Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Saturday, 12th March 2016, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation inside an old mill in Hampshire. Verbal accounts of furniture moving have been reported to the manager, with staff finding things in different places and positions. The staff have heard heavy objects moving (presumably the furniture) when they are in other rooms and on different floors. A figure of a man has been captured on the mill's CCTV. The mill staff have often returned into areas that they have locked up (as they think that they have locked someone in), only to find it empty. A young female member of staff saw a figure which was picked up on CCTV. She showed the manager and they discovered that the camera had actually been moved and the figure was shown to go and stand right beside the girl.


Pete immediately picked up on a man who he described as quite controlling in temperament. He presented wearing a waistcoat with a pocket watch. Pete thought that he was a manager. He could see him working in the mill, with hops, grains and seeds.

We gathered around, 'calling out' to any spirits present. Pete said, “He's here and he's grumpy.” Tracy tried to communicate with him and the EMF meter started to fluctuate and give a positive reading. Pete said, “His name is Arthur and he's very impatient.” Lesley said that her hands were freezing. The EMF continued to give high readings. Tracy asked the spirit to communicate by using the EMF meter and she asked if the spirit man was standing between Lesley and Matt. We received a positive response. Tracy continued to ask questions and there was definitely an affirmative reaction to her voice. Lesley asked if the spirit was making her hands cold and the EMF flashed.

Andrew set up his laptop with the programme to record spirit voices. We heard a voice say, 'Spoke, broken, bully.' We introduced ourselves and Lesley asked, “What's your name?” A voice replied, “Moses.” Lesley replied, “Your name isn't Moses is it?” The table knocked and another voice said, “George.”

We thought that someone was coming up the stairs as we heard footsteps. We checked and there wasn't anybody there. Lesley said that she could feel 'someone' standing right beside her. She said, “He's giving me goosebumps.” Nettie could feel him and I could feel him too. He was a strong presence.

The girls all decided to sit in a group and conduct a small séance. I 'called out.' A woman's voice spoke through Andrew's software which said, “Life's good.” Small breezes were blowing upon our hands. The voice said, “Believe us.” We said that we did believe them and then the voice said, “Goodnight.”

Pete said, “He doesn't like her. He doesn't like the female spirit. It makes him huffy.” We kept hearing sounds like someone was coming up the stairs but there was nobody there. We heard a voice say, “So cold, so cold.” We started to get a good communication going and we received the date of 1800. We then received the message, “He was in his 50's when he died. Arthur.” He seemed happy to talk to us. We asked if there were more spirits here with Arthur and we were told that there were three other spirit people with him. As well as Arthur, there was a male spirit and two females, one of which was a girl.

Pete told us that Arthur actually had a sense of humour. He was happy that we were talking to him as he's been trying to communicate for ages. He died between 1850-1860. Pete told us that the building had been a brewery at one time and he felt that Arthur had been a Master-Brewer.

Pete asked: Were you responsible for the other lady's death? We received an affirmative response. Pete asked if Arthur had been having an affair with this lady. He said that that he wasn't judging him and he could tell that he loved her very much. Pete said, “I can feel her. She often looks out of the window.” The temperature started to plummet and Lesley said, “He's behind me.”

Pete asked: Does Lesley look like the lady you loved? (No answer).

Did she have red hair? (No answer).

Arthur, you liked the ladies, didn't you? (No answer).

What colour hair did she have? (No answer).

Did you have a child together? (No answer).

Did she have two children? Yes.

Was one of the children yours? Yes.

It was a little girl wasn't it? (No answer).

Was there a fire? (No answer).

Lesley and Matt were wondering the same thing about a fire. Pete then asked a series of questions. We did not receive a response to any of these questions.

We heard a voice from the software saying, 'Roared, torrents.' Pete said, “We aren't here to judge you. You must let this guilt go. Did you kill yourself? A voice said, “It wasn't here.”

Pete said that he could feel Arthur's sadness. He wondered if Arthur's wife found out about his affair and if she was in someway responsible for the death's of his mistress and daughter. Pete said, “I strongly feel that there was a fire.” As he finished speaking, we heard a voice say, “Heat.” Pete said that he didn't feel that Arthur's wife could have children. As he said this, we all felt a strange feeling envelop us. Pete said that all of these spirits were grounded because of the situation.

We 'called out' and decided to try the writing planchette. I saw a few white lights with my own eyes appear around the table. The planchette wrote a name that looked like 'Margaret.' We weren't quite sure and we asked for it to be written again. This time we could see that it was 'Maureen.' We asked for a surname and it wrote 'Green.' Pete thought that Maureen Green was Arthur's mistress. He asked how Maureen had died and the planchette drew a heart. Pete asked her if she had died from a broken heart and she said no and wrote the word, 'Killed.' She then underlined the word 'killed' as if to reinforce this. Then the planchette started to draw a noose. This was followed by a pentacle drawing. As we were sitting with the writing planchette, the manager was sitting in the office, watching us on CCTV. He said that he could see white balls of light dancing over the table.

Matt saw a shadow in the mirror which seemed to walk in front of the window. Pete said that this is where the lady usually stands, as she likes to look out. He said that the male and female spirits were on the top floor and the spirits of the mistress’s children were on the lower floors.

Shortly after this, the activity started to diminish and we decided to finish the investigation. On behalf of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team, I would like to thank Darren for letting us investigate this lovely building and for Tracy and Daniel for arranging the evening.

Written by: Maria Williams