Twilight Shadows Paranormal

secret location Tisbury - visit 2

On Saturday 5thMay 2018, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a second paranormal investigation at a Secret Location in Tisbury, Wiltshire. When we investigated this building previously, we had all agreed that the activity was so remarkable, we could not wait to return.

We gathered around and ‘called out’ to try and make contact with any spirits present. We quickly became aware of a presence and we wondered if it was the same strong spirit that we had met previously. We asked if this was the same spirit that we had met before and we were informed this was a different spirit. Jacky asked if ‘he’ was the only spirit there with us. The table knocked twice (for no) and the Ovilus said, ‘three.’ We asked if he used to live in Tisbury and we were told that he did. We asked if he had come to the hall for dances, the cinema and other meetings but there was no answer. We also asked if this spirit was a man and although we did not get an answer, we all heard heavy footsteps in the corridor. Tracy said that she had previously felt a male presence in the passageway. There were taps around the room and Jacky asked if he could tap louder. We received an affirmative response. She asked if we could hear his voice and he indicated that we couldn’t. Jacky then asked if he would come out of the corridor and walk around the hall with us. He said that he wouldn’t.

We could all feel an energy building. Jacky asked if he could open or shut a door. He told us that he wouldn’t. She asked if he could shove the table and immediately the table was pushed very hard. It made us all jump. This seemed to be another spirit. The energy felt so different to the first spirit that we had been talking to. We all sat around the table and asked if the table could be lifted. The table instantly lifted up on one side. The table then started being pushed around with considerable force. The table kept being pushed to a particular place in the room. We asked if this was where the spirit was standing or a place significant to ‘him.’. Everything was quiet for a while and then the table started to move around erratically.

A sound was emitted from the table. It sounded like a drum roll and Jacky and I discussed that we had not ever experienced this sound before. It went quiet and then the drum roll sound started again. It was eerie. The table started to move and it seemed to be pushing Andrew into the corridor. The corridor felt very oppressive last time we had visited and it was the same this time. As ‘it’ tried to push us out into the corridor again the Ovilus said, ‘Threshold.’ The corridor is an extension, so was the spirit trying to push us against what would have originally been a wall or did it know that the wall had now gone and was aware that it was pushing us into a corridor? Originally, the corridor was an alleyway.

Andrew saw a light. He described it as a large light and it was just stationary. By the time he told us to look, the light had gone. We all heard three loud knocks within the room. The boys all went up onto the balcony and the girls stayed downstairs in the main hall. Daniel saw a light and asked if anyone had flashed a torch up there. Nobody had switched a torch on or used their mobile phones. We all heard the sound of something being thrown but we could not work out if it had landed up on the balcony or downstairs.

I ‘called out’ downstairs. Dave could feel a presence on the balcony but nothing was happening down with us. Matt thought that he had found the object that was thrown which was a small stone. At this point we picked up an EVP. It was like a choking sound. I rapped out a loud knock and asked any spirits present to finish the pattern off. It finished the pattern by knocking loudly upstairs on the balcony. The boys all jumped. I rapped out the pattern twice more with no response. There was a tap behind where the boys were sitting. I asked the spirit to bang loudly to scare the boys. There was a bang but not as loud as previously. ‘Something’ was tapping from inside the projector box. I knocked downstairs on the table and the boys said that the exact pattern of knocking was copied from the projector box. The boys shouted down that when it was not knocking, it sounded like someone was moving around from inside the box. The unit is sealed so nobody can get inside it. As well as the sound of movement, there was also a noise generating from inside the box which sounded like chalk being written on a blackboard. It was so spooky.

All was quiet for a while. We just chatted amongst ourselves and then the table started to wobble. We all heard an audible which was a woman’s voice. Something was thrown and then we picked up an EVP of whispering. Steve said that he could see something floating around by the stage curtain. Jacky could see something shadowy like a figure standing by the front door. I asked for the sound of footsteps and we immediately heard footsteps coming down the stairs from the balcony. None of us were moving either in the hall or up on the balcony at the time.

