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At the beginning of June 2010, I received an email which was sent via the Twilight Shadows Paranormal website requesting our help with some ‘strange goings on.’ Sharon is married to Warren and has four children, K, L, M and H. Sharon initially told me that strange things had been happening in her home for nine years and that her daughter K was getting very distressed.


I replied to Sharon’s email and we began regular contact with each other by email and text. I was astounded at the phenomena that the family had witnessed in their home. Sharon was worried that I would find her stories unbelievable but having lived in a haunted house myself during the 1990’s when my children were small and personally witnessing incredible phenomenon on a daily basis, I was happy to believe what she told me.


Sharon’s Story

It all began when Sharon’s son, L was four. He began to see and talk to a little boy called Douglas. Sharondismissed this as an imaginary friend but when strange things started to happen (which upon reflection was typical Poltergeist activity) Sharon was shocked when L said that Douglas was responsible. L said that Douglas was a farmer’s son whose father accidentally killed him with a pitch fork. This information was astounding given that it was coming from the mouth of a four year old boy! L told Sharon that Douglas found it amusing to move things around. He had even moved a dining room chair while L was sat on it.


The family got used to living with the odd occurrences which gradually increased as Douglas acquired more power. Things would go missing and reappear in strange places. Taps started to turn on by themselves and drawers and cupboard doors began to open and close independently. As L got older the activity decreased slightly, apart from some odd growls and lights dimming when Sharon and Warren were cross with L. Sharon and Warren tended to ignore these things as they had become part of daily life.


During the past couple of years, they feel that the situation was taking a sinister turn. Warren went into the loft to sort out some items for a car-boot sale only to find the chess-set out of its box and set up like it was in the middle of a game! They found this disturbing but they shrugged it off and thought that Douglas was responsible. Upon their return from the car-boot sale, Warren was shaken to find the rafters in the loft decorated with Christmas decorations! Sharon was also very shocked and afraid and wondered what was happening to them. As they deliberated and discussed the situation K said “that will be the girl that comes from the loft, her name is Anna. K said that Anna often paid visits to her room. Sharon and Warren were unsettled that they had yet another spiritual visitor.


A short while later, Sharon’s chocolate fountain actually floated from its shelf in the kitchen and crashed onto the rubbish bin, so hard that it dented the lid. She witnessed this with her own eyes and she still shudders when she thinks about it.


That was the start of very nasty things to come. Four year old H was adamant that there was a “nasty man upstairs who scared her and pulled her bed covers off.” This coincided with footsteps walking around upstairs when no one was up there. Also the family could hear someone running up and down the stairs at night and occasionally during the day. They could hear knocking noises around the house although they could never pin-point where the noises were coming from. The knocking was very loud. Sharon (and others) have been pushed on the stairs and had a feeling of being followed on the stairs. Warren and Sharon have seen strange figures walking through the lounge and kitchen.


Sharon was desperately worried about K as she felt that she was becoming a target. K told Sharon that she had seen a man standing in her bedroom which was now always very cold. Sharon told me “She has obviously become very upset by all this but more worryingly last night she came downstairs in floods of tears and said that someone had whispered in her ear your gonna die!" She was visibly upset and shaking. Sharon was very scared about her daughter’s experience and knew that it had not been a dream as K had not yet been to sleep. However, Sharon decided to dismiss it as dream to K to try and console her. Sharon is a person who has always been sensitive to spirits and has witnessed things from her own childhood so she did not think she was frightened easily but K’s experience really scared her. Sharon became so afraid that she did not want to come downstairs during the night to use the toilet.


Warren is a very level-headed person but he has woken Sharon up during the night, telling her that he has been lying in bed listening to noises, bangs and footsteps. Sharon said that she has taken a photograph in her bedroom of H and there is a huge orb beside her. She felt that the orb was not a result of digital imagery as it was so clear.


