Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Saturday 11th March 2017, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at the Little Theatre in Bath, Avon.


The Little Theatre Cinema in Bath is one of the oldest independent cinemas in the UK. The cinema was originally a community theatre for the underprivileged of Bath, changing to a cinema during the 1930's. The 1960's and 1970's was a desolate time for cinemas (three out of five of Bath's cinemas closed) but during the 1980's, a new generation of people discovered the delights of watching films on the big screen, ensuring the continuation and livelihood of existing cinemas, including the Little Theatre in Bath.

We arrived at the cinema and had a walk around. There are two screens within this cinema and when we entered Screen 2, I felt a strange atmosphere. We decided to start our investigation here. We set up our cameras and equipment and Jacky 'called out,' asking for any spirits present to make themselves known to us. There was a projection room at the top of the stairs and the door was open so we could hear if there was any movement in there. We had been told that staff are sometimes uneasy in this Projection Room and Screen 2. Cinema staff have experienced fluctuations in temperature, unexplained bangs and it has been known for the projectionist to carry on a conversation with someone (after hearing someone entering the room) before they realise that nobody is there.


As we sat quietly in Screen 2, we all felt that something was standing by the fire exit. Dave thought that he had seen a figure standing over there but we quickly realised that it was a fire extinguisher. We still felt as if there was a presence over there.

The temperature started to drop. Jacky said that she felt quite chilled and I felt as if we were not alone. Something was thrown over near the screen, quite near the fire exit. Andrew went to investigate and discovered a marble. We were unsure if that was what had been thrown but we couldn't work out why a marble would have been on the floor there. Tracy said that she felt drawn to that area.

There was a different feeling in the room and Jacky suddenly said, “Wow!” She had captured a large and strange light anomaly on her night vision camcorder. Dan said that he felt that the different atmosphere which was descending upon us was not quite so pleasant. I started to get really cold and felt breezes around my legs even though the cinema was really warm. I asked for a spirit person to make a sound and I heard a knock to the side and behind me. Jacky also heard it too.

Jacky noticed that one of the lights was dimming and then getting brighter. Dan and Tracy said that they had noticed this too and that it definitely wasn't doing this before. The other lights like this one, were not changing. As we were discussing this, I heard movement behind me. There was a knock by the screen and the sound of movement behind me again. After a short while, there was tapping over by the fire exit.


We went into this screen which had a lovely balcony with easy chairs/settees. Dave was standing up here and he said that he could feel a presence standing behind him. I 'called out.' I kept seeing movement on the stairs. The atmosphere was thick as we entered this auditorium. We could all really feel it. However, this feeling dissipated really quickly and then it felt flat. Jacky told us that when she had come into Screen 1 on her own earlier, it had been very scary. I had felt the same when I had gone into Screen 2 on my own too.

Jacky said that she had heard movement in here earlier and asked for this to happen again. She asked the spirits to do something to make us all jump. Dan left us to conduct a lone vigil in Screen 2. Jacky 'called out' and then whispered, “I can hear footsteps.” They were in the room with us. The Ovilus emitted the word, 'Sad, miss, find.'


Tracy and I decided that we would sit inside the projection room. Everyone else was still sitting inside Screen 1, including Dan who had been previously sitting on his own in Screen 2. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, the door to the projection room closed. I jumped up and looked outside to check if anyone was there but we were completely alone. The door had been open all night (and later we asked if this door usually swings shut by itself – it doesn't). Annoyingly, my camcorder was not facing the right direction to capture the door closing. We opened the door and asked for it to be closed again but unfortunately, it didn't. At this time, I also caught an EVP, which sounds like a child's voice. (I have since been informed that a previous paranormal team had made contact with a child). After a while, Andrew joined us and when I asked for a spirit person to come in and close the door behind them, Andrew's camcorder captured a light anomaly coming in through the door, towards us. Andrew decided to try the Spirit Box in here. We heard the words 'heaven' and 'coffee' but it didn't really answer any of our questions. Eventually, the atmosphere started to feel flat.

Matt had been back into Screen 1 and said that the atmosphere was different in there again. He said that he had seen a figure on the balcony, leaning over it. Dave had been sitting alone in Screen 2 and had heard knocking.


It was getting really late and we decided to conduct one last vigil in Screen 2. Matt was sitting a little way from us inside the auditorium and said that he could hear footsteps and that he thought he saw someone peering at us from around the curtain. Dave said that he saw movement and Andrew captured a light anomaly on his camcorder at the same time. There were several knocks and taps. The Spirit Box was still on but no voices were heard. It was quiet for quite a time and then something fell to the floor, right in front of Jacky. When we looked, it was an old half-penny dated 1959. Nothing at all happened after this so we decided to finish our investigation.

On behalf of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal Team, I would like to thank Martin from The Little Theatre for giving us the chance to investigate this beautiful cinema and a big thank you to team member Andrew, for arranging the evening. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Written by: Maria Williams