Twilight Shadows Paranormal

haunted cottage in ringwood.

On Saturday 3rd August 2013, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at a two hundred year old cottage in Ringwood in Hampshire. Sally told us that strange things had been happening at the cottage that she and Rich live in. When she first moved in, the television used to turn itself on. She found a glovein the fridge. They lost their sieve for weeks and after replacing it, the first sieve mysteriously reappeared. Rich's work boots moved to the middle of the kitchen floor. Sally's son saw an apparition in the back bedroom. Sally's grandson heard snoring in the back bedroom and a tennis ball bounced into the lounge from the hall, while Sally and Rich were watching television. Sally told us that most of the activity occurs in the back of the house.

As soon as I stepped into Sally and Rich's cottage, I immediately sensed a spiritual presence. It felt very strong initially as if 'it' had come to check us out first. Andrew quickly began obtaining baseline readings and instantly got a positive reading from the K2 meter in the lounge. After exploring the cottage, I felt a strong presence in the back bedroom so we decided to begin our investigation there.


Andrew switched on the spirit box and I began to 'call out.' I could feel the spirit in the room with us.



F*** off.........Leave!

Are you unhappy about us being here?

The two dogs that lived in the cottage became very restless. The presence became stronger and the atmosphere was thick.

We all heard laughter from the spirit box.

Did you laugh? Yes.

How many spirits are here?F*** off!

Do you want us all to leave?F*** off!

The message was definitely very clear. We could all feel the presence in the room with us. I apologised for us being there but asked politely if we could continue to communicate.

How many spirits are here?Two. Have you got a problem?

I said to everyone, “I really don't think this spirit likes us at all.” The spirit box emitted a loud, No!I told the spirit that Sally and Rich really wanted their house spirits to stay and did not have a problem with spirits and mortals co-existing happily together. I explained that we meant them no harm and just wanted to talk to them. Just to make sure I asked again, how many spirits were here with us. The spirit box said, Two.This was followed by, Stay.This seemed slightly contradictory seeing as we were previously told to leave and sworn at. Unless the spirit meant that 'it' wanted to stay. Or perhaps this was another spirit.

I asked, “Can you show yourself?” We talked about Sally's son seeing an apparition in this room. The K2 meter flickered and went straight from green to red. The atmosphere in the room really felt as if we were not welcome.

I asked:

Do you feel annoyed by us? (no answer)

Do you like it best when it is just Sally and her family here? Yes. F*** off!

Sally asked:

Do you like us living with you? Yes.

Can you say the names of the people who live here? Sally.

Who else lives here? Him.(Rich smiled and said, “Thank you”).

What is your name? (We could not tell if the voice from the spirit box said Tess or Jess).

What is your name? (First it said) Peter (and then) Jessica.

Sally asked again and the spirit box said Jessicatwice more.

Do you know that you are dead? Jessica.

Are you happy being here? Happy. I am. Happy.

A breeze flew around the room and the chandelier on the ceiling started to swing a little. Rich said that he could feel 'something' standing right behind him. He said that there was also a breeze behind him but as he said it, it stopped.

I asked, “Shall we try downstairs?” A voice from the spirit box said, Yes.


We all assembled in the kitchen and stood quietly for a while. Rich asked if anyone was upstairs filming. We were all accounted for which Rich seemed surprised by. He said that he had just heard someone up there. He went upstairs to look and came back down saying that nobody was upstairs.

I 'called out' and was very quickly told via the spirit box to Leave. Sadness. Nun. Sally did not know of any churches or convents nearby.


Sally asked: Jessica, are you here? Present.

Jessica, are you present? Present.

Do you like us being here Jessica? Nightmares. Bad knee.

I asked, “Has anyone got bad knees?” Rich replied, “I have two bad knees.”

Leyland (or perhaps Leyline). Present. Singing.

It was quiet for a while until Sally asked, “Jessica, are you still here?” Present. 1920. Chills. Go. Richard said, “Is there another spirit here? Do you want us to go?” Prove. Bump. Richard said, “You give us a bump.” Matthew. Elliot must. We chatted amongst ourselves for a while and then we heard a loud Goodbye.

Matt called us from the lounge and said that while he was sitting in there, he glanced up and saw a blond woman just standing in the middle of the table. He was really shocked by this vision.

A little while later, Dan said that he gently rolled a ball into a corner of the room and the ball rolled back immediately but it looked unnatural in its movement.


We assembled in the lounge and I 'called out.' Nothing happened so I suggested that Sally tried as the spirits of the cottage know her. Rich said that he could smell something sour which had definitely not been there previously. The spirit box emitted a voice which said, Remorse. One of the spirit detectors was showing that there was spiritual activity in one corner of the room. Dan said, “That's where I felt it from the start.” As soon as we identified the spirit presence, it disappeared but when we moved away, the meter spiked again. Matt was holding another meter which he held in the centre of the table and got a positive reading. Dan said, “That's right where I saw the woman.”