(As Sharon and I conversed via email and text, Sharon kept me informed of all the latest occurrences in her home).  She told me “We had an episode yesterday of someone stomping up and down the stairs but as you say they do go quiet sometimes and let loose a few days later. I really don’t know how many we have. We have the little boy Douglas who is really no problem (unless he’s causing the distress)! There is the girl in the loft who just seems to move things around but it’s the newer stuff like the so called ‘nasty man’ upstairs who scares our 4 year old daughter. The footsteps started ever since he has been around. I believe that he is the nasty apparition that keeps appearing to our 14 year old daughter and I think that it was him who whispered into her ear. I feel that he mainly stays upstairs as the doors open and close frequently and posters have been pulled from my daughter’s wall. The bed clothes have also been pulled off of our 4yr old daughter's bed. H also had an empty can hurled at her the night before the whispering. Our cats often watch things that we can’t see which is quite amusing. I have no idea who the figures we briefly see downstairs are and I have no idea why they just pass through! We want anything evil or unfriendly gone, I can put up with the little boy if it’s not him causing the trouble.”


Sharon informed me that she is aware of her Mum passing through as she always brings a wonderful smell of toast. She is also aware of her father-in-law. Members of the family have seen both of these deceased relatives.


Sharon really wanted us to meet her children so we decided to pay an initial visit to the family and learn first hand about everyone’s ghostly encounters. Sharon felt that it was important for the children to meet people who believed what they were saying. She wanted her whole family to live in harmony with the spirits of the house. However, I was concerned that some of the spirits were not prepared to co-exist in a harmonious fashion with the family. The four year old child, H was experiencing very bad dreams. These could be natural but we wondered if it was due to the effect of the paranormal activity in the house. The 14 year old daughter, K was suffering from nausea which coincided when Sharon felt that the spirits were at their noisiest.


I made an arrangement with Sharon that we would visit her, Warren and the children the following weekend. We kept in touch and Sharon updated me on the spiritual activity in the house.


Sharon told me “A couple of incidents have occurred. We have heard running on the stairs and toys turning themselves on during the night which made me and Warrenjump! This happened three times. The taps keep turning on and just now I came out of the bathroom and I could smell an aroma of sweet sickly roses, just like someone had sprayed an air freshener. This smell followed me all the way to the living room. Warren experienced an over-powering smell of cooked toast again the other night. I’m convinced this is my mum as she loved toast and it is the 6th anniversary of her death very soon. As I am writing this, I can smell roses. It’s very over-powering at times and definitely not my mum as the smell of roses would not be to her taste and she wasn’t really a scent person. I have also had the dreaded feeling of being watched the last time I was having a bath which made me feel quite uncomfortable.”


Sharon told me that she had been beginning to doubt herself for a while as she had watched a programme on the television where two men concluded that most things which we assume to be paranormal were just over-reactions but she said that she knew what she and her family had experienced and she would not be told otherwise.


Sharon said “H came downstairs last week with three scratches on her leg. When questioned she said that the ‘nasty man upstairs’ did it. Yesterday, I was scratched on my arm. The marks don’t stay long which is odd and I didn’t even feel it happen. I just noticed it there.


Another email from Sharon said “I have to share with you about an occurrence which has just happened. While sitting on our sofa we have just witnessed a cardboard box which my new laptop came in, actually move itself out of the cupboard under the stairs...not violently but as though it was guided out and placed in the doorway! Nothing really nasty has happened lately but we have had some very loud knocking noises and someone moved my mobile phone the other afternoon. I had only just used it and I know where I had left it. Also someone knocked the back door this morning (this has happened a few times) which was a bit unnerving as there was nobody there at all! I know that my Mum is around at the moment as she had asked for the song Angels by Robbie Williams to be played at her funeral and yesterday while I was trying to concentrate on something, I put the Sky music channel on and it was playing quietly. The next minute Angels started to play and at the same time, the television turned itself up. Unless our new television is going wrong, I can only assume that my Mum wanted to hear it.”


