Twilight Shadows Paranormal



On Saturday 5th January 2019, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at an Old School House in Tisbury. It was a beautiful little building and possessed a lovely atmosphere. We settled around a table and Tracy 'called out.' There was a tap from the corner of the room. Tracy called out to 'Henry' who apparently loved this hall. Immediately, there was a tap by the door, followed by two taps in the corner. Tracy asked if the energy that seemed to be communicating with us could tap where 'he' was in the room. This prompted a metallic tapping sound but we could not work out its exact location. We knocked upon the table and asked for the energy to copy us. We heard the metallic tapping again but it was not on the table.

I 'called out' and the door knocked quite loudly. We heard movement from the kitchen. There were two knocks behind Daniel and we all felt icy cold. There was more tapping. I really felt as if a spirit was close to me and as soon as I started to tell the others this, I felt an icy breeze blow across my hand. Andrew looked up with a start and said that he had just heard male voices. The atmosphere changed and the table shuddered. Daniel heard a male voice. The table started vibrating. I heard voices and I was just about to say so when Andrew said, “I’ve just heard a woman's voice say 'Hello.'

The Ovilis emitted the word, 'Students' which was very apt since we were investigating an old school. The Spirit Box said, 'Emma.' When we were initially looking around the hall prior to the investigation, we noticed a plaque which we read. The name Emma (with a surname) was written on the plaque. The Spirit Box then said, 'Spirits.'

We heard a loud knock and Andrew went to check the front door. There was nobody there. The school is situated well back from the main thoroughfare so it was unlikely that an opportunist knocked the door as they passed. The Spirit Box said, 'Have fun' and then immediately afterward said, 'Dead Person.' We said that we were there to talk to people who had died. The Spirit Box said, 'Emma, Hi.' I replied, 'Hi there.' and immediately a female voice came out of the Spirit Box saying, ' Help, let me go.' The Spirit Box then said, 'Hi there' in a female voice. I replied, 'Hi' and the Spirit Box answered 'Hi.; I asked, “Could we ask you some questions please?” The Spirit Box answered 'What?' I asked how many spirits were in the building and the Spirit Box answered, 'Three.' The door knocked again. I asked, “Are you knocking the door” and the answer was 'No!'

I became aware that my chair was tapping. I was sitting very still. We switched the Spirit Box off so that we could hear movement and knocking more clearly. We asked if the spirits would communicate with us by knocking on the table. We asked them to knock once for 'Yes' and twice for 'No.'

We asked:

Are you here? Yes.

Are you female? Yes.

Are you Emma.? If so, would you please knock three times? The table knocked three times.

Were you a headteacher here? No.

Were you a teacher? Yes.

I asked if we could hear their footsteps walking around the room and I walked around the room to demonstrate. The Ovilis said, 'Around.' 'Walk around.' There was tapping in the room, followed by a noise which sounded like something was thrown but we couldn't find anything.

Daniel 'called out.' We had switched the Spirit Box back on and it said, 'Female.' We had thought that we had felt a feminine energy in the room. We established that she did not live in the village. We asked many questions and most answers were negative. Daniel asked some more questions and received negative responses also. Tracy and I both heard a female voice behind us say, 'Ooohh!' Tracy asked, “Florence, was that you?” We received an affirmative response and again when we asked, “Are you happy that we are here?”Andrew heard voices. The Spirit Box said, 'Leonora together.'

I asked if a spirit was knocking on my chair earlier and was told 'Yes,' We asked how many spirits were here with us now and Daniel said that he heard three taps. 'She' said that she could see us and could tell us how many of us were there. She told us three women and two men. This was correct. With our backs to the bunting, we asked how many flags were hanging from it. There were eight taps on the table and when we turned around to count them, there were eight flags. My camera was sitting on the table and I saw it move by itself to face a different direction. Daniel asked if Florence had moved the camera. We received a sharp affirmative response.

