Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On 16th May 2016, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at the Victoria Rooms in Hampshire. This was our second visit to this location. We had a walk around initially, for the people that weren't at our first investigation. I felt as if we were being watched. I went into a small room upstairs and the atmosphere felt heavy.

We set up inside the main hall where there is a stage. Lesley was holding an EMF meter and it immediately gave a high reading. She said, “We've got company.” We were chatting quietly to each other and then we were all surprised as we could hear a female singing. We sat quietly and then heard it again within the room. It was a kind of crooning sound. A short time later, Tracy heard a woman's voice. She could not decipher what the voice was saying. Nothing happened for a while and then we heard a whistle. Matt whistled back and it copied him twice.

We started to ask questions. I could feel a woman's presence and I asked if there was a spirit lady in the room with us. We received an affirmative response. We were sitting around a table and tapping started. It sounded like long fingernails tapping onto the table. We asked how many spirits were with us and it appeared that there were several. One of the team said something that was very funny and the table began to move and tip. The atmosphere which was previously heavy, now felt light.

We all heard footsteps upstairs. We were locked inside the building and we were all accounted for downstairs. Jacky said that she had just seen a figure and Matt said that he saw it too. The footsteps walked across the floor upstairs again. Andrew jumped and said that his top had been tugged.

Andrew switched on the Spirit Box. It said the name, 'Bob' three times. There was knocking on the table and then the Spirit Box said, 'Bob' twice more. We asked the spirits to name the female spirit on the Spirit Box. The K2 meter spiked. One of the team played a few notes on the piano and the Spirit Box said, 'Stop that!' It then said, 'Bob' again.

I started to feel really strange. I suddenly had a feeling that someone that used to investigate with us (now deceased) had joined us. I asked aloud if I was right and I was really shocked when the Spirit Box emitted her name. We had been talking about the place where she had lived but I did not realise this until later. We welcomed her and asked if she would stay with us but her presence disappeared quite quickly.

Matt was sitting on the stage and he said that there was someone up there on the stage with him. There was a bang upstairs and also in the corner of the room. We asked again for the name of the female spirit that had initially joined us and we were told, 'Henrietta.' Lesley jumped and said that someone had just touched her bottom.

We asked the spirit that was connecting with us how old they were? This question was not answered but we were told, 'Walk,' We asked if we had heard her footsteps upstairs. We heard knocking on the floor in the room. We asked that when she said,'Walk' did that mean that she was going to walk towards us so that we could hear her? She said, 'Yes.' We all stayed perfectly still so that we could hear but we didn't hear anything. We were told, 'You can hear.' Tracy asked if we had heard her earlier. We all heard a woman's voice. Ben asked if she could speak again and we were told, 'I can make music.' We asked if she could play the piano and we were told, 'No.' We asked if she could sing and she said, 'Yes, may hear Walter.' We heard a woman's voice again and then we were told, 'Walter stomping, make noise.' We could hear the sound of footsteps upstairs and they were quite loud. Lesley asked if the spirit could stomp near to her and we heard a thump.

I 'called out,' asking the spirit to stomp around and to touch one of us. We were told, 'Female.' This was followed by 'Amam.' The sound 'amam' was heard several times. A while later we were told, 'Late.' Jacky asked what was going to happen later. We were given the words, 'Ghost and Haze.' Jacky asked if the ghost was going to be friendly and we received an affirmative response. We were informed that other people had seen this ghost but we were not going to receive a name.

A different energy joined us. This seemed a vibrant energy. We wondered if this person was the person who may join us later. Jacky said that someone was watching us from the corner of the room. We asked if the spirit remembered us from our previous visit. We were told, 'Yes' and that he liked us being there. We started communicating with this spirit and he told us, 'Male and Matthew.' We asked if the spirit was talking about our Matthew but we were told that it wasn't and Matthew was upstairs. We asked if he wanted us to go upstairs and we were told, 'Yes.' Jacky asked how old this spirit was and the reply was 60.

We went upstairs and sat around a large table. I was leaning on it and I immediately felt a hard knock vibrate through it. Everyone else heard it and Jacky said, “Well done Matthew. We've got an hour. If you are going to show yourself, you've got to do it soon.” I jumped suddenly as I felt as if there was a hand on the top of my head, pressing down.

When we were downstairs, we had been told to go up so we were hopeful that we would get some spiritual activity. We sat in silence for a while before 'calling out.' We heard three taps just outside the room. Matt asked if a spirit had tapped out there and asked if they could knock on the door. There was a knock on the door. Andrew said, “I can hear footsteps.” We all listened and we could hear footsteps too. Ben 'called out' to Henrietta and a strange atmosphere enveloped the room. We heard a woman's voice. Jacky said that she was starting to feel uncomfortable and a little bit threatened. Dave said that he felt uneasy with his back to the fireplace. Jacky said that she didn't think that there was anywhere to stand in the room that would feel comfortable. We heard a bang and then we captured an eerie EVP which said, 'Everyone's mad here.'

We 'called out' and the table started tapping, moving and tipping. The table tipped up on one side and we tried to push it down. The force was so great that the boys had to push the table-leg back onto the floor. We asked the spirit to stop knocking/moving the table and communicate with us in a different way. We asked if it would visually show itself to us. Dave said that he saw a light traveling from right to left. We heard a knock within the room. Ben said that he heard a footstep near to him and Jacky jumped as there was a loud knock right beside her. Lesley asked if the spirit could walk around us and Jacky shouted, “It's over here!” We heard a rustling sound and then stomping footsteps outside of the room. We heard what sounded like a chair being dragged downstairs and footsteps. This was followed by a loud noise and the dragging sound again. There was another sound of movement downstairs and then a noise in the room with us, another noise downstairs and once more, a sound in our room again. It sounded like the movements downstairs were happening on the stage.

The activity continued with a sound like the stamping of feet outside the room and a step on a floorboard in the room with us. The door knocked twice and then we heard a door open and close. We heard movement by the foot of the stairs. Jacky asked, “Run up the stairs!” Immediately, we heard the sound of someone running up the stairs. Dave said, ' I can hear footsteps behind you Lesley,”

Jacky and Dave went downstairs and I decided to stay upstairs. Something was thrown. It sounded metallic but I couldn't find anything on the floor. There was knocking in the room. I 'called out' and I heard a breath right beside me. The knocking continued for a long while but eventually diminished so we finished our investigation. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Tracy and Dan for organising this event.

Written by: Maria Williams.