Twilight Shadows Paranormal

Undisclosed offices in Salisbury

On Friday 30th October 2009, Jacky, Dave, Loretta, Ben and I were invited to conduct a paranormal investigation at some private offices in Salisbury. This was to be a very strange investigation as we were going straight from a Halloween Fancy dress party and we were dressed as vampires. We hoped we would not scare away any prospective ghosts.


We met up with David who was our contact and he took us to the offices. We settled inside one of them and sat around a table. We left the office door open. It was not the darkest of places we had visited but we soon realised that this meant nothing. It was scary. We felt a very strange atmosphere which was outside the room and pervading the whole of the outside area. The office felt safe but we were unsure whether the perpetrator of the strange atmosphere would enter our haven. This feeling was very unnerving.


As we had been to a party, the only equipment we took with us to this investigation was a Camcorder and our cameras. I was just about to switch on the Camcorder and we all heard a moan which came from just outside the room. There was absolutely nobody else in the building with us. We all jumped slightly and I switched on the Camcorder and we asked if the spirit could moan again. We did not hear any further moaning noises but shortly afterwards a scraping noise was heard in the office with us.


I started ‘calling out.’ After a while there was a rap on the table.


A little while later there was a noise which sounded like a young person saying “Oooohhh.” This noise sounded like it was just outside the room and was followed by a definite tap from within the room.


There was a quiet period and we ‘called out.’ Suddenly the table tapped and then shuddered.


I heard a conversation which seemed to be just next to us. As previously stated there was nobody in the building. This location is far from any busy road and not near to any sort of public thoroughfare. Jacky said that she had thought she had heard conversation earlier but was not entirely sure so she hadn’t mentioned it. David told us that conversation is one of the known phenomena of this place, especially caught on audio monitoring equipment. We all agreed that the conversation consisted of a couple of people muttering with unrecognizable content.


I tried ‘calling out’ again. Suddenly I jumped as I looked over at Dave. I know that he was still in fancy dress and was impersonating a very scary vampire but it seemed to me that something had imprinted on his face. I could see large, dark eye sockets. I looked away and when I looked back at Dave, this image had gone. I felt really shaken. I explained to everyone what I had seen and Jacky said that she had previously seen something imprint on my face. Jacky said that my face had seemed so much more angular.


I asked for a spirit to knock on the table. There was a loud knock just outside the room.


Suddenly there was an extremely, loud, breath type noise just behind me. I swung around immediately and Jacky and Loretta jumped and both exclaimed “Did you hear that?” Strangely the boys did not hear anything. Although this noise was horrible, I asked “Would you do that again please?” Jacky laughed and said “No, please don’t!” This made us all laugh.


We all realised that we had been quite serious and sombre this evening even though we were all sitting there on a paranormal investigation in fancy dress. We usually find that we obtain more occurrences when we are light in mood and start to giggle. But tonight was different. We were all serious and yet lots of audible phenomenon was occurring. We wondered if the phenomenon would increase if we did laugh. Jacky said “I have been holding in wind but unfortunately, now it has gone!” Before we had a chance to laugh at this statement the table raised considerably on one side and with force. We were really shocked.


I started asking questions and the table reacted to some of the questions asked. Unfortunately, I cannot share the content of information gained as the proprietor of the business would rather keep this information anonymous.


However, I can say that we made contact with a female who told us there is a spirit who she is scared of. She then said that he was scared of her. They were all scared of each other! She said this with humour. This lady said that she would move the table and she informed us that there were seven spirits there. I heard whispering outside the room.


Dave was looking out of the open door and he said that there was a door into another room that he really did not like. The lady spirit said that there was somebody that she didn’t like in that room either and that spirit generally did not like that room.


Dave heard a strange noise but unfortunately the rest of us did not hear it. Dave said that he must be imagining things and then I watched as our eyes widened as we all heard three separate noises. Our lady spirit said that she had made the second noise. She said that the other noises originated from people who had died in the building. She told us not to worry as she was protecting us. Dave jumped as another noise was heard. He said “Did you hear that, I don’t like it!” He then tried to impersonate the noise which was very humorous. The table suddenly lifted and I asked if our laughter had assisted the spirit in moving the table and we received a positive response. Suddenly the table started to move position towards Dave. Jacky said “Do you fancy my bloke?” The table shot across to Dave again.


All went quiet for a moment and then Jacky and I heard a dragging sound just outside the office door. The spirit lady suggested that we ought to think about leaving this room as there was a male spirit who did not like us being in there.


Dave heard the same noise again, it sounded to him like a snigger. The lady spirit told us that it was a nasty male spirit who was making the noise and he was doing so to ridicule us.


There was a window to the office and Jacky suddenly gasped. She said that she saw the top of somebody’s head travelling towards us through the window.


The table made a lurching movement and we felt the nice, spirit lady leave and someone else arrive. The table moved again but from a different angle.


There was a big rap on the table. We asked for a further two raps on the table and two raps were delivered. Jacky said that the head she had seen going past the window belonged to a child whom she estimated was six years old. We asked aloud if Jacky had seen the spirit of a child and the table responded by tapping. We asked how old the child was when it had died and six strong taps were rapped on the table.


We talked amongst ourselves for a while. Meanwhile the table continued to tap constantly. Jacky suddenly exclaimed “It’s tapping out a pattern!” We all listened and she was right. It tapped the same sequence over and over. Jacky said “Do you realise that tapping is Morse code and it is tapping SOS!” I know nothing about Morse code but Jacky told us that her father knows Morse code and she had been taught by him when she was younger. I found this very creepy.


We made contact with the child and he told us that he wanted to leave this place and would like to rejoin his family. He also told us that he had limited energy and so we only had a short amount of time to try to help him. We all concentrated quickly and conducted the process of sending a spirit over to the light. The child left and all was quiet.


Another spirit joined us. We discovered that this was a British soldier who served during the 2nd World War. He started tapping the table.


After this spirit had finished communicating with us, all was quiet. We realised that dawn was approaching and as always during our investigations, daybreak seems to dull down the paranormal activity. We decided to end our investigation and return to our vampire coffins before it was too late and the light dissolved us.


We all felt that many of the spirits who made contact with us seemed unconnected to the building. It seemed as if there was a vortex or portal of some kind in which the spirits were randomly coming through. Loretta and I have since discovered that a Ley Line runs right through the centre of this building so it is perhaps a portal.


Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to thank David for allowing us to investigate this building. We really enjoyed our experience.


Written by: Maria Williams