Twilight Shadows Paranormal

On the Saturday 29th September 2007, the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team conducted an investigation at a private residence in Salisbury. The person who owns the property did not wish for either themselves or the property to be identified.


This house is reputed to have spiritual activity. Not always evident with auditory phenomena but spirit sightings are often experienced. There has been a gentleman seen at the top of the stairwell and other male spirits witnessed. Strange atmospheres are also reported.


The house felt at peace and not necessarily spiritually active when the team arrived. We settled in and enjoyed a chat and refreshments. Eventually we decided that we would start our investigation. One room in particular instinctively felt to be the appropriate room to try to communicate with any spirits present. After a while it began to feel as if there were definitely more people in the room than just the team members. We began to feel a spiritual presence drawing close. The atmosphere felt thick but as we sat around the table, nothing at all happened. It felt as if something was going to happen suddenly and make us all jump. But no spiritual activity transpired. We waited for what seemed an eternity, all sitting perfectly still around the table.


There were two candles burning and suddenly one of them nearly blew out. The house was warm and there were no draughts at all either from within the building or from movement. We all jumped as the candle made a noise as the flame was almost extinguished. The wick was fine and the other candle nearby did not even flutter. It was not just a wavy quiver of the flame that is normal. We could only recreate this occurrence by rapidly blowing at the candle with a strong exhalation of breath.


We continued to sit patiently and eventually a female spirit came through. She was strong and very forthright and it seemed that she had not been in the spirit world for very long. She was happy to have been given the chance to join us. She had evidently died of cancer and had fought her illness for as long as she could before her death. This lady was a sweet spirit. She stayed with us for a considerable time and when she left, we all felt her leave the room.


We were wondering if this lady was the only spirit who would join us but we felt the presence of a man straight away. This presence did not feel so positive. He revealed that he had taken his own life by hanging himself and he was full of regret for his actions. I was not sure if he regretted his premature arrival into the spirit world or if he was sorry for the pain and anguish inflicted upon his family and friends. I think it was the latter. He was sorrowful and we could all feel the depth of his emotion. This gentleman did not stay long.


We were just wondering if anyone else would join us and another female spirit drew close. She did not feel quite as strong as the first lady but she did feel impatient. She was considerably younger than the first spirit lady. She then described how she had wanted to come through to us first and the older spirit lady had pushed through and she had to wait. She was a little disgruntled about this at first but said that it was in her nature to let other people in ahead of her and anyway she had no choice this time as the older lady was very stubborn. This spirit was really sweet. Upon her departure we all felt as if there were no other spirits about to join us. The atmosphere suddenly felt different.   


We all grouped together in the living area and had a chat. Suddenly we all stopped talking and froze. From the other end of the room we all heard a coughing/choking type sound. There was nobody in that corner of the room and absolutely no rational explanation for this noise. It was the coughing of a small child. We were perplexed by this. We certainly had not made spiritual contact with a child during our séance. Later I discovered that a child has been seen by the owner's daughter near to where the sound originated from.


We stayed for a considerable time but nothing else of a paranormal nature occurred. We all enjoyed our evening at this location.


Written by: Maria Williams