Twilight Shadows Paranormal
On Saturday 20th October 2007 the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team conducted an investigation at a private residence in Wilton, near Salisbury.


Some members of Twilight Shadows Paranormal have visited this location previously (the first visit in January 2006) with our previous team.


Below is a section of a report written by Charlotte Phillips.

15th January 2006. The homeowner has been experiencing a lot of strange activity over the last couple of years.


The house is at least two hundred years old and used to belong to Wilton House as the Butler's house. Lindsay's grandparents bought the house over fifty years ago and offered two of the bedrooms as a B+B. The original business cards are still on view in the hallway. 


I was in the pantry making notes on my own for a few minutes. I began to feel uneasy as if I was not alone. Maria later sensed a presence, a lady's energy. Maria asked if she was connected to the owner's family but she was not and went away. We later made contact with a young lady who used to live in the house with the butler.


Lindsay's grandmother who had run the B+B - Mrs. Phillips came through. Mrs. Phillips was happy to communicate; she still loved the house and watching over her family especially her great granddaughter. She was delighted. She said that her husband was not in the same room as her but said that other family members visit the house. Mrs. Phillips son came through. His granddaughter tested him by asking questions which he got right. A Great Auntie joined us. Auntie Joyce was a strong spirit like Mrs. Phillips. She admitted that she sometimes played the piano so that Lindsay and her niece would hear. There is no piano in this house but spookily, one has been heard! The butler was also with us. After asking a couple more questions we reluctantly closed the circle.


While we had been communicating the candles had been flickering intermittently and unexplainable flashes of light had been seen. We caught this on camera.


Psychic medium Pat Halligan joined us in the dining room and started to get some spirits coming through. The first was of a largish dog which had been Maria's pet. Then her grandmother came through.


While setting up some equipment on the landing upstairs, the team felt jumpy. The bedrooms still have some of the original old furniture and James thought he saw a dark shape forming between the dressing table and the wardrobe.


We lit two candles and turned the lights off. Maria asked that if there was anyone present to lightly rap or tap. The wardrobe creaked and so she asked whether they could confirm by making the same noise again. This "they" did. Maria carried on asking for proof of presence and there seemed to be lots of jangling of coat hangers in the wardrobe and the window rattled. None of us could have been making these noises and they were caught on tape.


Later while scrying (staring into a mirror to see if your face changes into a representation of your image in a past life) I gasped and had to stop, as my forehead turned black as if a veil was there......


Pat and Lindsay joined us and now everyone was in the candle-lit bedroom. Pat sat down and started to concentrate. She warned us that one of her guides - Sister Rosemary, a 17th century French nun wanted to come through. She said she hadn't allowed this since 1997 and did not want to tonight either. However, after a few minutes of tutting and sighing, a female voice different from Pat's emanated from her mouth! The voice was slow and thoughtful. We all linked hand to join our energies.


Written by: Charlotte Phillips



Lindsay has been experiencing strange phenomenon with her doorbell over the past year. When Lindsay moved into this property the doorbell played Westminster Chimes when activated. This was her Auntie Joyce's doorbell. Lindsay eventually replaced the doorbell and the mechanism of the newer doorbell does not contain Westminster Chimes. However periodically (especially when the house is undergoing refurbishment) the doorbell rings to the tune of Westminster Chimes. When Lindsay answers the door, there is nobody there. Lindsay's niece also stays at the house and hears the doorbell ringing Westminster Chimes. She has also heard a person walk down the stairs to answer the door when she is alone in the house.


When the team arrived at the house I took them for a tour as I wanted them all to feel the spiritual energies that this house seems to possess. We started off in the lounge. Although very cosy nobody felt anything of a spiritual nature there. We entered the dining room and Marian immediately felt a presence. Marian also expressed that she felt a different air pressure and she felt constricted in the pantry.


