Twilight Shadows Paranormal

victoria rooms

On 27th January 2018, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at the Victoria Rooms in Hampshire. This was our third visit. As soon as we had set up, Andrew switched on the Ovilus and it immediately emitted the words, 'found, writing and dug.' We split into two groups and my group began the investigation upstairs. As we initially chatted amongst ourselves, we could hear a lot of noise coming from the downstairs group. Daniel went down to investigate and said that they were 'table-tipping' and the table was practically 'flying' around the room.

I 'called out' and the Ovilus said, 'real.' I asked if there were any spirits upstairs and the words 'cause and panel' were emitted. We were sitting around a table and there were two knocks. I asked if there were any spirits that could share information with us and we were told, 'British and Norman.' I asked for any spiritual activity that the spirits of the building could provide. There was a sound like the drumming of fingers on the table, followed by knocking. The knocking sound intensified and we all noticed that the temperature was dropping. The table wobbled and then there was a scratching sound underneath. We were wondering if the name Norman was connected to the building and the tapping on the table quickened. We heard another scratch on the table. The table started to move and the energy felt that it was gaining power. We asked if this spirit had made contact with us before and we were told that it hadn't.

I asked the spirit to lift the table and the table lifted. I asked if the spirit was glad that we were there and we received an affirmative response. We wanted to know how many spirits were with us in the building and it appeared that there were several but only 3 spirits upstairs with my group. Jacky asked if they were all around the table and we were told that they were not. Jacky asked if they were in the other room. Apparently, they were. Jacky requested that the spirit with us, bring them in to join us and we were told, 'No.'

Jacky asked:

Don't you like them? No

Do they know you are here? Yes.

Are you aware of each other? Yes.

Do they want to come in? (Three knocks).

Are you stopping them coming in? No.

Did you know them in life? No.

Are they women? Yes.

How many women? Two.

Are the women allowed in here? No.

Is it you saying that they can't come in here? Yes.

Would you please let them come in for us? No.

Have you got any spirit friends in this building? Yes.

Can you bring them in to talk to us? No.

So, you just want to be here on your own with us? Yes.

Dave laughed and said, “That's rather selfish?” The spirit answered 'Yes.'

Tracy asked, “Do you want all the attention?” 'Yes.'

Jacky said, “There are two ladies by the door, looking in. 'Yes.'

As Jacky said this, the room cold felt distinctly colder.

The table started shaking and tipping a little. We started to chat about other investigations and the table lifted and crashed down hard. We sat in silence for a while and we heard a 'strumming' sound on the table. We started chatting again and the table was shaking. The Ovilus emitted the name 'Faye.” We asked if there was a lady called Faye with us. The Ovilus said, 'Camera' and 'Paper.' While we were discussing the phenomena that we were receiving, the table kept raising one of it's corners and then slamming down hard. We said that they must be bored of us (while we were trying to decipher what was happening) and there was a massive bang on the table. We all agreed that it was time for us to go downstairs and the table was shoved.

We went downstairs and assembled on the stage. A coin was thrown and we discovered that it was an old farthing, dated 1927. We heard footsteps walking around us. A stone was thrown. We stood around a table and conducted a séance. The table began to move around the room. We asked the spirit to walk around us so that we could hear their footsteps. The force behind the table moving, was incredibly strong.

There was a very strange atmosphere and we felt that we were communicating with a different spirit. It felt like a very strong spirit. We all placed our fingertips lightly onto the table and it started taking us around the room. Jacky said, “He's a bit scary.” She then told 'him' off for being so forceful. Dan asked if this was the same spirit that threw the coin. Immediately, we heard several loud bangs in the room with us. We also captured a strange EVP by the stage, which sounded like a baby crying. The table started moving about. It felt like a great force was moving it. We were hardly touching the table and it was whizzing around the room. It was strange and we felt that it was revving up and then speeding towards the men. The men didn't think that this spirit liked them. Daniel and I were standing next to each other and we both felt as if something walked right through us. It made us both gasp simultaneously and caused us to feel unsteady upon our feet for a moment. Neither of us had ever experienced anything like that previously.

I 'called out.' We used a different type of divination as an experiment. This involved a board with spinning discs. We attempted to get some information by using it but the whole thing kept moving towards Rachel. Something was thrown and it hit Rachel. When Rachel found the thrown object, she was surprised to discover it was a semi-precious stone. We were all amazed by this as Jacky had jokingly requested a diamond earlier. We returned to our divination but instead of the discs being moved, the table started to move again. It was a strong force moving and this continued for a considerable time.

