Twilight Shadows Paranormal


Maria Williams (Founder and Paranormal Investigator)

Jacky Wicheard (Founder and Paranormal Investigator)

Dave Wicheard (Lead Paranormal Investigator)

Matthew Penny (Photography and Paranormal Investigator)

Andrew Savage (Technical Manager and Paranormal Investigator)

Tracy Hughes (Location Booking Manager and Paranormal Investigator)

Daniel Hughes (Location Booking Manager and Paranormal Investigator)

Molly Hughes (Paranormal Investigator)

Tracey Dyche (Paranormal Investigator)


2nd March 2010

The report for the Devizes Lock-up has been published on the 2019 tab. I will be reviewing footage from our Stockbridge investigation next.

The team enjoyed a good investigation at East Knoyle on Saturday night.

12th January 2020

Happy New Year from the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team! Although a minimal amount of reports of our investigationshave been published over the last few years, the team have been continually busy investigating alleged haunted locations. I am intending to keep up with the write-ups of our investigations this year as I have semi-retired from my nursing career. I am also planning on writing reports for the investigations that we have done over the past few years.

The team enjoyed a paranormal investigation at Stockbridge last night which was very active and exciting. A report will be written for this in due course.

I have just published a report for a Secret Location in Tisbury - Visit 2 which can be found on the 2018 tab. I am currently reviewing footage from an exciting location held at the Devizes Locl-up. A report from this night will follow soon.