Preliminary visit

As this was a private house I decided to take a few people with me to visit Sharon, Warren and their children. We drove to the house on a Sunday evening. From the outside, there is nothing strange about the house and I could not feel anything untoward as I walked up the path to the front door. Upon entering the house I was overwhelmed by the love that this family has for each other. We all immediately clicked with Sharon and Warren, and the children were adorable. The general ambience of the house was warm and hospitable, we all felt at ease.


We chatted to the children and without any prompting; they reiterated everything that Sharon had told me by email. I felt upset for this lovely family. L was reluctant to discuss Douglas (Sharon had suspected that L would not want to talk about Douglas) and I felt that either Douglas was not happy for us to discover information concerning him and Douglas had warned L not to discuss him or that L was worried that we would eliminate Douglas’s presence from the house.


We decided to have a quick look around the house on our own. So far I had only felt warmth within a lovely family home. We went into the kitchen and the bathroom. I must say that the bathroom had a slightly strange feeling to it. We then decided to go upstairs. I felt fine as I climbed the stairs until I reached the top half of the stairway. It was like walking into a freezer and the pleasant feeling I had experienced downstairs immediately vanished and I felt a sinister impression descending upon me. I physically gasped and the others all felt the same. It was terrifying!


We entered the girl’s bedroom. The feeling was horrible. The bedroom contained all of the usual girly objects but instead of reflecting the characters of these two delightful girls, the feeling of trepidation overwhelmed me. The others felt the same.


We came out of that room and entered the boy’s bedroom. This room felt much better spiritually but was not entirely comfortable.


The next room we entered was Sharon and Warren’s bedroom. I could feel that there was spiritual energy in this room but it felt like it came and went and was not as intensive as the girl’s bedroom. However, I felt as if we were being constantly watched from the doorway by a male spirit. I could tell that the presence in the doorway was wary of us and was tentative with his approach. Several times, we all saw a fleeting glimpse of a shadowy figure going from doorway to doorway and sometimes heading for the stairs. I heard footsteps on the stairs and stepped outside to see who was coming upstairs to join us. There was nobody there and the lounge door was firmly shut.


We all assembled into the landing and looked upwards at the loft hatch. We were all eager to look up into the loft because of the report that a young, female spirit resided up there and of the apparent poltergeist activity of the setting up of the chess-set and the hanging of the Christmas decorations around the rafters. I asked Warren if we could look into the loft and he came up, opened the hatch and put up the ladder. I did not feel too much spiritual energy up in the loft which surprised me but Jacky, Dave and Ben did.


We went downstairs and had a cup of tea with the family. It was time for H to go to bed and she went happily up to bed after saying “Goodnight” to everyone. We all stayed downstairs chatting about the situation and all was quiet upstairs. Approximately 15 minutes later, we heard a blood-curdling scream from H. K rushed upstairs only to appear seconds later with H in her arms. I was shocked by little H’s distress. She was visibly shaking, her eyes were wide and she was petrified! It really was awful to see this beautiful, little 4 year old girl so afraid. When H had calmed down she said that she was lying in bed and the “nasty man” had appeared. She described him as having really small eyes which were glowing. It was terrible.


Eventually, little H calmed down and we stayed chatting for a while. We made an arrangement to come back the following week and Sharon and Warren said that the children could stay with family as it was important for them not to be there while we investigated the house and tried to eliminate the spirits from this family home.


Just before we left M went to the bathroom and the door was locked from the inside. Warren went to the bathroom and unlocked the door from the outside which you can do with a screwdriver. Warren told us that he was using the bathroom recently and the bottles containing cosmetic products started to move around.


The investigation and house clearance

On Saturday 19th June 2010, a very small team of Twilight Shadows Paranormal/Phoenix of Wessex conducted a paranormal investigation and subsequent house clearance at a private home in Tisbury in Wiltshire. Pete and Chris are spiritual mediums and as usual they had not been given any details of the location or any details of the paranormal activity occurring in this house. Pete and Chris tuned in and a mischievous child soon made its presence known. It was a little girl which was often laughing but had a sinister edge to it and was feeding from the fear of a child. Pete said that he was also aware of a ‘watcher.’


