Twilight Shadows Paranormal

On Saturday 7th August 2010, Twilight Shadows Paranormal was invited to investigate the ghosts that reside in an undisclosed location in Wiltshire. We were asked to keep the location a secret.


On arrival we were greeted by the owner Tracey. Tracey gave us a tour of the buildings, which consists of a house, a flat (within the house) and a cottage. All three buildings are connected. Tracey lives here and told us some of the strange experiences that she has been experiencing. She frequently hears the banging of doors when clearly there are no doors that bang, always when she is alone in the building. She also hears whispering with no explanation. We were very interested to hear that Tracey had actually seen a white figure in a doorway the night before our visit. We hoped that we would experience some of this ghostly phenomenon upon our investigation.


Middle room (upstairs)

Some of us started to feel emotional. It felt like a feminine emotion and like it was happening now. Some of us felt as if we were being imprinted upon. A couple of the team felt close to crying and we all agreed that we felt that the time was in the 1930’s time-frame. I felt as if the lady spirit affecting us was approximately my height (5ft). I asked if this information was correct and we heard a small knocking sound. We asked the spirit to knock out the number of the year so we would know the exact year and there were five knocks. We asked “Was that 1935?” There was one knock signifying that 1935 was the right year. Suddenly we felt the energy leave as if she has just walked out of the room. The sadness seemed impregnated in the walls of this room.


Front room (upstairs)

We entered this room and all of us could feel the spirit lady’s energy. We wondered if she had left the bedroom and walked into this room. I felt my heart become heavy and the others agreed with me. I felt a yearning feeling. Loretta walked over to the window and started laughing unexpectedly. She could not stop giggling. This was strange as just seconds before, she said that she was feeling very sad. We conducted a séance in this room and made contact with a female spirit. She said that the time was 1935 and that she was happy until her husband had died leaving her with immense emotional pain and feelings of loss. She said that she associated this room with happy memories.


End room (upstairs)

Some of the team felt light-headed in this room. Apart from this the energy felt very flat and nothing of a paranormal nature occurred. 



When we walked into this room, some of the team said that they felt that “someone had walked over their grave.” Tracey said that many people who enter this room say this. Jacky said that the feeling was not going away and was continuous. She walked out of the office and the feeling immediately dissipated. She said “There is definitely spirit in here!” She pointed towards the right side corner of the room and said “Over there, that is where she is standing.” Dave suddenly jumped and touched the left side of his face. I asked Dave “What happened?” Dave explained that someone had touched his face but the touch was gentle. Jacky laughed and said “Look at the curtain.” The curtain was moving quite significantly. The room was warm and there were no draughts by the window where the curtain was moving. Dave walked towards the window and said that there was a “cold spot” by the window. The windows were double-glazed and there was absolutely no draughts or any obvious reason for cold spots. 


We were all standing in the room when suddenly I felt a strong and sudden breath on my face. I looked around but nobody was really close to me. Suddenly I heard the name Amy inside my head, really loudly.



Dave felt emotional in this room but everyone else said that they felt that this room was oppressive. Tracey said that she does not like this room, so much so that she uses the smaller bathroom in the flat.


Sitting room

Some of us felt emotional again but nothing else of significance happened.



The cottage is one building but was originally two separate buildings. As we entered the cottage Jacky suddenly felt an immense anger. She felt that it was a male spirit. She said that this spirit was incredibly angry at somebody. I was feeling slightly dizzy.


The cottage is derelict and in a state of disrepair so we carefully went upstairs. As soon as Jacky went upstairs the anger vanished. She said that the spirit that had made her angry was an extremely nasty, mean person. We all sat around and started a séance. A male spirit quickly came through and told us that he was in charge of this area at one time and he looked after horses. He said that this building was once a barn. Tracey confirmed that the cottage was historically a barn. Jacky told the spirit that she felt that he was a disagreeable man and she was worried about a bad-tempered man looking after horses. She said “He probably kicked the horses” and the spirit said that he did.


We went downstairs again and Jacky could feel the anger returning. We all felt that the area was oppressive. Shortly afterwards, the energy seems to diminish and eventually we all agreed that as it was very late we would end the investigation. Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to thank Tracey for inviting us to her home and for her hospitality.


Written by: Maria Williams











Somewhere in Wiltshire