Twilight Shadows Paranormal

Paranormal footage

On this page we will share some clips which we feel that we may have captured something of a paranormal nature.

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Can you Whistle?
In this clip at The Swan Hotel in Bradford on Avon, Christina is 'calling out' and she asks "Can you whistle?" A faint whistle can be heard. Nobody from the team whistled.


Running Water
Running water is heard in the cellar of The Swan Hotel. There were big puddles but no sign of the source. The hotel staff claim that this is a common occurrence in the cellar


Child's voice

A child's voice has been captured. We were in the cellar at The Swan Hotel. There were no children in the vicinity.



Dave saw a shadow standing over by the bar at The Swan Hotel. There was nobody there.


Stones Thrown

Stones were thrown at us during our investigation at Farleigh Down Tunnel.



An orb captured at West View Day Nursery, Bradford on Avon. Personally, I think it may be a cobweb but others are more  convinced that it is of a paranormal origin.


Moaning sound

We heard the sound of a woman making a moaning sound.


Drawer opens

We were amazed when this drawer opened in a haunted nursery.

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