Pete, Dave, Chris and Kieran headed off upstairs. They felt the atmosphere change as they went upstairs. They reported a scratching noise coming from the loft.


Downstairs felt fine and so we all went upstairs to join the boys. We went into the boy’s bedroom at first. It felt entirely different than it did upon our previous visit. Loretta felt apprehensive and she felt her heart rate quicken. Suddenly, the atmosphere became calmer and Loretta said that it felt as if the spirit had walked out.


Like the last time we visited this house, the girl’s room felt active. Pete and Chris said that there had been bedding pulled off of the top bunk, which I knew Sharon had told me previously. Pete was told psychically that a small, physical child had sobbed because of the spiritual activity. We knew this to be true and had even witnessed this during our preliminary visit to the house.


Pete said that he felt that there hadn’t always been paranormal activity in the house (Sharon had previously told me that the disruption started approximately 9 years ago) and that it had intensified when Warren had moved into the home between 5 and 7 years ago. Pete’s information was verified by Sharon.


Dave was standing by the stairs and mentioned that there was a cold spot. We had all felt this.


Pete stood in the girl’s room and said that he could see that a female spirit had knelt at the head of the bed and had blown at the sleeping child. She had also made noises and giggled in order to wake the girls up. Pete said that this ghostly girl had a very cold presence. Pete said that the spirit girl was not an ‘old spirit’ and she was not connected to the house. She had been brought to the house. She had followed somebody in.


Chris and Pete both mentioned that there had been dragging, thumping, scraping, banging and the moving around of objects in the loft which had been heard from all three bedrooms. This was verified. The boys wanted to look into the loft so Warren set up the ladder and they all had a look. Emma and Kieran set up a motion detector with the hope that any movement during our visit would make the detectors alarm. (Unfortunately, the motion detector did not alarm during out visit).


Chris and Pete came downstairs and they both felt the ‘watcher’ come out to watch their descent from the top of the stairs.


We sat downstairs with Sharon and Warren and started to discuss the situation. The lights flickered. Sharon and Warren looked at each other and said that this happens prior to paranormal activity. We carried on chatting.


Pete asked if their older daughter was bullied at school. He felt that the spirit girl had been brought in by K which was perhaps acknowledged at the time and then dismissed as an imaginary friend.


Pete also mentioned that there was a tall, dark gentleman presence in the house that has been seen by the youngest child H. H is extremely fearful of this character and it appears that this is the man with the small eyes that H is extremely scared of.


Pete went to use the bathroom and eventually came out laughing as he said that when he tried to leave the bathroom initially, the unlocked door locked quickly before his very eyes. Pete had received no information that the locking of the bathroom door is part of the phenomena of this haunted house.


We sat around chatting and Pete said to Sharon that he could see an older female in spirit coming through with a golden light. He said that this lady gave Sharon strength and protection. Sharon became very tearful and said that she felt this was definitely her beloved Mum.


As we all sat downstairs we heard footsteps above coming from Sharon and Warren’s room. We were all downstairs and accounted for. We decided that we would split into two groups and try to encourage the spirits which haunted this house to communicate with us.


I went with Loretta, Emma, Nettie, and Julie to sit upstairs. Sharon joined us and Warren stayed downstairs with Jacky’s group. Initially Dave and Pete came up with us. Dave was getting very strange readings from the EMF meter. We heard a tinkling bell sound. There are lots of H’s toys around but nobody was touching any of her toys. Dave continued to get high readings from the EMF meter directly above Sharon and Warren’s bed which would suddenly disappear and appear elsewhere on the bed. Sharonsaid that she and Warren wake up suddenly in their bed at exactly the same time during the night. They lie in bed and hear footsteps running on the stairs when all of the children are asleep in bed. They hear scratching at the side of the bed, and things constantly being moved around up in the loft. They just stay in bed listening.


I asked Sharon if paranormal activity occurs when people visit. Sharon replied that generally the spirits are quiet when they have visitors but it increases once they have left.


