Twilight Shadows Paranormal

(Investigated in 2007 and 2008)

When Vikki suggested that the team investigate Ludgershall Castle we were all excited, especially when Vikki sent us photographs of the location via her mobile phone. This impressive ruin of a castle is awesome and we could not wait to investigate. It has been frustrating waiting for a suitable day, due to the inclement weather that we have been experiencing lately. Old castles are intriguing and this local historic monument has reports of 'hanging figures' dangling from the trees. We could not wait to investigate.


Ludgershall Castle is a beautiful ruin of a 12th century fortified royal residence. The remains consist of three large walls which were originally a private residence, later transformed into a hunting lodge by Henry III. The hunting lodge fell into disrepair by the 15th century. As well as the remains of the castle, earthworks still exist consisting of banks and ditches. A considerable amount of the original plot has been transformed into private residences.


The remaining earthworks contain two enclosures. The northern enclosure has a ring-work which resembles a figure of eight. This fortification was medieval and was latterly used as the royal residence. The southern enclosure comprises of a double bank and ditch. This is the area which is covered by modern housing.


Additional features to this monument include a hollow way to the west of the castle and a huge ditch in the east. This is described as a deer park boundary and the old town defences.


Excavations carried out between 1964 and 1971 discovered the remains of the royal residential building within the north ring works. Timber and store buildings were also identified along with a keep and hall. A dewpond and a timber lined cellar were also established.


On Saturday 4th August 2007, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted an investigation at Ludgershall Castle.


The team arrived at the castle at 23 00hrs. Initially we walked around the ramparts. We stopped walking for a while to see how we all felt. Initially I did not feel anything at all and then the energy started to build in my solar plexus. This happens to me when spirit draw near. Shelly felt as if we were being watched. Vikki thought she saw a dog which resembled an 'Irish Wolfhound' but as quickly as she saw it in the ditch with us, it disappeared. We continued walking and made our way to the castle ruins.


The night started well when Matt suddenly saw a shadow figure. We all separated, Vikki in one room, Matt in another, James and myself and Shelley and Shelly in pairs. We sat quietly. Vikki could hear the sounds of stones being thrown very close to her. She was also touched, once on her back and on the back of her neck. Matt felt as if a spirit person was close to his aura and affecting his function. James and Maria heard a strange banging sound very close to us (like something being banged together) and Shelley and Shelly had some stones thrown at their feet. Although we were all in separate rooms, we were all within the same vicinity and we can categorically say that there was nobody else within in the area.


We decided that we would go right inside the castle building, sit on the floor and conduct a vigil. We called out for a long while and nothing happened. We started to chat and eventually something made us laugh. We could not stop and I told the group about my perception about laugher on investigations. When you laugh so much that you really cannot stop it seems to build energy and things start to happen. While we were laughing, a great handful of stones were thrown at us, all scattering at our feet. That suddenly stopped the laughter as we were all so shocked. We asked if the spirit could do this again. Nothing happened. So we started chatting again and another spray of stones flew at us. This happened about three times. It was very exciting. The stones just came out of nowhere and we were all sitting perfectly still with our hands in our laps. This spirit made no attempt to hit us with the stones; they merely landed by our feet.


After a very long time, we decided to go for a walk. We walked the ramparts at the top where Matt had seen the shadow figure. Approximately half way round, Shelley asked "did you hear that"? She said that she had heard a loud and piercing whistle in her right ear. Nobody had heard it and nobody had whistled. Shelley was really surprised by this.


Eventually the energy died down and we decided to go home. This was an amazing investigation and we were all lucky to see shooting stars throughout the night. That was exciting in itself.


Written by: Maria Williams



On Sunday 7th December 2008, a small team from Twilight Shadows Paranormal took Jacky and Sharon from Phoenix Paranormal and Dave from Wessex Paranormal to Ludgershall Castle.


It was a bitterly cold night and as we left our cars in the car park and walked towards the remains of the castle, the frosty winter scene looked like a sparkling Christmas card. After driving to Ludgershall through the towns and villages, all twinkling with their colourful array of fairy lights, this was the first moment that I had felt that we were nearing the Winter Celebrations.


All was quiet at the castle and I left people to explore. I went to some of the rooms and sat quietly. On our last visit, the small loose stones which cover the ground at the castle, were thrown at us several times, seeming to come from directly above us and sprinkled down from unseen hands. I realised quickly that this would probably not occur tonight due to the ground frost which had stuck the small stones firmly to the ground.


The atmosphere seemed different somehow. On our last visit the atmosphere was pleasant but I could feel energies surrounding us. This time I felt that we were the only energies there.


We all walked around, exploring and generally just being happy and content in this beautiful place. At one point, I was standing just outside the main doorway of the castle and I suddenly felt (and heard) a loud vibration in my right ear. I swung around quickly to see if it was a team member. They would have had to have their mouth placed right against my ear to create that effect. There was nobody standing very close to me. I have no explanation for this vibration.


We all assembled into the main area of the castle and spent time taking photographs and chatting. All was quiet on the spiritual front for a long time. As we chatted, we started to talk about horses and how they would have been used at the castle as it was utilized as a hunting lodge by Henry III. I felt the atmosphere suddenly change and my left hand started to tingle furiously, something that happens when I feel spirit energies draw near. Some of the others felt the change also. I felt it quite intensely but the energies seemed to fade away as quickly as they arrived. It was almost as if we had captured someone’s interest when we were talking about the utilisation of horses at the castle. As soon as our conversation moved on, the interested energy became disinterested and left.


We watched the fog quickly rolling in over the ramparts and finally the bitter cold weather caused us to retreat back to our cars and home. Although nothing of a definite spiritual significance occurred, we all enjoyed our visit to Ludgershall Castleand will likely return again when the weather is warmer.


Written by: Maria Williams

I received an email from a lady (who wishes to remain anonomous) but who has given me permission to publish her story about Ludgershall Castle - Maria


I found your website when I was looking for Ludgershall Castle.


I thought you might be interested in an experience I had there in the 60s – before any excavation work had been carried out.


I was with my boyfriend (now my husband) one evening at the ‘old castle’ which is what the locals call it.  It was dark and I was standing (leaning) with my back to the wall, facing Collingbourne Woods, and my boyfriend was stood in front of me.  We were talking and suddenly from the left appeared what I can only describe as a patch of mist.  It floated in front of the trees and I was absolutely petrified and unable to speak.  My boyfriend said “What is it?” and whatever it was just disappeared.  I couldn’t answer – I was too scared - and he swung around just as it re-appeared.  We watched it float to the right and then disappear again.  We were both scared, left at once and never again went there at night!


When it first appeared all the usual explanations went through my head in split seconds, clouds, the moon, car headlights, etc but I knew without a doubt it was none of those.  My boyfriend was also of the same opinion.   I’ve never heard of anyone else seeing anything strange there until I read your website.  Someone did suggest there could have been walls where sentries kept a lookout and that what we saw was a sentry still on patrol centuries later!  I don’t know.  I guess it will just have to remain one of life’s little mysteries!