Twilight Shadows Paranormal

secret location, tisbury.

On Saturday 25th February 2018, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at a secret location in Tisbury, Wiltshire. After exploring the beautiful building, we assembled around a table. The table started tapping immediately. I 'called out.' We quickly made contact and we were informed that there were four spirits there. We were told that they weren't all going to stay and we wouldn't be able to see them all. Jacky said that she thought that they were all male.

We saw some lights moving by the front door, with our own eyes rather than on camera. The table moved across the floor. We were told that the spirit communicating with us used to come to the building when he was alive. We asked whether all the spirits were originally from Tisbury and we were told that they were. We asked to hear footsteps and we heard footsteps immediately over by the door. We asked if 'they' could shut the doors but they didn't do this.

Jacky said, “Is there someone standing up on the balcony?” She said that she had seen a shadow figure walk from right to left. We asked, “There are a few of you here, aren't there?' We got an affirmative response. We asked if they were friends and we were told that they weren't. Daniel asked if 'they' could throw something at us and Jacky jokingly said, “A gold ring please.”

Daniel (who has previously lived in Tisbury) told us that as a child, he never liked the corridor in this building. The table started moving and we heard one of the doors slam shut. We asked if 'they' could open the door and we heard footsteps. There was a strange noise by the stage and then footsteps again. I asked if 'they' could bang on the floor and there was a big bang on the table. The table started to move around the room.

Dave heard a voice to his left which sounded like, 'Huh!' We asked, “Do you want us to go up to the balcony?” We all heard a voice say, 'Ooh!' There was a weird feeling of animosity but not towards us and we asked that if the spirits disliked each other, could they knock four times? We all heard four very definite knocks. We asked if the spirits would walk around us and then we heard footsteps. We heard a noise that sounded like coughing.

For a long while, nothing happened. Jacky 'called out' asking for some spiritual activity. We heard a deep thud. There was a strange presence which seemed to linger by a door in the corner. We asked the spirit to walk towards us. There was a knocking sound.

Knowing that we were all accounted for, Jacky jumped and she said that she had seen a shadow figure walk past the curtains that separates the main room from the corridor. She said that she saw the figure clearly between each gap in the curtains. We had all heard footsteps at the same time, other movement sounds, a big thud and more footsteps. Jacky said, “If you are out in the corridor, come in!” We heard footsteps and then I saw a figure moving along the curtains. The temperature had plummeted and we all felt so cold. We were very unnerved.

Daniel saw a flashing light by the kitchen and I saw one on the stage. Andrew could also see them. Jacky said, “What the hell was that?” It was footsteps again but it sounded like a woman in high heels walking around. Tracey swung around as she heard something behind her. Dave jumped and said, “Who is that in the doorway?” We all heard more footsteps. The Ovilus said the word, 'Above,'

Something was thrown. We picked it up and it was a copper ring. Jacky had previously asked for a gold ring to be thrown. Jacky asked for an old coin to materialise. After a while, there was a strange atmosphere building again. We were all in the hall but we felt an energy lurking in the corridor, behind the velvet curtain. Jacky 'called out,' asking for the spirits to make a noise. The temperature suddenly plummeted. We heard a sigh and then a tapping noise. Tracy 'called out' and there was a scratch underneath the table. I saw a shadow move from left to right. Daniel asked, “Did you hear that?” It sounded as if someone had come through the door and we could hear footsteps walking around. Tracy asked if 'they' knew that 'they' were a spirit. We captured a 'Yes' on EVP and a big sigh.

Jacky asked, “Can I see you in shadow form in this room?” Andrew said that he had just seen a shadow figure. The velvet curtains started to move. They seemed to be shaking. Tracy heard a noise and then my chair started to move, with me sitting on it. Tracy and I saw a shadow figure. We noticed that the curtain had stopped moving.

We could hear footsteps on the balcony. They walked around up there for quite a while. Jacky asked if someone was standing behind her and the footsteps became louder. We could see a shadow figure up there moving around. Dave went up onto the balcony. He said that it was freezing up there. Something was thrown towards Dave and it hit him on the back of the head. It was a coin. Dave decided to stay up there and sat on one of the benches. He told us that he felt someone sit down right beside him. Daniel went up to the balcony to sit with Dave. The rest of us stayed downstairs. We asked if a spirit could run upstairs towards Dave and Daniel. Immediately, we heard footsteps running up the stairs. Dave and Daniel really jumped. We heard female voices. We asked for the footsteps to run up the stairs another three times and they did, each time. We asked the footsteps to run along the balcony and they did. The footsteps then ran down the stairs towards us. They were quite loud now. There was a squeak which sounded like a door opening. Dave and Daniel wanted us to go up onto the balcony with them. As we were walking up the stairs, the footsteps ran up the stairs alongside us.

There was a massive bang, We were all a bit shaken by this as it made us jump so much. I sat down on a bench and started banging patterns with my feet. My bangs were copied. We were sat with our backs against the old projection box. We became aware that something was banging on the box. It sounded like it was coming from inside. I started banging patterns out onto the box and it imitated the pattern of my banging. The boys went downstairs and I stayed up with the girls to see if I could make contact with the spirit. The knocking sounds continued for a while from the inside of the projection box. I continued banging a sequence of knocks and they were copied onto the box. The atmosphere was really creepy and the temperature was dropping.