Emma put her hand directly over one of the areas on the bed where Dave had received a high reading from the EMF meter. We heard her gasp and she explained that she had found a ‘warm spot.’ Nobody had been sitting there so it would not be body heat. Kieran came over with a digital thermometer. It had been reading 21 Degrees Celsius but as soon as he directed the thermometer to that specific area, the reading immediately went up to 30 Degrees Celsius. We asked Sharon what was stored under the bed and we discovered that there were only books. I put my hand over the spot and I could feel heat emanating from it. I put my hand onto the bed and it was not hot so it seemed that it was just the area above the bed. It was really strange and something which we could not explain.


Sharon saw several flashes of light. Emma said that her heart felt as if it was pounding. I felt that my heart had been pounding uncontrollably since I had reached a specific point at the top of the stairs. Emma said that her face felt really hot as if it was burning up.


Pete said that he saw someone outside the room and described it as a grey shadow moving which then “shot off” either into H’s room or downstairs. Sharon said that she has seen this many times.


Sharon said that her hair had just been pulled and explained that this often happened to her. I asked any spirits present in the room with us, if they could pull someone else’s hair but they did not comply with this request.


Pete said that there were other spirits trying to distract us but the ‘watcher’ was watching us intently from outside of the bedroom. The ‘watcher’ wanted to split us up. Pete told the ‘watcher’ to move into the bedroom with us. Dave (who was in the hall) suddenly exclaimed “Oh, he’s just shot past me!”


Pete said that the spirit girl had just joined us (the girl that K calls Anna). Pete said that Anna was moving around us all. I thought I could feel her presence. K has described her as scary but Pete said that Anna was now scared of us!


There were a copious amount of Teddy bears, lined up on a shelf. I asked if the spirits present in the room could throw the Teddy’s off of the shelf. Sharon told us that the Teddy’s were regularly thrown off the shelves and you could hear them hit the floor.


Pete said that the spirits loved scaring Sharon, Warrenand their family and they could not understand why we were confronting them and were not afraid of them. Pete said to the spirits “You know you can’t scare us don’t you? As with every other one like you we have met, you feed on the weak. Don’t hide, we know you are there.” We all heard a knocking noise and Pete said “Did you hear that?”


All was quiet for a while and then suddenly Kieran appeared around the door making us all jump and then laugh. Pete said “You can see there is joy and laughter here, come, join us.”


Dave said that the EMF meter was “going crazy” by the loft hatch. The boys left the room and shut door, leaving me, Sharon, Emma, Loretta, Nettie and Julie. We asked the spirits to throw something at us. Nettie noticed a hanging, angel key-ring swinging. There were some dolls houses on the floor which belong to H. Sharon said that H used to play with the dolls houses for hours but she won’t anymore. She said that the ghosts “fiddle with” the things inside the dolls houses.


We could hear the boys outside the room, calling out for spiritual activity. We heard Pete say that the ‘watcher’ had gone to the stairs. Pete joined us again and said that every room that he went into, the ‘watcher’ went somewhere else and he had the girl Anna with him. Pete said that the ‘watcher’ was used to startling the family; he said “They are like vampires, they startle the family, the fear rises and they suck on the energy.” Pete said to Sharon “You and the girls must be really exhausted!” Sharon said that they were. Sharon said that she has been so scared, so often and often finds herself running down the stairs. She said that once when she was running down the stairs, she turned around and saw a white figure and she was so terrified that she fell through the sitting room door.


Sharon told us that when K told her that there were spirits around H’s bed; Sharon had demanded that they leave! She said that they withdrew slightly from the children but then came after her. I asked Sharon if they were still pulling her hair but she said that the hair pulling had stopped.


We all felt that what had been upstairs had now gone downstairs and Pete said that he would go downstairs and chase it back up. He felt that this spirit was a coward and would “go for the girls.”


Pete said that we should “round up all the energies, concentrate on them and get rid of them!” All was quiet for a long time and Sharonsaid that it had been eerily quiet all day but upstairs the atmosphere had been intense.