We sat quietly and Rich suddenly turned around and said, “I've just heard someone whisper Sally.” It felt as if a spirit was walking around the room as the energy seemed to be swirling round. We all felt as if there was a male and a female walking around together.



Did you say bugger?

Yes. Stupid bugger. I know you.

We were getting high readings in front of Sally and behind her. Sally went upstairs and her dog Daisy went with her. Sally tried to get Daisy into the back bedroom with her but she would not go in there. Sally said that Daisy usually goes in there without a problem.

We decided to hold a séance and we all sat around the table. I 'called out' and immediately I heard whispering but I could not decipher what was being said. Tracy could hear it also. Sally 'called out' and Loretta said that she could hear small knocks on the table which seemed to be prompted by Sally's voice. There was another small knock on the table and Loretta and Tracy heard other little knocks from within the room. I could feel an energy building. Dan jumped and said that he saw movement on the stairs. He saw a shadow edge around, look at us and then went back up the stairs.

We started to 'call out' again and the small knocking sounds began again. At this point we made contact with two spirits who proceeded to give private messages to Rich. However, one of these spirits was called Charlie who Rich thought may be a relative. (Since our investigation, Sally's Auntie has discovered that a man called Charlie once lived at the cottage. Sally is going to send us this information once it has been collated).

A while later, another spirit came through who told us that his name was George. Rich asked, “Does George's presence linger here?' We received an affirmative reply. Rich asked George if the house was here when he was alive. George replied, Game. Rich said that the area would have been a forest before the cottages were built and we wondered if George had been a gamekeeper. George then told us, Love to meet. We asked if George could knock on the table but he said, No. He then said, Looking window. Sally asked, “You are looking through the window?” George said,Yes. Rich asked, “Do you want to come in? You're welcome.” George then made us all laugh with his next comment which was, Just nosey. Sally asked George, “Which window do you look in, what's outside by the window?” George replied, Bottle. Sally squealed and said, “The solar bottles. They are right by that window.” Sally asked, “Were you here before the cottages?” Yes. “What was your job?” Miller. Sally said, “There was a miller on my list but that was a name, not an occupation. At that moment, I saw beer in my head. I had no idea why and then Matt said, “I wonder if he was a miller for a brewery.” 1733. Came. Sally asked, “You came to Ringwood.” Yes. Rich asked, “How old were you when you died?” 86. St. John. Rich asked, “Is your full name George St. John?” Yes.

Shortly after this information was obtained, George's energy seemed to fade and the atmosphere felt flat. It was early in the morning and we decided that we would end our investigation here. The team really enjoyed this experience and would like to thank Sally and Rich for allowing us to investigate their beautiful cottage. We have since been invited back to carry out another investigation here.

I was talking to Sally last night (19/10/13) and she said, “I just walked into the back bedroom to get my coat and a white flash went across the room. I said hello but it's gone now.” We look forward to meeting Sally and Rich's ghosts again very soon.

Written by: Maria Williams


On Saturday 8thMarch 2014, Twilight Shadows Paranormal were invited back to Sally and Rich's cottage in Ringwood. We decided to start our investigation in the back bedroom.


As we entered the bedroom, we could feel a strange atmosphere. One of the dogs who refused to enter this room on our last visit, came in with us this time and sat with us. We decided to use the Olvius and the Ghost Box. I suggested that Sally 'called out' as the spirit lady known as Jessica, clearly likes Sally. There was no response to Sally's questions. I decided that I would 'call out' and explain about the devices that we were using. I asked any spirits of the cottage to join us. Immediately, a woman's voice (from the Ghost Box) said, 'Get out!' I said, “Did you tell us to get out?” The same voice said, 'Yes.' I asked, “Before we go, could you tell us why you are here?” The voice said, 'No.'

Jacky 'called out,' asking why Jessica was so grumpy. She also asked Jessica to show herself. The volume on the Ghost Box suddenly went very loud and Dave couldn't get the volume to decrease. This has never happened before. We called George who we had made contact with on our previous visit.

A male voice said, 'Jessica.' Sally 'called out' telling Jessica that we were her friends. A woman's voice said, 'Patchwork.' Another voice said, 'F*** off!' We explained that we didn't want the spirits to leave the cottage and we weren't any threat whatsoever to their existence. A voice said, 'Sally, yes, Sally.' Rich said, “We want you to stay here.” The voice said, “I did.” I said, “Please speak to us, even if it is to tell us to get out,” The voice said, “Get out, go.”


