Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Friday 6th March 2009, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted an investigation at a derelict Victorian swimming pool and an Enchanted Garden in the tiny hamlet of Brigmerston.




Area used by a 'cult' with rituals and black magic performed there. Evidence of this seen and a ritual witnessed once.

Various ghost sightings.

A strange force stopping people going further.

Demonic forces.

Sighting of a huge cat as big as a Great Dane dog.

Three people in wheelchairs, just slumped down and not moving.

A figure in broad daylight which suddenly vanished.

Two female children dressed in Victorian clothing who just vanished and a fire mysteriously igniting (at the same time) apparently unaided by human hands, behind the witness.

The sound of pigs in an enclosure when there are no pigs in the area.


We just had to investigate this area. We arrived at Brigmerston and Dave M and Rhys took us to the woodland where an old Victorian swimming pool is situated. To my surprise the swimming pool is full sized with a shallow end and a deep end, the deep end filled with rainwater, fallen leaves and other debris. A little further away is another pool, which is circular in shape. Joined to that is a bricked channel linking the small, round pool to a well. After we had explored this area, Dave took us out of the woodland and across the road to a walled enclosure. As children, Dave, Rhys and their friends had named this area, the 'EnchantedGarden.' We had a look around the garden and then returned to the swimming pool area to begin our investigation.


As we were walking towards the swimming pool, I heard a strange sound. Rhys also heard it and likened it to a crowd cheering. It was a good description. The strange thing was that the sound seemed to radiate from the small area in which we were walking. But perhaps the sound came from one of the nearby houses. After all, the spirits don't usually cheer when we approach them.





Some of us sat by the small, circular pool and eventually I decided to 'call out.' After a considerable time, Dave M heard something over to his left in the trees; we all listened and could hear it. I heard whispering and Debbie said she could hear whispering too. Matt and James had been whispering but what I heard was not them. Suddenly Debbie said "can you hear it, over there?" I thought I could hear footsteps and 'it' started walking over to us.


I heard a sound like a scream. At the same time Rhys said he heard 'clucking' and Matt said it was probably an owl. Deb agreed with him. While we were there I felt and saw clairvoyantly, the energies of two female, Victorian dressed, children and I felt that a tragic accident had occurred. Previously, Dave M had told me that many years ago he had seen two little girls who seemed to disappear and at the same time the den (that he and his friends had constructed) caught fire by itself. I wondered if this prior knowledge had resulted in my psychic experience so I didn't get too excited. However, although Chris was unable to attend this investigation he had obviously 'linked in' from home and he later said (without having any prior knowledge/stories from the area) that he had picked up on two little girls and a tragic accident.


The footsteps continued and they sounded like they were circling us before starting to walk towards us again. They were very near and they did sound human but we could not see anyone there. Rhys said "whoever or whatever that is, they are just out of sight, watching and listening, the same as always, the same as when we were about fourteen years of age." Rhys said "it's keeping an eye on us."


Dave saw a bright light through the trees but it turned out to be car lights, far away.


Jacky said that she was drawn to the Enchanted Garden so we decided to make our way there. On the way as we neared the large swimming pool, we heard a noise. It sounded to me like a human voice although it was squeaky. The church clock started to chime . It was a very eerie sound and we were in a very eerie place. It was like being in a scene from a horror movie with something awful about to happen. All we needed to complete the setting was fog swirling around our ankles.




We walked through the archway to the Enchanted Garden. I thought I saw a dark figure standing near to the other archway at the opposite end of the garden. Jacky was looking in a different direction and she said she saw something as well, but it quickly disappeared.


It seemed to get colder all of a sudden. I could see a hazy light near to where I thought I saw a dark figure. Dave W and I both saw the dark figure near the light. Dave quickly stepped towards it and the figure moved and then disappeared. Dave said that he heard it move, he heard its footsteps. He said it went towards the archway. Dave bravely walked towards the archway and I thought I heard a wolf-like howling noise. Dave came back and asked if anyone had laughed which sounded like a cackle. Jacky replied "no, we have all been talking very quietly."


I felt an energy coming back, it was the energy I felt when I could see the dark figure. I heard human-like footsteps. Jacky suddenly said "it's back!" It was standing directly opposite her behind some bushes. I saw the shadow figure move slightly and then I heard a whistle but I cannot be sure how far away the whistle was.


We tried to communicate but we felt that although we were interested in the dark figure, it was merely interested in us and did not care about our interest in it! It wanted to 'call the shots!'


We heard a chime directly in the area of woodland in which we stood. It was not the church clock this time. We asked for the sound to be repeated, we heard movement in the trees but no chime.


I asked Jacky what she thought of the shadow figure which we could still see, facing us. She said that it was definitely male and I agreed. Jacky said that she could feel "someone building up." I felt cold as I looked at the shadow figure looking through at me. I could only see one figure but I felt like there were more. Jacky said that she could see one figure but could sense two others. I asked Dave W if he thought the shadow figure was scared when he approached it, as it had moved away. Dave did not think that it was scared at all but thought it had moved away because it was alone. Jacky thought that there may have been another figure with it but it "stood back" when the original figure did.


