Twilight Shadows Paranormal

Undisclosed Location in wILTSHIRE

On Friday 15th May 2009, Twilight Shadows Paranormal/ Phoenix of Wessex conducted a paranormal investigation at an undisclosed location in Wiltshire. The owners of this building do not wish us to disclose specific details of the location or its exact history but are happy for us to write a report on our experience.


We arrived at the location at and Ben (our tour-guide) took us into the building. We all felt a certain degree of trepidation as Ben locked us in, as the building was eerie from the onset.


After a brief tour of the building we settled in a large room. It was very dark and we were all feeling nervous. I started to 'call out.' We all heard a few small noises and captured some light anomalies on camera. However, we were not convinced that the noises or orbs were due to paranormal events.


Jacky started to 'call out.' We all heard a shuffling noise at the back of the room.


Sharon said she kept hearing voices which were just outside the room. They were whispering.


Jacky said that she had shivers right down her back. She said that she kept seeing something that moved and likened it to an experience we had when we were investigating the library at Cleeve House, when several of us could see small shadow figures running from table to table.


Eventually we decided to move to another room which contained a large table. We all pulled chairs up and sat in a circle with our hands resting lightly on top.


When we had settled around the table and psychically protected ourselves, I started to 'call out' asking for any spirits who were connected to the building to make contact with us. Jacky said 'someone is stepping forward.' The table started to pulsate.


Dave suddenly jumped and said that he saw someone move past the door. He described this person as a middle-aged male with short brown hair, who was wearing a dark blue coat. There was nobody in the building and there was nowhere for a person to have come from or go. There were no footsteps and he was so close we should have heard him. Unfortunately, as always the Camcorder was recording the opposite end of the room. Dave was really shocked and kept exclaiming "I saw him there!"


There was a clock on the wall of this room. The hand that counts the seconds on the clock was stuck on the number 9 but the clock was ticking loudly. We asked spirit presence to make the clock stop or free the hand which was stuck.


The table started vibrating and gently shaking back and forth. It carried on with this momentum and then it felt as if the table was tugged and it jolted quite forcibly away from me.


Dave said that he felt that someone was standing behind him. I was sitting opposite Dave and I couldn't see anything untoward. But when I looked back at Dave, he looked odd. I asked him if everything was OK and he replied "Yes." But he was not very convincing.


A tapping sound started on the table and continued for a while. The tapping sound then seemed to multiply and the taps seemed to be emitting from the complete surface of the table. Jacky said "Oh God, there is more than one under there!" The table started moving.


Dave saw movement in the corridor. The table started to lift and the knocking got louder. Jacky said "Knock three times if you like us being here." The multiple knocking stopped and three loud knocks were rapped out. Jacky asked "Did you die here?" An affirmative knock was delivered. Jacky then asked how many spirit people were with us. There were four loud knocks. Jacky asked "So there are four of you?" A confirmatory knock answered her question.


Dave saw movement in the corridor again and I noticed that he was still looking strange. He insisted that he was OK though. We started talking amongst ourselves and the banging on the table became very loud and the table started to shake with more and more force.


We started talking about how the hand of the clock had been stuck on 9 for the hour we had been in the room. As we all looked at it, the hand started to move and revolve around the clock as normal. We were all really shocked by this, it was weird. We waited to see if the hand would stick again when it reached the number 9 but it carried on going round. We asked spirit if they had made the clock hand move and the table started rocking with force. After a while the table suddenly stopped moving but following a short break it started moving again.


We all heard a sound in the corner behind Dave. It really sounded like a sigh of disapproval. A small bang was then heard from the same corner. Sharon said that she heard a voice and she described it like singing which was like a two-tone sound coming from the corridor outside. We were all really surprised at the activity since entering this room. This room was the least eerie, it was relatively light and it did not have the same foreboding feeling that the corridor or the other rooms contained. But since we had entered this room, we had all experienced perceived paranormal activity.


Suddenly Jacky exclaimed "I don't like that, stop it!" She said that her bracelet had moved round on its own. Jacky asked if the spirit was elderly. The knocking indicated a "No" response. She asked if the spirit was a young person. It was and more probing indicated that the spirit was a teenager. We were surprised that a teenage spirit was active here but historically there would have been children in that area but not for many years. The teenage spirit was female and 15 when she died. We could not discover the cause of death but we did establish that she died during the 1970's, she was not happy to be in this area but she was stuck and she wanted to move on and leave this place. She told us that an older male spirit was stopping her from passing over. He had worked there and was not supposed to have anything to do with the children. He was not a nice character.


We heard something heavy being moved in the corridor and Sharonsaid "There is something out there!" She said that she had seen something pass in the corridor like Dave had earlier.


The teenage spirit told us that the older male spirit was getting cross, scaring her. We decided to help her 'cross over to the light.' It was difficult and we could feel opposition by a more powerful older spirit but he had no choice as 'beings' from the 'higher realms' took her safely away.


For a while, Dave looked 'wrong.' We were having a conversation about the strange events when suddenly the table moved and lifted up on two legs. This table was extremely heavy and none of us were even concentrating on spiritual energy. Jacky looked very cross and said "Put the table down now!" which it did.


Dave said he heard a rumble and we all noticed that the room was getting very cold. I started asking questions which caused the table to shift suddenly. We felt a spirit step forward. Jacky said "This one is worse!" Dave said "Yes and it is a female."


Dave said that he saw a shadow move in the corridor outside of the room and Jacky said that she had also seen it. Jacky 'called out' and Dave said "This table feels like it is breathing." Jacky said "It is horrible, really vile." Jacky said "Step back, I want to speak to somebody else." The table started tapping but the spirit did not step back. Dave said that his chair was being pulled backwards. We all laughed at the thought of Dave shooting back on his chair. Dave looked unhappy.


The table started tapping again, the style of tapping was different than before and it felt angry. The table then moved slowly and we thought we heard a groaning sound. There were footsteps outside the room. There was definitely nobody at all in this building with us and as stated previously, we were locked in.


Dave looked up and said "Oh God!" Dave said that when he looked up and into the corridor, the same man with the short brown hair was looking straight at him and then he moved away quickly. The room started to get colder.


We eventually decided to leave this room and I wanted to try something that I have previously tried before (although not with this team). I had spotted a tall trolley in the corner of the room. We took the trolley out into the corridor; we all put our fingers gently on it and asked if there was a spirit person to push it. I was really shocked as the trolley started moving straight away. I was expecting it to take a long time but it was off and heading towards the first room where we had started our investigation. Jacky said "I'm not going back in there!" The trolley stopped and started to travel down the corridor to the far end of the building. When we reached the end room, it stayed there for a while and then started to move slowly back up the corridor. There were lots of rooms along the corridor and each time we reached a doorway, the trolley stopped, slightly twisting as if a person was checking out each room. It felt very sinister.


Eventually, we gathered in a central area at the top of the corridor, facing the first room and sat there for a while 'calling out.' We all thought we could see movement in the dark, eerie room. Dave walked back down the corridor as we heard a noise but he could not see anything. We all started to worry about Dave as he had started to look unwell and something was deeply affecting him. He eventually admitted this; he hadn't wanted to acknowledge our concerns previously as he wanted to continue with the investigation. We all enjoyed this investigation and the team would like to thank Ben for accompanying us and for his bravery at his first paranormal investigation.


Written by: Maria Williams