Sharon said that most evenings, she had been aware of a presence. Pete said “that’s the watcher.” Sharon said “I come upstairs to put the washing away and I feel him watching me. You learn to live with it but you don’t get used to it and you are always wondering what is going to happen next.” Sharon told us that she tries to be brave and tell it to “back off and leave.” Pete said “Whatever you do, trying to make it go, your daughters are somehow giving it strength and then it comes back with even more intensity even though you are trying to control it.” Pete said that the spirits “need a nucleus of energy, that’s why the phenomena has been getting more intense because you have accepted it. They continue to surprise you even more each time, the more fear from you, the more energy they gain. If you said, OK, I’ll pick the toys up and treated it like a joke, they wouldn’t have liked that! Fear is such a powerful energy and you are feeding them, if you didn’t give it energy, it would go away and find another weakness somewhere else.”


Sharon told us “K leaves it later and later to go to bed because she just doesn’t want to go to bed at all and I don’t blame her.” Pete said that the girls get into bed aching for sleep but ‘something’ gets onto the top bunk and pulls all the bedclothes off.” Sharon said “K won’t sleep up there anymore; she sleeps in the bottom bunk with H. About 7 months ago, she came downstairs saying that there were three of them sitting on her bed. “Sharon said “I didn’t have a clue what to do, she said the spirits were adults and not children.”


While Sharon and Pete had been talking, I was standing next to Sharon. I felt a spiritual energy trying to get into my aura but I resisted and it failed.  


We stayed in Sharon and Warren’s bedroom and the atmosphere changed and became rather intense. Pete told us not to be intimidated and he warned us that some of us may notice scratches later. Sharon told us that Warren was sat in bed reading one night and suddenly had four massive scratch marks down his back. She said that although Warren witnesses strange occurrences in the house, they do not usually centre on him.


Pete and Kieran said that they were going downstairs and as soon as they left, we all felt 'an energy' enter the room. It obviously felt that it could intimidate a roomful of girls. We turned the lights off as we hoped they would try and scare us in the dark. I explained to the others that earlier I had felt a spirit trying to enter my aura and when it did so, I wanted to laugh and do something naughty.  


I felt like it was the girl but I was hoping it was the man as I wanted to make direct contact with him. I ‘called out.’


Emma saw a shadow. She said it was a man to the right of the shelf. She described him as a really dark shape. He was now standing right next to Loretta’s head. Loretta said that she felt that she had been touched on her arm, twice.


I felt that there was an energy right by my ear and there was something leaning right over me. The atmosphere was electric and I really felt like something was about to happen. I told the others what I was feeling and Sharon said “They really blow in my ear!” Sharon also told me that where I was sitting, was her side of the bed and that she experiences the feeling that I was describing, at night. I felt a vibration under the bed. I asked if anyone nearby had their mobile phones set to vibrate but nobody had. Sharon said that she had never felt vibrations in this area. I asked any spirits present if they could make the clock stop ticking but they didn’t comply with this request.


The atmosphere seemed to have lifted considerably. But my left hand was tingling (which is a phenomena I experience when spirit is near) and I felt like something was standing right beside me. I kept ‘asking out’ and suddenly I got poked in the head quite sharply. I asked Sharon if she ever felt that she was poked and she said “Yes, and K has been slapped around the face.”


Loretta said that she could see sparkly lights flying around the top of the left side of my head. They were flying about near to where I had been poked.


I saw a shadow movement. It was adult height. Emma said that her hands suddenly felt very cold and also that she thought she had been scratched on the cheek. We asked “Do you like being here?” We all heard a knock within the room. We asked the same question again just to make sure and we heard another knock in reply. I asked the spirits present if they disliked us and there was silence.


It really felt as if ‘they’ were standing in the room with us and the atmosphere was very still and unnerving. I asked Sharon if she was ever touched by what she perceived was spirit in this room and she said that she often felt that her ear was being rubbed.