Daniel asked her to guess how old we all were. 'She' said:

Daniel was 46. He is.

Andrew was 52. He is 51.

I (Maria) was 58. I am actually 57 but 58 next month.

We asked if she was psychic when she was alive and she said that she wasn't but in the spirit world, you know more.

Andrew had some tablets in a concealed pot. Andrew asked how many were in the pot. She said that there was five and she was right. She communicated that she was happy and that she would like us to return and bring friends. We asked her if she could leave the building and she said that she could. I asked if that there was such a thing as reincarnation and although I was expecting her to say no, she said that it did exist. I asked where her body was buried and she replied that it was in Donhead and that we would find her grave if we looked. We asked if she was able to bring anything of her lifetime here, to the present time. She said that she could not do this. We asked if anybody had ever seen her in spirit form. She said that they hadn't. We asked if we could see her in spirit form and there was no response. We asked her if she could get any more spirits to come and she said that she couldn't.

We stopped for a break at this point but I left my camera filming. When I came back to it, Andrew and I noticed that my camera was facing a different way and it was facing towards the left. We had all been accounted for in the kitchen and we could not find a rational cause for its movement. This was interesting as we had seen it move previously. I started to walk around the hall and the Ovilus said, 'Walk around.' Then a female voice said, 'Florence' from the Spirit Box. I asked, “Did you just say Florence?” The Spirit Box said, 'Florence' another four times.

The name 'Leonora' was given to us and we felt a different energy enter the room. We discovered that Leonora was more familiarly known as Biddy. Her energy was dissimilar to Florence. Florence felt very calm but Biddy felt agitated. We asked if she liked being called Biddy and if we could call her Biddy and we received an affirmative response. We discovered that she was Florence's niece. Biddy did not seem to like Daniel. It seemed that she did not want to communicate with the men. We asked if she didn't not like the men and she said that she didn't. Daniel told her, “We aren't all bad.” She said, 'Yes.' We asked if she had worked in Tisbury and she said, 'No!' Daniel told us that it is recorded that she had worked in Tisbury. We asked her various questions and we discovered that she had been viewed as an eccentric. She did not really like any of us although she said that she did not want us to leave. She seemed unhappy. Biddy seemed a much stronger presence than Florence. We heard that something had been knocked over and when we looked, it was a glass.

The Ovilus said, 'Look, eleven.' We realised that the time was eleven o'clock at exactly the same time as the Ovilus had said the number. Using the Spirit Box, I asked if Biddy could knock somewhere. The Spirit Box said, 'Yes' and 'West.' The table that we were sitting around moved and the temperature suddenly plummeted. There were small knocking sounds all around the room.

Suddenly, most of Andrew's equipment drained their batteries for no apparent reason. The batteries had been full at the beginning of the evening. Daniel heard movement in the corridor. We had set up a divination experiment and the glass was whizzing up and down the long length of the bench. We wondered if it was Florence but Andrew felt that the energy was different. We had 'Yes' and 'No' cards placed on there and these were shoved off of the bench. This spirit felt very insistent and impatient.

A male energy joined us and the atmosphere changed and felt slightly hostile. Daniel felt that it was the spirit of Frederick who was connected to the hall.

Tracy asked:

Are you angry? Yes.

Have we upset the ladies? No.

Are we disturbing you? Yes.

Do you want us to go? Yes.

Daniel asked, “Would you do something for us and then we will go?” Daniel shuddered the bench to see if the spirit would copy but it just seemed to annoy him. The glass started zooming up and down the bench at a high speed. After a while, all went quiet and nothing happened. Daniel jokingly asked, “Frederick, are you trying to bore us to death?” Although we didn't expect an answer, we received a sharp 'Yes!' We felt that he really wanted us to go so we ended the investigation.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Tracy Hughes for arranging this investigation and for School Hall guardians for allowing us access to this lovely building.

Written by: Maria Williams