We headed for the stairs. Marian and Loretta immediately felt dizzy. (Marian felt light-headed on going up and then back down the stairs). I always feel a presence around the area of the stairs and also up on the landing. Vikki said that she felt a presence on the landing and facing bedroom 3. Loretta shivered and said that the way to describe how she was feeling was to use the expression "someone has walked over my grave". Kirsty felt like someone was standing behind her, no matter which direction she stood.



We made a circle and protected ourselves spiritually. We sat there for a while and Lindsay saw a person-sized shadow move from the hallway and go upstairs. Suddenly Mungo got up and ran towards the hallway and up the stairs barking furiously.


When everyone had settled we tried to contact the spirit realm again and we quickly made contact with a gentleman. He was not directly connected to the house or Lindsay or her family in this life....... He said that he knew Lindsay from a previous life. He told us that he was alive somewhere between the first and Second World War but we could not be more specific than that. He worked with Lindsay and he was a gamekeeper. He said "Lindsay was a tomboy, even then"! He informed us that Lindsay had returned to this area because of her past life. Lindsay was obviously affected by this and revealed that she had always wanted to work in the countryside, perhaps on a farm or be a thatcher. This notion is very diverse than the actual career pathway that Lindsay has actually chosen. Suddenly Mungo shot up from where he was lying on the floor (by Lindsay) and ran towards Loretta barking loudly. We all felt cold but there was no temperature fluctuation.       

We closed down our circle in the dining room and went upstairs to the landing.



We all gathered on the landing. There is a strange feeling here and I am always compelled to look into the dark void of Bedroom 3.


Marian and Vikki reported the smell of Violet perfume. We asked Lindsay if she had pot pourri or anything that would give off a flowery smell but she said she had nothing like that and no air fresheners. As we waited on the landing, Marian said that she felt body heat right by the left side of her face. Nobody was standing close enough to Marian for her to feel their body heat.


Vikki became absorbed in the painting that is hanging on the stairwell wall. It is a very old painting and depicts a scene of the countryside and Vikki asked Lindsay what it meant to her? Vikki was wondering if it was connected to the previous life working with the gamekeeper. Lindsay told us that the painting belonged to her maternal grandparents in Peckham. It was brought to Lindsay's house and has hung there ever since. It was handed down to Auntie Joyce and now belongs to Lindsay.


Vikki was still affected by the painting and seemed to be getting psychometry from it. She appeared to be quite affected by this artwork.                



This was a lovely warm and comfortable room although as we sat quietly together we became aware of cold breezes circulating around. I got up and checked the windows. They were all double glazed and there was no draught coming from them. I sat back down and suddenly smelt cigarette smoke as if someone was smoking among us within the room. The smell disappeared as quickly as it arrived.


Suddenly Mungo started barking loudly at an urn that was on the side. He was really angry at the urn and stayed there for ages concentrating his energy at it. Nobody could work out why Mungo was barking at the urn. He eventually settled and we carried on.

Marian suddenly said that she could smell marmalade and it was really strong. There was no reason for the smell of marmalade to be in this room. No pot pourri or air fresheners.


Kirsty said that she felt drawn to a wicker chair that was in the corner. I asked Kirsty if she would like to sit in it and she quickly replied "no"! I decided that I would sit in the chair. As I sat there I was overwhelmed by a sense of peace and tranquillity. I felt as if I was absorbing the lovely energies of the whole house. Nothing significant happened and we eventually decided to move into the next bedroom.



We gathered in this room and tried to make contact with any spirits there. Vikki placed the EMF meter on the floor beside her. Until this point the EMF meter either gave a high reading for electrical appliances and wiring or nothing at all. We all sat and Lindsay told us that she could hear a clock ticking. There was a clock near to the doorway but not near the far wall where the ticking noise came from. Vikki and Kirsty suddenly realised it was the EMF meter (we had all previously thought that the ticking was a clock). Lindsay became quite excited by this as she said that there was no electricity anywhere near this wall. There was only one electrical socket near the doorway and no other electrical wiring near the far wall or directly beneath it downstairs. The ticking continued for a while and then stopped.


