Twilight Shadows Paranormal

St. Leonard's churCH

On Saturday 12th May 2012, a small group of Twilight Shadows Paranormal decided that we would go on a three-location paranormal road trip.

Our second location was St. Leonards's Church in Sutton Veny. We had never heard that this location was haunted but as it was built during the twelfth century, we just wanted to take a look.


St. Leonard's Church is situated in Sutton Veny, Wiltshire. Built in the twelfth century, part of it is now in ruins. It finally became redundant on 28th May 1970 and has been designated as a Grade II listed building and is under the care of the Churches Conversation Trust.

The church was revised in the thirtheenth and sixteenth centuries and underwent a major restoration in 1831. Low lying damp ground causing subsidence caused immense damage and by 1866, it had been decided that a new church would be built. The new church, St. John the Evangelist was built on higher ground approximately 640 metres to the north west. It opened in 1868.

The chancel at St. Leonard's, still remains in a functional condition and it has been previously used as a mortuary chapel. It contains a font, bell, a bier, benefaction boards and has memorials on the walls. The nave, transepts and crossing are in ruins.


We walked up the lane and found our way into the ruins of the church. It felt quite magical but I think that was mainly because of the beauty of this old building and the cold, starlit night.

After looking around, we stood still and focused on why we were there. None of us felt the presence of any spirits around us.

We 'called out' individually but none of us received any response whatsoever. We stayed at this location for a considerable time but we did not experience anything of a paranormal nature.

Even though we did not have any paranormal experiences at this location, I feel it is important to add our visit onto the website. The church is lovely and well worth a visit.

Written by: Maria Williams