We assembled around the table. Jacky 'called out' and the table immediately began to shudder. There were two definitive taps on the table. The taps got louder and louder. I 'called out' to Charlie as I could feel him watching us. There was a tap in response to me calling him. Sophie said that she had got really cold. I touched her arm and she was freezing. The room was warm and so was everyone else. Sophie said that she had suddenly got cold when I was calling Charlie. Peter put his hand out next to Sophie and said that she was definitely sitting in a 'cold spot.'

The spirits seemed a bit friendlier downstairs and we chatted to them and got tapped out responses on the table. We conducted a séance.

Are you here with us?

Yes, Yes. No. Albert.

Are you Albert?

Albert (We think the surname is Waney but we were unsure and we haven't been able to find this name in historical records).

Are you Albert Waney?

Yes. Me. Me.

The atmosphere seemed to change and then we were given some names and when we asked, “Is this you?....., we were told, 'No.' Sally said that she felt that this was Jessica being naughty and there was a massive bang on the table.

All was quiet for a while and then Sally started asking Jessica some questions. She asked how old Jessica was. The response was 57. Sally asked:

Did you have a husband?


What's your husband's name?


Did you have any children?

Yes, 4.

We discussed how old the cottage was and Rich said that it was built in 1820. We were told that Jessica and Albert moved into the cottage in 1829. Jessica said that she wants to stay in the cottage and that she's really happy that she can co-exist there with Sally and Rich.

During the séance, Jessica said that she moved the kitchen bin. Rich asked if she had moved his boots but she didn't admit to this. Sally asked, “Do you move other things?” The table tapped. Rich asked if Jessica could move the bin somewhere else in the kitchen sometime during the evening. Sally asked if the spirits found it funny when they have moved things and the mortals are looking for them. There was a massive thud on the table and then it moved. Sally felt that it was Jessica who had moved the table and she asked if she could move it again. The table was huge and really heavy but there was definitely a force trying to move it. Sally asked, “If I put my hands on the table, could you move it?” She placed her hands firmly onto the table and said, “Right, I'm ready” and the table was shoved towards her. Sally asked if the spirits could lift the table. It didn't lift. She also asked if the spirits could move a bunch of sticks which were decoratively placed in the corner of the room. The sticks didn't move but the table kept moving, although the spirits only seemed to react for Sally.

Jacky and I decided to go up to the back bedroom with the Ghost Box but apart from about ten minutes of small knocking noises on the wall, we didn't experience anything of a paranormal nature.

The rest of the group continued with a séance in the main living room. They were sitting around the table with Sally 'calling out.' Sally asked, “Jessica, can you show us that you are here?” There was an immediate response of three loud knocks. Sally asked Jessica to lift the table and asked how far up, she could lift it. The answer was three inches. The group counted to three and waited. The table did not lift. Just as they were saying that this was disappointing, the table was shoved from one end and then shoved the other way. When the group had recovered from this action, they all agreed that the table may not have lifted but it was moved about three inches each way. Peter said, “Can you move the table to the right?” The table moved to the right.

Sally asked Jessica if her husband Albert was with her. There was no response which Sally thought indicated that he was not there. Ben put a can on its side, onto the table. Sally asked if the can could be rolled along the table towards her but it wasn't. Jessica seemed to leave the room completely for approximately ten minutes and it seems likely that this was when Jacky and I could hear the knocking on the wall upstairs.

The energy seemed to return to the séance and the table began to move again. Sally asked if Jessica liked having lots of people visiting the cottage to try and contact her. The group discussed this and they felt that although they thought that Jessica was lonely, she was not keen on having people, other than Sally and Rich at the cottage.

Sally reiterated the information gained. There was Jessica and Albert. Their surname was Waney, an unusual surname but it is a known surname. The date given was 18.29 and they had four children. The names Guy, Tess and Zachary were given for their children. However, when we asked for the name of the fourth child, the word Wessoy was given. The group speculated whether this may be Wesley or a nickname but this information remained unclear.

Jacky and I rejoined the group and the table started moving. The table moved upon command with specific instructions. Suddenly, Sarah jumped up from her chair and quickly moved from the table. She was quite shaken and told us that her T shirt had been pulled up at the back and she felt like someone was running their hand up her back. Sarah eventually rejoined us all at the table.

The table continued to knock and move and obey instruction upon lifting the table from specific sides. Jacky's camera switched off and as she was saying that something significant would happen now that she wasn't recording, the table was thrown into the air with a massive force, making us all jump. The table was dropped immediately, crashing down to the floor with a bang. We were all amazed as this table is especially heavy and the boys had to strain to lift it. The room was freezing cold but there was a feeling of good humour. The table continued to lift and move and Sarah felt that she was touched twice more.

We decided to end the investigation at this point. Rich checked the kitchen and the bin had not moved. Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to thank Sally and Rich for allowing us to visit their lovely cottage for the second time. We really enjoyed our time with you.

Written by: Maria Williams