Eventually, the energy seemed to change and I asked if a different spirit had joined us. We heard one tap to indicate an affirmative response. While we were discussing this, we heard a loud knock and the table moved to the other side of the room. I asked, “Can we hear you walk across the room?” Matt said, “Yep, footsteps to my left.” The table lifted one side, as high as it could go. We all tried to push it down and it was really difficult as if a great force was holding it up.

Rachel said that she felt really uneasy and that she felt a strange sensation underneath her hands. The divination discs pointed at J and then pointed at Jacky. The lights suddenly switched off outside the room. Jacky had previously said that it would be scary if those lights went out. We felt that the spirits were really listening to us. I sat out of the séance but Tracy was communicating with a spirit who had apparently died in 1949, so not a terribly old spirit. We captured an EVP which sounded like a dog barking. I heard someone ask, “Do you like Sarah? At this point, an EVP was captured which said, “Yeah,” followed by a sigh. Immediately after this, another EVP was caught which whispered, “Be careful.”

I decided to go upstairs at this point with Jacky, Dave, Matt, Andrew, Loretta and Tracey. We sat in a small room, around a table. We immediately heard a sound like long fingernails being dragged across the table. The table was also vibrating and moving. We felt that the spirit who had joined us was female. This was confirmed by a knock on the table. This lady seemed cross with the entity downstairs. We felt that he had the power to push her out. We asked her to stay upstairs with us and we received an affirmative response. We asked if she was happy that we were there and were told no. Jacky asked if the male entity came up to this room and we were informed that he did. Jacky said, “Oh no!” There was a sudden loud noise in the room with us, making us all jump.

We asked:

Do you like us? Yes.

But you don’t you like us being here? We discovered that our visits make 'him, start up.' She said that she knew him but they weren’t related. They were not lovers or friends. It appeared that he was a powerful man who meddled in people's affairs; and still does. The table lifted.

Jacky asked:

Are you alright? No.

Is he coming up? Yes.

That's why the table lifted? Yes.

All was quiet for a while and we asked if the spirit was still here. We received no response. We stopped touching the table. Jacky froze and said, “He's right behind me.” The table behind us started tapping. We heard a grinding noise from outside the room, against the door. We checked outside and nobody was there. We heard footsteps come into the room which was eerie. Matt said that he heard a series of thuds next to where he was standing.

Jacky asked: Have we spoken to you before? Yes.

Jacky said, “I'm not talking to him that was downstairs.” We all felt a chill and the temperature began to drop.

Jacky asked: Are you making it cold in here? No.

Do you want to communicate? Yes.

Are you male? No.

The table tipped and we felt the spirit of the lady with us again. We discovered that the lady had never worked in the building but she did go there. Daniel asked, “This was a church once, wasn't it?” There was an affirmative knock.

The atmosphere changed and we felt as if the energy of the male spirit was returning. We asked if the male spirit had come back. He had. But the female spirit stayed too. We attempted to find out who the male spirit was. We wondered if he had been a vicar but we were told that he wasn't. We tried to find out who he was but he didn't reveal too much. The female spirit communicated that she was concerned for us. We asked if it was because of the male spirit or some other reason but there was no response, apart from the table shaking. It felt as if these energies were having a spiritual tug of war. Matt and Tracey both heard the sound of a baby but this sound was not picked up by our equipment.

Jacky asked: Do we keep hearing a baby cry? Yes.

A ghost baby? Yes.

We realised that this female was the spirit that was downstairs. She was an unhappy spirit and we were told that she died having her baby and her baby died too. As we communicated with her, she told us that the male spirit caused her death. He was a doctor but self professed. He wasn't qualified. He made a mistake, causing her to die. We could not determine whether she died at the time of childbirth or if it happened earlier, during a surgical procedure. The female spirit said that she had been made pregnant by the male spirit's son and they wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

As we discussed this, the table suddenly jumped. We could really feel him. Matt said that he thought that 'he' had just won the tug of war. The table felt as if it had been kicked. The temperature was dropping. A torch rolled across the table, so the table must have moved. We were not touching the table. Our monitoring equipment captured a strange sound. We had no idea what made the noise.

I was leaning on the table and it lifted. Jacky asked him to step back and the table was shoved forcibly. Jacky asked if he was religious and he said that he was. Apart from my body leaning on the table, nobody was touching it. It was knocking and moving. We had a group discussion about differing religious beliefs and the table started to move around.

Shortly after this, the energy dissipated and we decided to end the investigation. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Tracy and Daniel for arranging an investigation in this lovely location.

Written by: Maria Williams