As we sat there, a rapping noise continued behind us. We heard voices up there with us. We all felt unnerved that the sounds were coming from inside the projection box. I asked the bangs to stop and they did and then I asked for three big bangs and we all heard three big bangs. As we sat on the bench, we asked questions. We asked if the spirits communicating with us, lived near here, or worked near here or did they build the hall? The communication we received indicated that the answer to all of our questions was a resounding 'No!'

Dave was standing on a step and we saw him fall off. He said that he had been pushed. Immediately, the Ovilus said, 'Pushed' and then 'Step.' We saw a strange mist and the Ovilus said four words which was, 'Mist, Present. Malicious and Safe.' We were amazed at the precise timings and accuracy of the Ovilus.

Nothing happened for a while and then something was thrown. We found it and it was a screw. The team were all in the kitchen, leaving just Jacky, Tracy and I in the hall. Something was thrown up on the balcony. Nobody was up there. We then heard a growl. That sounded very sinister. Daniel rejoined us and he went up to the balcony and we heard the growl again, followed by the sound of a bell tinkling.

We then heard a dragging sound and after a short interval, the dragging sound again. Nothing happened for a while and then something was thrown up on the balcony. I threw a sugar cube up onto the balcony and asked that it was thrown back. (It wasn't). We picked up an EVP which sounded like a woman sighing.

We all assembled inside the hall and some of us stood around a large table. There was a tap on the table. We asked for some more noises and the projection box banged up on the balcony. I heard a noise in the kitchen and Andrew heard it too. We both said that it was a really strange noise that we couldn't explain. Jacky asked if the energy from the balcony could come down to the main hall where we were. We heard footsteps. Tracey saw a shadow figure go across the room and a door banged. Tracey and I could see movement. It was like someone pacing up and down. We told the others and then Dave said that he could see it and shortly afterward everyone could see it.

Jacky saw a light shooting towards us. One of the radiators started tapping. It didn't sound like the usual sound that radiators make when cooling down. There were lots of radiators in the room and it was only the one that was tapping. It was a loud metallic knocking sound. There was a sound up on the balcony and another noise that came from the kitchen.

Andrew was filming and he said that he'd captured a black mass coming towards the camcorder. Tracey said that the shadow was still there. Jacky said, “There's tapping on the wall right behind me.” There was a noise like a foot scuffing on the balcony. Dave and I heard a female moan and we managed to capture it on EVP. We saw movement on the balcony and more noises coming from the kitchen. We all heard a loud breath. It sounded quite sinister. We were all chatting when we suddenly froze as we heard a growling noise. We all stood in silence and then we heard a growl again. We then heard a a voice which sounded like a child.

Dave said that he saw a figure standing in the doorway. Jacky gasped and said that she saw a blue light travel down the wall and go through the door, just as Dave said that he'd seen the figure. We all heard lots of strange noises and the atmosphere felt sinister. I asked if the spirits could shut one of the doors. Immediately, we heard a noise behind us. It sounded like a door shutting but the door did not shut. Jacky suddenly jumped and asked, “What's that noise?” We all listened and we could hear a low-level growling.

It was quiet for a while and then Jacky told us that she saw something move up on the balcony. There were three taps behind Dave. I could see movement up on the balcony by the projection box. Jacky said that she had seen 'something' walk down the stairs from the balcony and it was standing by the gate. I asked 'it' to walk towards us. It didn't. The balcony seemed to look lighter now. As we sat quietly together, we heard a whistle. There was the sound of tapping all around us. We thought that we would try some 'table tipping' and as we were getting into position, a loud noise made us all jump. Andrew switched the Spirit Box on and immediately, it said, 'H.' It also said 'visible' which was appropriate as we had all been seeing different things all night.

The table started to move around the room. We knocked on the table and each pattern of knocking was replicated back to us. The table moved towards the curtained area. There was a foreboding feeling in there. The table was being shoved around. It was really strong. We all took our hands off of the table and and it was thrust towards us. It did this twice. Dave saw an orange light. We heard a sigh. It was an eerie sound.

Tracy asked, “What's the loudest that you can bang?” We heard a big bang and then movement in the corridor. We heard another big sigh. We all felt that there was an entity in the corridor, behind the curtains. It felt dark and powerful whereas the spirit who was with us near the table, felt friendly. We felt that the friendly spirit did not want to go (or allow us to go) near to the curtained corridor.

Most of the team went to the kitchen and as they left, Jacky, Tracy, Tracey and I stayed in the main hall. The atmosphere suddenly felt flat and all spiritual contact ceased. Eventually, when the rest of the team came back from the kitchen, they said that they had, had several experiences. We figured that the spirit had followed them there as we hadn't experienced anything at all.

It was very late now so we decided to end our investigation. On behalf of Twilight Shadows Paranormal, I would like to thank the owners of this building for allowing us to investigate. I would also like to thank the team's event organiser Tracy, for arranging this brilliant investigation.

Written by: Maria Williams