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On Friday 11th April 2008, the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team conducted a paranormal investigation at Matchams, near Ringwood, Hampshire. We were joined by Phoenix Paranormal and Wessex Paranormal.


Matchams has been an established sporting facility for several decades and is well known for stock car racing and motocross events.


We all met up outside the main gates of Matchams and were taken to Lake Office to begin our investigation. There have been several reported occurrences which are believed to be of a paranormal origin.


Craig (promoter) told us that he often feels as if he is not alone in this office and can sense a presence sitting behind him. He told us an amazing account of when he was talking to someone on the telephone and he suddenly had an urgent need to put the receiver down even though there was no rational explanation. He followed his gut instinct; put the receiver down and immediately there was a bolt of lightning which travelled into the telephone. Craig thinks that he may have been killed if he had not replaced the receiver.


There have been other reports of strange incidents within the Lake Office. Emma and Kieran report strange noises coming from an area attached to the office, it sounds as if things are moved around even though nobody is there. The room adjoining this area has a feeling of malevolence (unfortunately we were unable to investigate this section). Emma and Kieran said that recently the tumble drier switched itself on of its own accord and then switched on and off by request. This was the ideal place to commence our investigation.    


We entered the front part of Lake Office. Most people felt an energy in there. Dave said that he had an immediate headache when entering this room which instantly disappeared when he stepped outside.


Chris picked up on a gentleman and said that he was happy to be there in spirit. This gentleman was proud of something. Chris kept emphasising the pride of this male spirit.


Craig, Emma and Kieran understood this. They believe that the spirit of the man that previously owned Matchams still lingers and he is the cause of some of the strange phenomena. He was proud of the success of Matchams and loved it so much that he does not want to leave.


The rear part of the office was the actual office of the gentleman that Chris made contact with. (The name of this gentleman will remain anonymous). The energy in this part of the office felt charged and most of us could feel atmospheric changes and cold breezes. We all sat quietly and 'called out' to spirit but we did not seem to make any direct contact.


After a considerable time, Emma suggested that we move to our next location so we headed over to Race Control. We walked the little way over to Race Control and climbed the metal steps into this building. We were told by Craig that in the corridor of Race Control he had been touched on the chest when nobody was there. We all assembled into separate rooms. Looking out of the large window onto the deserted race track was amazing. Craig told us a story of how a pillion rider had fallen off and died approximately ten years ago. We asked him if anything strange had occurred upon the race track and he said that it had. Craig told us that one night he had switched off the lights inside the inner race track. This area is contained and nobody would have been able to access this area once Craig had locked the gates. He was having a cup of tea in the First Aid hut nearby and all the lights switched on inside the inner race track. Craig told us that the only access to these lights was inside the locked area and as the lights illuminated the track, he could see that nobody was there. He said that nobody had walked by the First Aid tent either so there was no rational explanation that he could think of for the lights switching themselves on.


We willed the lights to switch on while we were inside Race Control but unfortunately they didn't. We sat in the dark and tried to make contact with any spirit people that may be there. We asked that spirit may touch us as Craig was touched (this has also happened to other people). Unfortunately none of us were touched. We did hear a couple of distinct knocks on the wall behind us but as the knocking was not consistent with requests we did not deem it to be of a paranormal origin. 


Some of walked into the end room. This was where the spirit thought to reside at Matchams used to conduct board meetings. Jacky felt considerably disorientated and dizzy. I felt dizzy as I walked around the room and others felt the same. We were quite high up and wondered if the floor was uneven, causing the strange physical sensation experienced by some of us.


Craig told us that it is believed that our ghostly gentleman may have died on the Viewing Balcony which was on top of Race Control. I asked the spirit of this man if he would walk around up there so we could hear his footsteps but nothing happened. Some of the boys went up to the Viewing Balcony.


After a while we all decided that it was time to move on to our next location.


We were led through woodland towards a lake. There is also a lake at LakeOfficebut all seems peaceful there. The other lake has stories attached to it and it is said that no wildlife survives there. We walked for a considerable time and eventually found ourselves by the lake. This lake looked foreboding, black and did seem eerie. We listened for signs of wildlife and heard nothing. We were unsure if the cause for this was thought to be paranormal or due to an environmental factor. It was strange. We stood for a while and I started chatting to one of the group, explaining about the absence of wildlife theory. As soon as I had finished speaking, we turned back to the lake and a duck quacked loudly nearby which made us all laugh. With the increase in the rainfall, we decided to head off for the next location.



We walked back through the woods towards the other side of the race track. This was the spot where the pillion rider had fallen off and died. It did feel quite strange in that area but I wondered if it was just because we were standing at a deserted race track with the wind blowing and the rain lashing down.


Emma took us into an abandoned building. It was once the site of a pub and the spirit gentleman who we were trying to contact had been trying to renovate this building and restore it to a pub again. Unfortunately he died before this task was completed.


We entered the pub and Craig showed us where he had built a wall.

It is thought that doors open and close themselves in this building. There was a door banging and as we stood there, it flung itself open. It did look like a person was doing this; it reminded me of a person flinging open a door in temper. However, it was windy outside and there was another door at the other side of the building which would likely have caused a draught. Some people thought that the door flinging open had a rational explanation, others were unsure. Standing in the middle of the room, you could not feel a draught but Jacky wondered if it was some kind of vacuum. I think she may have been right.


There was one small partition to the left side of the room which caused several of us to experience nausea. As I went in to this partition, I immediately had a dry mouth and felt really sick. As soon as I left the partition, the sickness disappeared and I felt fine. So did the others.


We all made our way back to Lake Office. Craig wanted to try and communicate with the previous owner. Eventually we made contact with a gentleman (names and details not disclosed); Craig was surprised that we were given the name. A message was soon to follow - "Tell (name not disclosed) about the dog". Craig, Emma and Kieran obviously understood this and laughed.


Chris later told Craig that there was a trophy which needed to be polished up and given a place of prominence for display. Craig showed us all the trophies and said that the previous owner had set up a scheme for which this trophy was awarded and it made perfect sense that he would want the trophy displayed properly.


Eventually the spirit contact diminished and we decided to finish the investigation and head home.


Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to thank Phoenix Paranormal and Wessex Paranormal for joining us on this investigation. Also thank you to Craig, Emma and Kieran, especially Emma for organising this paranormal investigation.


Written by: Maria Williams