Twilight Shadows Paranormal

the organ inn

On Saturday 28th January 2017, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a double investigation in Warminster, Wiltshire. Our second investigation of the night was at the Organ Inn. The Organ Inn is an amazing little pub. It's quirky little room at the front makes the size of this building deceptive. As you walk through to the back, you realise that this pub is much bigger than you initially thought. With beautiful fireplaces in some of the rooms, this location was atmospheric and a lovely building to investigate.

We had a tour of the building with Dan (landlord) and Pete, team medium. Pete spoke aloud of everything he picked up spiritually and most things were confirmed later by Dan. Pete mentioned that there had been a death in the bedroom...confirmed. A small store-room was identified as once being a man's bedroom. He was thought to be an unpleasant man...confirmed. A female has been seen at the back of the building and also in the skittle alley. Pete heard the sound of a party in the skittle room. Dan said he has heard music coming from the skittle alley and upon investigating, the audio system has been playing and nobody has been there to switch it on. Pete said that he thought that the sound of barrels moving, has been heard in the cellar which was confirmed by Dan. Dan has heard the barrels moving around but when he checked them, none had been moved. Pete mentioned a female spirit who has been seen by people from the street, standing in the window of the board room. He also identified a male spirit who has been seen and heard in the main bar area, sat at one of the tables. There has also been the sound of glass clinking behind the bar and this was also confirmed.

Some of the team, gathered in the in the bar area and successfully did some table-tipping. I was with other members of the team and we sat around a large table in the dining room area. We quickly received two knocks and as the table started to move, we introduced ourselves. We could feel a presence in the room and I asked if we were connecting with a female spirit. We captured an EVP at this moment which clearly says, “No.” After this, we felt the spirit pulling back a little. Nettie and I both 'called out' and there was a creaking noise which we think came from the table. Dan (team member) said, “They've gone, the atmosphere has really changed.|”

We switched the Spirit Box on, hoping that we would get contact on there. The table moved. The Spirit Box transmitted a voice saying, “can you disregard” and the Ovilus started to emit lots of words. They included threat (twice), dug, slain, living, haunting, entered, history (twice), poverty, violence, scared, forever, fire (twice), wrong, cellar, gag and pray.

Eventually, we went up to the board room. We felt a strong presence in there but it very quickly dissipated. Nothing of a spiritual nature occurred in this room.

We went back downstairs and conducted a séance. As we entered this room we felt a spiritual energy but again, it quickly drained away. I asked, “Please talk to us” and the Ovilus replied “Ask” immediately. I heard a knock and then the Ovilus said, “Call.”

As we sat around the table, we heard a big creak. Pete joined us and he 'called out,' asking for the spirits of the building to connect with us. My chair made a creaking sound even though I had not moved. I felt like something was pulling at the back of my chair. There were two knocks on the table and then the table moved towards Tracy in two small shoves and then towards the fire place.

There was a knock in the room and a strange sound over by the fire place. I could feel an energy over there but before I mentioned it, Nettie said that she always feels a spiritual presence standing by the fire place whenever she visits. I asked if there was a spirit person standing over there and there was a knock from that area. Dan said that it was getting darker in that direction and we all agreed.

The table started to move again. We were wondering if it was a male or a female spirit and Pete said, “It's the stable-hand. Are you the boy?” There was a knock. Nettie asked the spirit to speak into the Ovilus and Pete said, “It's Charlie.” Nettie asked if the spirit was still standing over by the fire place and there was a knock from the there. Pete said, “It's definitely the youngster.”

After this the energy seemed to fade and it was very late, so we ended the investigation. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Dan from the Organ Inn for allowing us to investigate his beautiful pub and Pete for organising it.

Written by: Maria Williams.