A while later it started ticking again, faster this time. We checked the EMF meter and the reading was fluctuating around and just above 2.0 milligauss which is thought to indicate a possible ghost presence. Vikki picked up the EMF meter and tested the area. The EMF reading stopped in the original place and had moved slightly. I asked everyone "why would a ghost want to position itself down there"? Vikki said that she did not think it was a person but a dog. Vikki had met this dog (not Mungo), a collie type dog in the dining room earlier and had heard it bark. Lindsay immediately told us that she had previously owned a dog called Nellie that fitted this description perfectly. Nellie has been dead for several years. But a few nights previous to this, Lindsay had been in bed (in this room) and had felt the sensation of a dog jumping onto her bed and felt its body snuggling into her back. She has only experienced this twice since Nellie died. But she has also heard her bark when no other dog has been in the house. Had Nellie joined our little gathering in the bedroom? 



At the beginning of the investigation we set up a trigger object. On entering Bedroom 3 we checked the trigger object but it had not been moved.


We sat around the room and quietly tried to communicate with any spirits that were present. Kirsty and I heard a sudden noise by the dressing table. We could not work out what it was. As we sat quietly some team members became aware that they could see light anomalies with the naked eye. The lights were moving about particularly around Kirsty. I asked if anyone had ever seen a black orb. Kirsty quickly replied "I don't believe you just said that"? Kirsty had just thought that she had seen a black orb in the wardrobe mirror. This was the same mirror that Charlottehad previously seen a black veil covering her forehead.


We sat for a while longer but nothing else of a paranormal nature occurred. We went downstairs to the lounge and 'closed down'.


The Twilight Shadows Paranormal team would like to say thank you to Lindsay for her hospitality and for the participation of Mungo who has a new feel for paranormal investigating.


Written by: Maria Williams       

                                                                                                                                    VISIT 2

On Friday 25th July 2008, Twilight Shadows Paranormal returned to Wilton, to take Jacky and Sharon from Phoenix Paranormal and Chris and Dave from Wessex Paranormal to investigate two locations. The first location was Lindsay's house and the second was to re-locate to Grovely Woods as the boys from Wessex Paranormal had not yet investigated there.



We arrived at Lindsay's house and we showed the other teams around and explained the history of the house and area. We sat in the sitting room for a while. I have never personally experienced anything of a spiritual nature in that room. However Chris later told me that he had seen a gentleman standing by the fire-place. Chris described him as some sort of clergy person.



We all went upstairs and gathered inside Bedroom 1. This was the room where people were drawn to. Sharonsat in a chair situated in the corner of the room. I have previously sat in this chair and felt a sense of peace and tranquillity. Sharon's experience was completely different from mine. She felt as if her face had been morphed and somebody else's face was taking over hers. Jacky suggested that Sharontried scrying to see if she could see any difference in her face but she was reluctant to try this experiment.


I became aware that Jacky was not herself. In response to me questioning her, Jacky informed me that she felt really strange and felt as if we were not supposed to be there.


Dave left the room and stood on the landing. He had been feeling dizzy and felt immediately better while standing outside the room.


Chris felt that there were army connections with this room. Dave said that he had also obtained this information.



Eventually we all found ourselves in the dining room. We decided to try some glass divination. There was an immediate response. It felt as if we had been keeping the spirits waiting and they were impatient. We initially made contact with a male spirit and then another two spirits, one of which was Mrs. Phillips (Lindsay's grandmother). This lady always makes me feel slightly nervous as she is very strict and is quick to reprimand people if she thinks they are naughty.


After a successful session of glass divination, we decided to try table tipping. This was not as successful as the glass divination. Marian and Jacky could feel the energy and Jacky felt as if the table was being pulled down but no definite movement occurred.


It was getting very late so we decided to go to our second location - Grovely Woods.


We would like to thank Lindsay for her hospitality and for sharing her house and ghosts with us.


Written by: Maria Williams