Nothing happened for a while. We thought that it was too quiet and unnerving. Eventually, I ‘called out,’ asking that if there were any spirits on the balcony, would they please knock. We all heard a knock from the balcony. Dave and I saw a dark figure standing in the corner on the balcony (Dave was up there and I was downstairs so we saw it from different angles) and when we told the others, Steve said, “I saw that and then it suddenly shot down.” That’s exactly what Dave and I had seen.

The boys came down. We sat quietly and we heard a big sigh. Tracy ‘asked out.’ Something was thrown towards Jacky which made her jump. We received some spiritual contact but it was all a bit muddily. The Ovilus said, ‘camera.’ We received the name ‘Saul’ and the word ‘nasty.’ We asked who was nasty wondering if he meant us or himself. There was no response. He then informed us that he was nasty but we were nasty as well. We received the name Saul again and also Pamela. We asked if Pamela was his wife. We were given the word, ‘Gazam.’ We had never heard of this word so we looked it up and in ancient times it meant, ‘to devour.’ The spirit that said that his name was Saul told us that he was Persian.

We thought that we would take a break and Daniel took us all to a local cemetery where there are reports of ghostly sightings. I left my camera running in the hall while we were gone. Upon examining the footage later, there was a breathing sound and lots of movement in the hall.

Upon our return to the hall, I ‘called out’ and there was an immediate knocking on the table. There was a pleasant atmosphere and we felt as if we were communicating to a friendly spirit who seemed pleased to be connecting with us. This did not last for long. The atmosphere changed and we all had a foreboding feeling. A strong spirit appeared to join us, as the table was shoved strongly across the room and through the curtain into the corridor. Four of us heard a laughing sound that we felt had come from the balcony. Matt then shouted, “Did you hear that?” He had heard a woman’s voice.

The table was still knocking and moving. It started to whizz around the room and we could barely catch up. It tried to push us up against the wall. The activity abruptly stopped. Dave said, “I can hear voices.”


There were lots of taps and bangs. We tried the ‘Shave and a Haircut’ knocking pattern and we were rewarded by two sharp raps at the end. The table started to move across the floor. Daniel was trying to direct the table’s movement with his torch beam but the table moved the opposite way. There were three deep thumps behind Jacky and smaller different sounding taps around the room.

We discovered that the spirit who was with us appeared to be afraid of the other spirit. Daniel asked if we should be scared of him too but the answer was inconclusive.

I asked if there was anyone (spirit) up on the balcony. We all heard a definitive knock to say yes. Some of us went to sit up on the balcony, eventually followed by everyone. It felt very eerie up there. We decided to play the music from the film ‘The Shining’ (Midnight, the stars and you) as when we last played this song here, the atmosphere changed completely. The music started playing and the mood immediately changed. Everything seemed peaceful and really quiet. After a considerable time, a stone was thrown, making us all jump.

Jacky asked, “As we are all up here, can one of you walk across the floor so that we can hear you?” It was silent and then we heard a faint tapping. Jacky asked if the tapping could be louder. I asked for the sound of footsteps and we heard four loud thuds but they did not sound like footsteps. The thuds were on the wood underneath where we sat. Matt saw a light anomaly (with his eyes, not on camera) travelling across the big curtain downstairs. Jacky said that there was something weird going on underneath where she sat. She could feel the vibrations.

We all went downstairs and switched the lights on. We sat in a circle chatting about the evening’s events. After a while, our chatter was disturbed because we all heard a loud noise which sounded like something heavy being dragged along the corridor. This corridor has such a frightening atmosphere, we were almost too scared to look. We could not see anything in the corridor which would have made this noise.

A stone was thrown. Andrew saw it land and travel across the floor. We all heard a thud which came from the same direction as the stone. Nothing happened for a long time and then we heard a big cracking sound. Tracy asked if the spirits wanted us to leave and two knocks indicating ‘no’ were rapped. After a while we heard a shuffling noise near to us but then nothing else happened. As it was very late, we decided to end our investigation.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Tracy Hughes for organizing this investigation at one of our favourite locations.

Written by: Maria Williams