Suddenly we could all smell matches. It was so strong. We did not have a candle burning and nobody had lit a candle. Just to make sure, we called downstairs to the others and they said that nobody had lit a match or even a lighter and they did not have candles burning either.


Dave was standing on the landing where the unbearable feeling was sensed by all of us. He said that he had heard two knocks beside him and he had also seen a grey shape materialise. Emma and Kieran had placed motion detectors inside the loft and we asked if they could be set off. They weren’t. Suddenly, we all noticed that the smell of matches had gone. It was strange, the smell had been so strong and we all agreed that the odour was definitely in the room with us as it was overpowering. Sharon said that they often get the smell of bad eggs in the room with no rational explanation. We kept asking for spirits to knock to try to keep the energy going.


Sharon gasped and said that she had seen a grey shadow run across the room and into the corner. Emma said that she could smell “a warm smell” and had seen a light flickering in the corner. Nettie agreed. Sharon said that this is where lights are usually seen in the room.


We heard movement on the stairs. Jacky had been filming from the bottom of the stairs and she said that something had been thrown down the stairs towards her. It was like rolled up paper. It was strange as in the bedroom, we had just asked the spirits to use our energy and throw something at us. The room suddenly smelt of garlic. It was very strong. When questioned, everybody said that they had not eaten garlic that day.


Warren came upstairs and was going to have a look up in the loft. Pete went up with him and said that the atmosphere up there was now completely flat. Emma said that she had felt that the atmosphere was intense when she had placed the motion detectors up in the loft earlier in the evening. 


There were an abundance of small cuddly toys lined up on a shelf. Nettie noticed that a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ toy had risen above the others and was clearly sticking up. Nettie had been taking photographs since we had entered the room and she examined them, finding out that this toy was sticking out above the others when we had first come in. Sharon laughed and said that she had ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’ about the way the soft toys were lined up and she had straightened them all that afternoon and nobody had been in the room as the children had all been sent to relatives in preparation for our visit. It was a shame this had not happened while we were in the room and we could have proved this by Nettie’s photograph. I asked any spirits present if they could make ‘Winnie’ sink down again but unfortunately he did not move.


We all decided to go downstairs. Jacky said that she could feel something standing by the door.


Pete said “I know you understand why we are here. It is time for you to move on. You know that you cannot stay here causing distress to this family anymore. They have had enough of your shenanigans.” The atmosphere became unbearably intense. Pete said “Don’t think that you can scare the girls as you won’t. You cannot stay here anymore. This family is a lovely family and you cannot feed on them anymore.” Pete told Sharon not to be intimidated as she was looking rather nervous. Pete told Sharon to say “I command you to leave my house!” Sharon did this. Pete then reiterated “You are not welcome here!”


Pete then passed the spirits on. Chris performed his rite to clear the house and finally Loretta and I banished all spirits from the house and family and sealed the house using our own rites.


Twilight Shadows Paranormal/Phoenix of Wessex would like to express to Sharon and Warren that we are glad you contacted our team and extremely happy that we could help you. It was also wonderful to meet your lovely children during our preliminary visit. You are a lovely family.


Written by: Maria Williams



Post-clearance report

Since Maria and the team cleared our house we have had nothing to report!!


The loft which was once freezing cold is now warm and friendly, no bad feelings up there at all and nothing is being moved about up there either.


The stairs feel great. I can now walk upstairs in the dark without a feeling of dread and nobody follows you up and down.


My eldest daughter now sleeps in her own bed as the covers stay where they are and the room is also much warmer. The girls are quite happy to stay and play in there also.


The toilet door no longer locks itself which saves a lot of explaining to visitors!


Our room feels fantastic. It’s bright, airy and from the night of the clearance, both of us have slept soundly without the usual noises and tappings which were a nightly occurrence.


Overall our house feels like a whole new place. There are no noises, apparitions or terrified children. The youngest daughter acknowledges also that no more "nasties" are at work upstairs.


We can’t thank Maria and the team enough for what they have done for us, it’s brilliant.


Written by: Sharon Jefferies