Twilight Shadows Paranormal

The army flying museum


On Saturday 13th April 2019, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at The Army Flying Museum at Middle Wallop in Hampshire. This British Military Aviation museum has many artifacts connected with the history of flying and it contains approximately forty aircraft and much more, including airplanes, helicopters, gliders, uniforms, medals, equipment and reconstructions of wartime homes. The airfield first opened in 1940 and suffered damage and casualties during WW2, The Battle of Britain.

There are a few ghostly stories connected to the museum. One apparition which is seen is that of the ghost of a woman riding her bicycle across the airfield. There are also reports of a little boy who sits on one of the helicopters within the inside display. Ghostly shadows are often seen and the sound of footsteps are heard when nobody is there. We couldn't wait to begin our investigation at the Army Flying Museum.

After a tour of the building, we all assembled upon the ground floor of the hangar amongst the airplanes and helicopters. It was the most interesting place but none of us felt connected to anything spiritually for a long time. We were hoping to experience psychometry from the artifacts and link in with the personnel who were connected to them. Tracy said that she thought that the spirits were upstairs on the next level and at the same time, the Ovilus said, 'Set raised.' We thought that a spirit may be agreeing with Tracy so we went upstairs to the next level and sat around a table that was in there.

I 'called out' asking for footsteps or voices to talk to us. We heard movement within the room. The table knocked and moved a few times. Jacky and Matt had stayed downstairs and were trying to make spirit contact down there. Daniel went down to check on them and when he returned he said that he thought that Matt may have been slightly 'taken over' by a spirit (this has happened to Matt before) as his manner had changed and he did not seem like Matt. Matt appeared to be annoyed. Daniel told us that Matt said, “Keep walking” which was a very strange thing for him to say to Daniel. Jacky later told us that her and Matt kept seeing shadows moving about the hanger and that they had both sensed an energy building up. Andrew mentioned the apparition of the lady riding her bike and Jacky said that she had been hoping to see her.

As soon as we started our investigation the Ovilus started to talk and continued giving us words and short sentences for the whole investigation. Most of the words seemed very appropriate to the museum and it's artifacts. The Ovilus has a very robotic voice which is always the same but on this investigation, when it said the words, 'Hell' and 'Devil' the voice sounded creepy and sinister. This has never happened and we have no idea why it did this. It said these words several times, each time with a horrible voice whereas previously in other locations it has used these words in it's normal voice. This occurrence has remained an enigma.

I went with Andrew and Tracey to the 1940's reconstructive rooms. These rooms show how a particular room would look like during WW2, with appropriate furnishing and products. The Ovilus had gone quiet for a minute until Andrew was standing by a display drinks cabinet and the Ovilus said, 'Drunk.' This was brilliant. Tracey and I sat quietly and a few times we saw shadows move. We stayed very still but we still saw this. Tracey said that her legs were freezing which was strange as the museum was incredibly hot. We also heard the sound of footsteps and we quickly got up, expecting to find a member of the team approaching but we were totally alone with Andrew. The Ovilus was ejecting continuous words and many of them seemed relevant. They were, 'Shaken, work, hell, strong, prop, speak, threat, angry, lady, Daddy, fire, camera, chest, slain, adultery, healer, statement, kill, pray, quarter, cent, diction, warrior, board, view, Sally, tragic, hunted, Lord, weeps, fate, hurt, truck, threat, slain, attack, foreign, son, us, love, wife, wings, malicious, before time, slain, casket, clairvoyant and call.'

We went back to the others and sat around the table. Tracy said that the table had been knocking and moving in our absence. The table continued to knock. It was a succession of rapid little knocks and they were constant. The Ovilus was still emitting words. They were, 'Troop, branches, American, cent, ground, healer, Dan, wife, Lisa, phone, Robert, Jack, Gail, tragic, Derick, do not miss post, tragic, American, ghost, speak, trapped, before time, fire, lady, cheat, Devil, lost, storm, ran, camera, British, Southern, wife, cent, foreign, haunting, oxygen, lady and crash'.

Daniel had an idea that we should play some aircraft noise on our phones. The table started shaking very strongly. We will never know if the spirits wanted us to play the sounds or not as we did not have any internet there and therefore we could not do it. The Ovilus said, 'Car, coffin, branches, Derick, coffin, weep and spirits.'

The table started to move in a very strange way. Tracy thought that it seemed that it was flying and we all agreed. It was as if each end was a wing and it was dipping as it turned. The Ovilus said,'Coffin, ghost, weeps, wings, noise, crossover and message.' The table was moving very strongly and at the same time it was knocking with a succession of short rapid bangs. We all realised simultaneously that it sounded like the short, rapid sound of gunfire and we felt as if we were inside a plane that was either shooting or being shot at. It felt as if we were inside a simulator. The Ovilus said, 'Marry, burning, house, ravine, branches, figure, American, people, grandmother, God, spirits, Ida, cents, evil, blaze, sorry, speak, through hurt, grandmother, wire and American.'

We still felt as if we were on board a simulator. We said, “Make the table fly” and it did as the table actually lifted up from the floor. We started talking about war-time situations and the table was strongly tipping up really high. There were footsteps in the adjoining room but nobody was in there. We tried to use the Spirit Box to see if we could discover the name of the spirit who was connecting with us. But strangely, the Spirit Box made a very odd noise and not the usual white noise that it generally makes. We weren't hearing any words come through on it. The table stopped moving for a while and then started vibrating. The Ovilus said, 'Decompose, people begin die, branches, sometime fatal, manifest gone, Alice and Derick.'

Tracey said that she had heard a scratching sound. We all heard a strange noise which actually sounded like a radio and the table started tapping again. We then all heard a rumbling noise near to us in the hanger. We could not work out what it was. Tracy 'called out' and the table started knocking and moving. Tracey said, “I felt like an arm just went past my arm.” The Ovilus said, 'Coffin, crossover, levitation' and then started listing food. We wondered if this was connected to a ration book. Eventually the spirit energy that had been with us in this room seemed to diminish. We decided to go back downstairs to the main hangar and see if we could contact any spirits down there.

We sat together for a considerable time in the hangar but the atmosphere felt very flat and we did not manage to make any spiritual contact. We walked around and Jacky and I felt a faint energy coming from one of the helicopters but apart from that nothing else happened.

On behalf of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team, I would like to thank the staff of the Army Flying Museum for allowing us access to this location and to Tracy Hughes for arranging the evening.

Written by: Maria Williams