Twilight Shadows Paranormal

Private investigation in melksham

On Saturday 16th February 2014, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at a private house in Melksham, Wiltshire. When we got to the house, I went to ring the door bell and the door swung purposefully open. I thought that Vicky (who had contacted us to investigate her home) had seen us arrive and had opened the door for us. But this was not the case. Vicky and her mum Julie, both maintained that the door had been shut properly and were as surprised as we were that the door had opened. We all hoped that this meant that the spirits were welcoming us into the house.

Vicky had contacted us saying that she had seen a face, the first time, looking through from the conservatory into the kitchen. The face was very low down and she didn't see a body. Vicky had last seen the face, three days prior to our visit. She said that she can hear the spirit moving around inside the house.

We settled inside the sitting room on the first floor and I 'called out.' We also used the Ghost Box to try and encourage the spirit to talk to us as well. After a while, we all had 'called out' and the Ghost Box emitted a voice which said, “Help.' Vicky 'called out' and then we heard a giggle. This was followed by 'Help' again and then a very creepy voice said, 'Zuul.' Vicky said that she had heard the Ghost Box say, 'Zuul' earlier. Although we didn't hear the next word at the time, the video footage captured a voice clearly saying, 'Ghostbusters.' Followed by the word, 'Zuul' again. We had been discussing that the word 'Zuul' was from the film Ghostbusters but we had not heard the voice from Ghost Box saying, Ghostbusters. We wondered if the spirit was making fun of us by saying 'Zuul' as we were paranormal investigators.

Julie asked if there was a spirit that wished to talk to Vicky. A voice said, 'Yes.' She asked if the spirit thought that Vicky was funny and we heard a tap in the room. Dave said that he had seen a light anomaly by the fireplace and through the door into the landing. We continued to 'call out' and we heard a bang in the room. We then heard a clunking noise.

Vicky 'called out' and we heard another noise. Vicky asked if this spirit was a person who was known to her. There was a tap and then another. Jacky asked if the spirit could show themselves as a light anomaly and there was an immediate response on her Camcorder. We all kept 'calling out' and there was a noise on the landing and then a bang upstairs. Julie asked if the spirit could cough and we all heard a noise from the Ghost Box which did sound like a cough. There was tapping on the landing. I asked if the spirit could knock on the door. There was a knock but not on the door.

We decided to go downstairs into the conservatory. Jacky 'called out' and we all felt an energy building. There were three taps on the table. We asked if the spirit who had joined us was the person that Vicky had seen looking in from the conservatory. We received an affirmative response. Vicky became quite emotional at this. We asked if this spirit had opened the front door for us when we had arrived and we were told, 'No.'

We asked:

Do you have a message for Vicky?


Did you hear us using our machine called the Ghost Box earlier?


Are you able to talk through our Ghost Box?

(No response)

We asked a lot more questions. The spirit said that 'he' was responsible for all the bangs and taps that we had heard when we were upstairs in the sitting room. We could feel a strong energy by Vicky and there were taps on the table and the table started tipping. Dave got the sensation of spiders web on his face which generally indicates that a female spirit is present but we did not seem to be in contact with a female spirit at this time. We heard a massive thump upstairs which was really loud. The spiritual contact faded away for a while but then returned again, knocking on the table. We asked several questions to try to identify the spirit and we all agreed that a male entity had joined us. I saw a shadow on the door, like someone had just walked by it.

Dave started to talk about the Melksham Oak. Apparently, there is an old oak tree in a field and a tunnel which starts at a nearby farmhouse, leading to the hollow of the tree. The spirit got very excited at this conversation and said that he lived during the 1700's and had worked at a farm. He told us that he died on the farm but not in an accident. Vicky felt something touch her leg. We questioned this spirit and we heard the words, 'safe' and 'female,' We asked the spirit if he had a girlfriend and this question seemed to make him quite anxious.

We asked:

Did you have children?

No. Be good.

Why are you here? Why are you connected to Vicky?


(We didn't understand why he said whip).


Why are you sad?


Can you tell us the year you died?

1730. Nathan.

How old were you when you died?

Thirty four. Stainer.

Is Stainer your last name?


We learned that Nathan had worked for a local farmer and had lived in a rented/tied cottage.

We asked:

Did you die in an accident?


Were you killed?

Hanged. Fap.

Did you kill yourself?


Did somebody else hang you?


Were you murdered? (No response).

Did you have a boyfriend?


Homosexuality was illegal then.


Times have changed now Nathan.

Nathan told us that he visits Vicky because she is fun and he loves to hear her singing. He loves music.

We said that we were going to be leaving soon and the table lifted. We asked if Nathan could blow the candle out and the flame flickered but did not blow out. We were told, 'Ask Bob.' The table moved again and we asked if Bob was Nathan's boyfriend. We asked if they had found each other in the next life but the energy was weakening. We asked if they were both here and we were told, 'No.'

Andrew said that he was feeling really cold. We asked if Nathan was still with us. The table tapped but very faintly. As we were leaving the table, it was still knocking faintly and Vicky felt a breeze over her hands. The energy then started to build again as we were discussing our own personal ghostly experiences. The spirit seemed to enjoy listening to us and there were several knocks and bangs.

Jacky called out. We heard a thumping noise and then two large bangs. We asked if this was Nathan. There was no response. Vicky said that somebody had touched her hair. After this, all was quiet. Jacky said, “Well, we came here to find out who was making spiritual contact with Vicky. We have found out who it is (an affirmative knock), he likes you because of your lovely nature and music (affirmative knock) and there's not much else we can do (another affirmative knock). Thank you for talking to us (fainter knock).” We all felt the energy leave.

Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to thank Vicky and her mum Julie for inviting us to Vicky's lovely home to help sort out this mystery.

Written by: Maria Williams