked, “Can you say your name?

The Ghost Box replied, 'Not really,'

Jacky: Do you want us to leave the cellar?

Ghost Box: Yes.

Jacky: Would you like us to move to a different room?

Ghost Box: Yes.

Jacky: Would you like us to try the kitchen?

Ghost Box: Get on with it.

Jacky: If you'd like us to go away, just say.

Ghost Box: Don't.


We assembled around a very large wooden table. Jacky 'called out.' A series of taps responded to her voice and I felt a breeze over my fingers which were gently resting upon the table. A few other team members said that they felt the same. We asked:

Could you tap the table? Tap once for yes and twice for no.


Are you female?


Are you male?


Are you a little girl?


Are you a little boy.


Did you used to live here?


Are you the little boy that rolls marbles down the hall that people can hear?


Can you roll your marbles down the hall for us?


Is that you we can hear, running around upstairs?


Is there anybody else with you?

(No response)

Are you still with us?


Is somebody else with you?


Can you tap how many spirit people are here, including yourself?

(No response)

Is there another child you know of, here as well?


I previously had heard more than one pair of footsteps running across the floor upstairs. It sounded like the footsteps of two children. Jacky asked for all the spirits of the house to join us around the table. She asked, “Are we able to hear your footsteps?” There was a loud bang upstairs in the room above us. Jacky asked the same question again and there was movement from upstairs and the table which we were gathered around, began to creak. Jacky asked:

Do you come to play with the children that visit this house during the day?


Do the children see you sometimes?


Do you recognise some of us, from when we were here before?

(The table started to try to move).

Do you visit? Are you able to leave?

(Table started to really shudder).

The table started to lift from my end, lowered down and then lifted again. It was a very heavy table. Matt saw a shadow person go up the stairs. I had been expecting that to happen but I had not seen it myself. The table moved and there was an icy draught blown at Jacky, Loretta and I. The table moved again and we could tell that a different spirit had entered the atmosphere. Jacky said, “This is an adult.” We all agreed. We asked:

Are you male?


(The table moved again with considerable force)

Are you happy here?

(No response. This did not seem like a happy spirit)

What is your name?

(No response)

Did you live here?


Are you happy that we are here tonight?


Do you want us to leave?

(No response)

Is that you we were talking to before?

(No response)

Was it your footsteps that we heard earlier?

(No response)

During this questioning, no EVP's were captured and the other equipment did not respond either. The only response that we received was affirmative tapping on the table.

We discussed the spirit and Matt wondered if the spirit was slightly vexed that we had been conversing with a child spirit earlier. Matt just had that feeling. The table moved. Matt said that he saw another shadow person on the stairs. I asked:

Why don't you like us talking to the child?

(Table moved)

Is it your decision if we talk to the child?

(No response)

Is it his Mother's decision?

(No response)

We aren't going to hurt him.

(Table moved)

Do you like us being here?

(No response)

Do you want us to leave?


If you want us to leave you are going to have to tell us to go. Speak to us please. Let us hear your voice. Or you could slam the door.

(The table was moving quite aggressively and then the door opened, shut and then reopened).

We all heard a strange noise coming from the table but at this stage, we had no idea what it was. Matt said that he saw a red light but there were no red lights and it did not appear to be a reflection. We were all surprised as we heard seven loud footsteps upstairs, right above us. We asked if the spirit responsible could let us hear more footsteps. There were more footsteps but not as loud. We heard a door open. The whole team was in the kitchen. We felt quite safe in there but outside felt eerie.

The table started to move with stronger force and there was movement upstairs. I asked if we could hear more movement upstairs and we all heard bumps and bangs on the ceiling. I asked again and there was another response upstairs. This is a detached property and the sounds were definitely in the house with us. We heard what sounded like a child's footsteps running across the floor upstairs.

Ben asked some questions:

Who are you?

(No response)

Were you a Christian person?


Could you tell us your name?


Do you have a very strong Christian faith?


Are you cross with us?




Why can't we talk to the child?


Who, the child or us?


Is it awkward for you?


Is it awkward for the child?

Yes. God.

God doesn't want us to talk to the child?


God forbid? Is that what you are telling us?

(No response)

Do you think we are bad people?


Is it just that you are trying to protect the child?


Who are you protecting the child from?

(No response)

Did you love the child?


How old are you?


You were 70 when you died?

No. 1770.

We all heard a noise and thought it was the door but it was a bang on the floor where we were standing. There was more movement upstairs, the table moved and then the door swung open. We then felt the spirit that we were talking to fade away. A different spirit came through who seemed to want a bit of fun at our expense. He didn't stay long and then another spirit made contact. This one felt very different. Jacky said, “Shh, I can hear footsteps outside in the hall.” Loretta said that she had heard them too, We all then heard the footsteps. We opened the door wide and we felt something come in on a gust of air. Jacky felt like the solid, wooden cabinet behind her was moving which was a bit concerning.

The table we had been standing around had a drawer underneath. Earlier, we had heard a noise on the table but we didn't know what the noise was. We now noticed that the drawer had opened and it had definitely been closed earlier. Andrew closed the drawer and slowly the drawer opened again. This happened about three times, right before our eyes. Jacky said that she saw a light anomaly going across the table.

Jacky and I heard a sound and we thought it sounded like a dog's feet pitter-pattering on the floor. This happened again a little while later. Tony said that he could smell a dirty dog and Matt said that he thought he's seen a weird dog shape earlier. There was another sound in the hallway. Upon investigating, we found a marble and we realised that we had heard it rolling down the hallway.


The first time the team investigated the nursery, Loretta, Emma and I experienced an visual phenomena............(from the first visit......Loretta told us to look into the adjoining room. She said that she had seen a door with a doorknob that wasn’t physically there. We all looked out of the doorway of the room we were sat in and through the open doorway of the other room. I clearing saw a light moving in the doorway and Emma said that she could also see it. We were suddenly all really shocked and riveted to the spot as we could all see a shimmering light moving towards us and coming towards the doorway. The temperature seemed to plummet and the room was icy cold even though it had seemed warm enough moments before. The three of us could see sparkly lights and Emma said that it was as if we had put glitter onto our eyelashes. It was exactly like that. As we watched transfixed, it came out of the doorway of the other room and just stayed on the landing. We could not move or hardly breathe. We were both scared and elated. It then transformed into an outline of haze, like a heat haze and then it really sparkled. After a while, we asked if it could come nearer. I could hear my heart pounding. It didn’t come any closer but it became a bit misty, small swirling dashes of mist. I was shocked at seeing this image so clearly and Emma and Loretta were stunned also. Eventually, Emma took a photograph but the image she captured showed nothing. This was disappointing. After this, the image we could see seemed to retreat slightly and as it moved back we could all see something else which looked as if it was peering around the door. I saw a couple of sparkly lights moving and Emma said that she could see them too. We captured a couple of these lights on Camcorder................

I faced this area again, this time with Jacky, Andrew and Tony. I was willing the same thing to happen. I could see movement but it was unclear. I saw a bright, white, light anomaly with my own eyes and as I was about to tell the others, Jacky said, “They like you Maria, they are all around you. I can see them on my Camcorder.” Shortly after this the energies seemed to diminish and as it was very late, we decided to finish our investigation. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Arlene for allowing to re-visit her lovely nursery and for Jacky and Dave for arranging this investigation.

Written by: Maria Williams.



West View Day Nursery