Dave M told us of a figure (or person) that he had seen in this area, in broad daylight. This figure just vanished. Dave W suddenly couldn't bear them watching us anymore and said that he had to get out. We decided to end the investigation, left the Enchanted Garden and walked through the hamlet to our cars.


Dave M took us to a little bridge (now cemented over) where there is a story about a baby being left or buried underneath. I did feel a little strange there, a kind of sadness.


The team would like to thank Dave M and Rhys for taking us to this very strange place. I didn't personally feel any trace of black magic lingering in the atmosphere or any physical evidence of the dark occult. I also did not feel anything remotely demonic. We all enjoyed the experience and plan to return to this spooky area at a later date. After all, the history and experiences noted above this report occurred over many years and we spent just one evening.


Written by: Maria Williams




The team was given the opportunity to go and visit an area not widely known in a small hamlet, tucked away in deepest, darkest Wiltshire, with its purpose lost in the passage of time.


Dave M and Rhys of Halflife Paranormal invited us to a place where they used to visit as kids. This place still visibly fills them with terror when they recount the stories and experiences they shared when they were young.


After a short journey from Salisbury, we found ourselves walking up a very, dark, country lane, lined on the right hand side with trees and on the left hand side, houses which were erratically spaced out. We listened to the lads reminiscing about things they had experienced here years ago. This did not help the feeling of foreboding I could sense which was descending upon us further down the track, as we walked towards it.


Previous experiences ranged from two little girls who vanished into thin air, dens bursting into flames, spooky experiences in the walled garden with figures vanishing, visible traces of occult worship and various surreal experiences not necessarily supernatural but still very unnerving and scary, never the less.


We came across an entrance on the right hand side of the road with steps leading up into the wooded area. We followed the lads up these steps and almost immediately came across a large open air pool. The pool is no longer in use and is largely now utilized by locals to deposit their garden waste into. Just over to the left was a round children's pool which had what looked like a little gully that linked the small pool to an ornamental wishing well. It was here at the round children's pool that the boys saw the two little girls that they described as dressed in olden day clothing.


While we were walking up to these pools a few people heard what they thought what sounded like a distant crowd cheering. I didn't hear this and as there are houses quite close by, the noise could have been the sound of a TV set, travelling on the night air. We took photos of the large and small swimming pool and it was about now that Dave W said that he had two names (Emily and Hannah) in his mind. The lads decided that we should go and have a look at what they called the Enchanted Garden, so intrigued we set off after them.


Just around the corner, we came across another entrance in a wall that led to a big open space. At the far end there was another doorway that Dave W and I decided to go through. This took you out to more open space with very old crumbling walls around it. The lads informed us that years ago they remembered that there were two very old barns in the first part of the walled gardens but there was no trace of the barns now. After Dave and I had finished exploring the other side of the wall we re-joined the others to see what they were up to. The lads had been telling Maria, Debbie, Matt and James, some of the things that they had experienced in this area.


We decided to go back to the pool and try a séance. As we were walking back to the pools, a few of us heard a weird kind of squeal noise. Nobody could identify an animal to the noise but as we were outdoors, we cannot discount that it was a wild animal. (There are stories of pigs being heard within this enclosure). We went over to take a few photos of the ornamental wishing well and after that Maria started 'calling out' to see if we could get any paranormal activity going. Lots of noises could be heard, but nothing that could not be discounted as wildlife. However, the feel of the area was very, very eerie and the woods did seem to get very dark. I tried 'calling out' again but nothing much happened. I had mentioned that I was drawn towards the walled garden earlier in the evening and as it was quiet at our present location the others decided it was a good time to relocate. Just as Maria, Dave and I turned to go, we heard a whistling sound very near to us. I thought it might have been someone's nose whistling as that is what it sounded like to me. Maria and Dave laughed at me and said a resounding "NO" to that and so I called out again. We did get a very faint noise, very similar almost straight away. We tried 'calling out' again but after five minutes or so, nothing happened so we went to join the others.


Back at the walled garden, I felt that the atmosphere was very charged and different. We made our way to the far end where the doorway is in the wall and stood about talking. I kept being drawn to my right and started to see a shadowy figure stood just down from the corner of the garden. Maria and Dave W could also see this. I had my back to the doorway and Dave suddenly said to me, to move towards him. I did as I was told and Dave and Maria could see a shadowy figure not far from where I stood. I could not see this person but the shadow figure I could see had gone and that part of the garden was clearly visible again. Dave went down to where the shadow person was stood and he almost physically recoiled with fright as the person shot back through the hedge. Dave said he actually heard the 'shadow person' retreat through the hedge but I did not. The person I could see had returned to his position where I originally saw it. Maria and Dave could also see this and that part of the garden had gone very dark again. Dave and Maria thought there were three or more spirit people stepping forward and at this point, we heard a light chime sound, not quite deep or clear enough for a bell.


As it was getting late and our shadowy friends didn't really want to make their purpose known to us as to their purpose, we decided to call it a night. On the return to the car Dave M showed us where there used to be a wooden bridge with a macabre past attached to it but now it is concrete.


I would like to thank Dave M and Rhys for inviting us along to Brigmerston and for giving us a tour of this spooky little hamlet.


Written by: Jacky Wicheard