Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On 3rd February 2017, four members of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team were invited to investigate a private house in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Louise and her daughter had lived in the house for two years and had been haunted by a spirit within the house, so much so, that they had spent most of their time upstairs as they felt safer. Louise was very happy as she was moving from the house. She was coming into the house one last time with us, to see if the spirit would make himself known to paranormal investigators.

Andrew and I picked up Louise on route and as we sat in the car park waiting for Jacky and Dave to arrive, I could see that Louise was very nervous. As we talked, we all felt an eerie feeling envelop us within the car. Jacky and Dave arrived and we all entered the house together.

There was no electricity within the house so we had to make our first inspection with our torches. As we stepped through the front door, the atmosphere was oppressive and we all felt a strong presence. We looked around the sitting room, then the kitchen before we ventured upstairs.

The Ovilus said, 'Show, Please and Presence.' We heard a sound like a growl and the sound of a door closing upstairs. While we were upstairs in Bedroom 2, the floor was vibrating. We have experienced this before in other haunted locations. It was amazing. After a while, the energy appeared to diminish slightly and so Jacky and I 'called out' to try to maintain the contact. Dave switched the Spirit Box on and we heard, 'Uh oh!' This made us laugh. We all felt that the spirit was listening and we asked for his name.


We settled in this room and I felt that the spirit may have gone upstairs so I asked if this was right. The Spirit Box emitted a 'Mmm Hmm' sound. At this point we received an EVP which was like a deep breath out and a groan. As we felt that the spirit was upstairs, we asked for him to knock on the ceiling. Louise said, “Or knock on the door like you usually do.” Louise told us that the spirit knocked loudly on the door every evening at approximately 20.00 hours. It was always two loud knocks.

Jacky talked to the spirit and I could feel the energy getting more powerful. The energy became stronger and weaker in cycles but was always stronger when we said that we were unafraid of the spirit. An EVP was obtained which was an indescribable, but quite horrible sound. Dave kept asking for a name and the Spirit Box said 'Bill.' We asked, “Did you say Bill?” The Spirit Box replied, 'Yes.' We asked, “Why are you here?” The Spirit Box said, 'Naughty.' We asked if the spirit had ever lived in the house or was he brought in by someone but we did not receive a response. Dave asked if the spirit's name was really Bill and the Spirit Box said, 'Yes.'

For a while nothing happened. Dave was walking around and suddenly he exclaimed, “Ooh, it's almost like I've stepped into something, here in this corner.” I could feel something around us, like it was walking around. Dave and Andrew went into the kitchen and shut the door. Jacky was filming and she said that she was surprised that she had not picked up any light anomalies on camera. We both felt like there was only one spirit in this house. We could hear Dave asking him his name again as he didn't believe that his name was Bill.

A male voice on the Spirit Box said 'My house' quite loudly. Jacky and I told him that it wasn't his house anymore. I saw a dark shape gliding up the stairs and Louise said that this is what she saw every night. The boys came in from the kitchen and Jacky asked them to go upstairs because of the dark shape that I had seen going up there. As they were climbing the stairs the Spirit Box suddenly malfunctioned briefly and then started working again. As they got to the top of the stairs, it malfunctioned again. It just went completely dead both times. It started working again by itself. The Spirit Box has never done this before. Andrew shouted from upstairs, “He's up here!” The Spirit Box went off again and eventually restarted itself.

I asked for the spirit to knock the door and as I did, I noticed a dark shape moving at the bottom of the stairs. The temperature plummeted. I could still see the shape there, just floating at the bottom and then it started to ascend the stairs. Andrew shouted from upstairs, “The floor is shaking up here.” Dave then shouted that the Spirit Box had said, 'Get out!'

Louise told us how the door downstairs sounded like it was kicked with force. She also told us that she could hear him walking around upstairs, banging on the ceiling and on the wall next to her bed. We were discussing the floor vibrating and Louise said that she had felt this the day before, when she was packing her things.

It was quiet for a time and then Louise saw something by the front door. It was a misty, smoky shape heading for the stairs. Jacky said that she had seen it by the door too and she described it as a black mass. The boys came downstairs and Dave told us that the Spirit Box had said the name 'John' twice. Louise told us that her neighbour is called John. Andrew felt a cold breeze brush by him and Dave said that he could hear movement. The room went very cold for a time and then all was quiet for ages. Suddenly, we all noticed that the temperature got even colder and we could feel the energy building up again although nothing significant happened. I suggested that Louise, Jacky and I went upstairs, leaving Dave and Andrew downstairs.


We 'called out' and Louise asked the spirit to walk across the floor, making the creaking sound that he usually made which really frightened her. We heard a bang and I could see light anomalies with my own eyes. The boys shouted up to us, that something had been thrown down the stairs and hit Dave on the face. A little while passed and something else was thrown down the stairs. I got up from the floor and walked out onto the landing and something touched the top of my head. I asked for something else to be thrown down the stairs while I was standing there but instead I heard a blowing noise. Although I only heard it once, our recording picked it up several times. I went back into the room and whistled and asked the spirit to whistle back and it did. I whistled again and although I did not hear a response this time, our recording equipment captured a responding whistle, followed by another blowing noise. Louise said that she was experiencing a feeling of dread as she could feel the energy building up again. She asked if the spirit could make the noise on the ceiling but there were two bangs on the floor instead.


I found a small green ball and rolled it out of the room, asking the spirit to roll it back to me. We heard something being rolled back towards us but it wasn't the green ball. Everything was quiet for a while and Jacky said, “We thought you were going to be so impressive” and something was thrown in the room at us. We then heard something being rolled down the stairs slowly towards the boys at the bottom. It was a large, white marble. We chatted for a while in this room and then we heard something else being thrown down the stairs. The bedroom door was open all of the time so we could see the top of the stairs but we could not see anything throwing these small objects. Another two things were thrown down. We then heard 4 bangs and the energy felt like it was swirling around us.

It was getting very late and we said that we would have to leave. The energy increased and it felt like an electrical charge. Something touched my hair. As we left this bedroom, I heard a noise in the room behind me as I reached the door. We went downstairs and packed up our equipment with Dave and Andrew. We stayed downstairs for a little while to see if anything else happened but the energy seemed to drop and nothing else occurred.

We would like to thank Louise for giving us this fantastic opportunity to investigate her very haunted house. We loved this experience.

Written by: Maria Williams

After reviewing photographs of the investigation, we have captured a black shape at the top of the room. It has obviously moved over several shots.