Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Sunday 4th August, a small team of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal Team were invited to conduct a paranormal investigation at an empty dwelling in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The occupant of this house had recently moved home but said that we could investigate prior to ownership of the new resident. The occupant and her daughter Tracey had both felt that there may have been a presence in the back bedroom and had felt uncomfortable within this room.

We looked around the house. It had a pleasant feeling within until we approached the top of the stairs. A strange atmosphere was seeping out of the back bedroom and hanging like a heavy cloud onto the landing. After exploring the rest of the rooms upstairs, we all assembled into the back bedroom.

I started 'calling out.' Andrew switched the spirit box on and it immediately said 'lightning.' It was a hot and balmy evening so we wondered if there would be a summer storm later. I asked the spirit/s present to make contact with us. Nothing happened for a little while but the atmosphere was intense. I told the spirit that if he (it felt like a male) was lurking around, now was his chance to communicate. The spirit box emitted a very clear 'Shut up.' Tracey said, “I really feel something here, I've got huge goosebumps.”

The house, removed of all it's furniture and fittings did feel very eerie. Tracey said, “That's where the worst bit is, right where Matt is sitting. It was a warm, muggy night but Tracey said that she was really cold. I asked the spirit to speak to us through the spirit box and Tracey said, “Please speak, it's your last chance to speak to me.” We all heard a loud 'No' and then the name 'Matt.' All was quiet and then we heard the name Matthew. Tracey said, “Yes, Matt is sitting right where the creepy bit is.” All was quiet for a while and I asked, “Are you still here with us?”

A voice from the spirit box said:


Me: Can you say hello again?


Come, come.



Tracey: Who are you?

We heard a strange noise which is hard to describe but sounded a bit like water running. We tried to locate it but we couldn't. The water had previously been switched off in the house. There was a loud thud on the landing. The spirit box said, 'Help.' This was followed by another thud on the landing. We then heard a strange low pitched sound, like a low moan.

A voice from the spirit box said, 'Telephone.' I said, “There's not a telephone in the house so it would be great if you could make one ring.” Tracey told us that when she had slept in this room, she had recurring and most vivid dreams of WW2. We heard a sound like something being dragged across the room.

The spirit box said, 'Calculator.' Tracey said, “Oh my God, he always had a calculator with him. He did all his stuff up here. He used to do everyone's books.” We then heard a voice say, “Baby.” Tracey said, “Oh God, he always used to call me Babyface.” Tracey said that she could feel a draft around her. Nobody else could.

The spirit box said, 'Bills.' Tracey said, “Oh my God, that's so weird, he used to do all their accounts, their tax returns.” She said, “It's so cold in here, honestly I'm really cold.” “Are you here, did you say calculator, baby and bills?” A voice said, 'Yes.' Tracey said, “I'm just so cold.” Nobody else was even remotely chilly. The windows in the room were double glazed. There was no draft and the rest of the team were really hot. As we were inspecting the windows, the spirit box said, 'Glass,'

After a short while, we heard 'Cousin.' Tracey asked, “Are you talking about 'S?' She helped me a lot didn't she?” A voice replied, 'Yes.' Tracey told her that 'he' loved 'S.'

(While reviewing the footage, I heard a very distinct voice captured that we did not hear at the time. The voice said, 'Rise and Shine.' I asked Tracey if this meant anything to her and she said that this was an expression that was often used within the home).

Tracey asked if he had stayed in this room with his typewriter. A voice said, 'Short.' We started discussing shorthand typing and the same voice said, 'Watch.' Tracey asked, “Are you watching us?”

Matt asked Tracey where the creepy, round mirror that she mentioned earlier was, before the room was emptied. Tracey told Matt that the mirror was positioned right where he was sitting. The spirit box said, 'Matt.'

I saw movement outside the room. Tracey said that she had seen it too. There was a thud downstairs. A voice said, 'Crucifix.' Tracey told me that there was always a picture of the 'Sacred Heart' in the room when she was younger as they were a Catholic family.

We sat for a while after this but the intense atmosphere had dissipated so we decided to end our investigation. The team would like to thank Tracey for organising this small but most interesting investigation,

Written by: Maria Williams