Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Saturday 28th September 2013, Twilight Shadows Paranormal investigated a beautiful haunted farmhouse in Stourhead, Wiltshire. The occupants of this farmhouse have experienced a lot of paranormal activity. We were excited to begin our investigation there.


Tapping on the bedroom window.

Rustling of packets beside the bed.

Lights on the fridge in the kitchen flickering as though someone had passed by.

Coat tugging.

The sound of children playing outside at 03.00hrs

Doors which continually re-open after the occupants have left the room and even the house.

Children claiming that an elderly lady was in their room.

Swirling smoke in the children's room.

The feeling of being watched, followed by an apparition of an elderly lady on the stairs.

Unexplained knocking from a specific corner in the kitchen.

An apparition of an elderly lady in the kitchen.

My initial impression upon entering this lovely house was just how warm and homely it was. However, I immediately felt a presence upon entering the kitchen. I felt as if we were being watched and summed up. We enjoyed an interesting chat with Sylvane and Tasha who showed us around their home. We decided to start at the top of the house.


Most of us assembled inside the bedroom on the left. Dave stayed on the landing and crawled inside the priest hole which still remains. Andrew switched on the spirit box and I 'called out.' After a little while of me asking questions, I asked, “Can you knock on the door?” A voice from the spirit box answered, “Yes.” But the door did not knock. Dave crawled back out of the priest hole and said that someone had touched him on his back.

The K2 meter which had been placed in the middle of the floor started to give a positive reading. We asked the spirits of the house if they were responsible for making the lights flash and a voice said, “Yes.” We asked if they would continue to talk to us via the spirit box and we all heard, “You’re next.”

We continued to communicate via the spirit box.

Can you tell us your name?


(The K2 started flashing to red).

Stop, Stop.

Can you tell us your name?


(Matt heard a female voice on the landing which said, 'Over here.”)



Why are you scared? You're not scared of us, surely?

(The K2 flashed to red again).

Excuse me.


I relocated to the right sided bedroom with some of the team. Jacky stayed in the left sided bedroom. I 'called out' and then Dave tried.

Tell us your name?


Can you repeat your name?






Were you a priest?

(There was a clicking sound and then a whistle).

Did you whistle?



(The K2 meter gave a high reading).

Is there anything you want to tell us?


Rah. (We had no idea what that meant but it did sound like like someone trying to scare us in a light hearted manner).

Grandmother. (I could feel someone standing at my left side).


(There was another whistle).

Do you like the baby that lives here?


(The spirit box then started making a gargling baby-like sound).

We decided to go downstairs and conduct a séance in the kitchen.

We sat around a huge wooden table. Jacky started to 'call out.' After a while, the table started to tip up on one side. Jacky continued to talk to the spirits and the table started to knock in response to her questions. We discovered that the spirit communicating with us was female and claimed to be the elderly lady that had been seen before around the house. Jacky asked the lady to show herself. We weren't lucky enough to see her but the table continued to tap, shudder, move towards me and tip up.

We discovered that this spirit was aware of other spirits in the house. We discussed our findings so far and suddenly the table was shoved strongly in my direction. We started discussing the table movement and the table was shoved again. We asked if the spirit could tip the table right up on it's side and it lifted right up. I said, “I'm on a stool and I can't move now that you've shoved the table right up against me” and the table quickly moved away, releasing me. Sylvane joined us. Jacky continued to 'call out' and the table moved and knocked. Fiona said that her right hand was shaking uncontrollably. The table continued to move, knock and shake. Sylvane said that he felt as if the table was breathing.

I knocked small sharp knocks onto the table and the table knocked rapidly and shuddered in the exact same place that I had knocked. I repeated this and so did the table. Jacky asked the spirit to respond with knocking in response to her questions. She asked:

Have you ever been seen in here?


Can you knock in front of the people who have seen you?

(No response).

Are you female?


Have you been seen all around the house?


Just on this level?


Have you been seen on the first floor of this house?


Have you been seen in the attic?

Yes. (The table was lifted up with force).

Lift the table as high as you can?

The table lifted.


There was a sound of scrabbling under the table. This happened twice more. I started to knock a specific amount of times and with distinctive patterns. This was copied exactly. The table shuddered and we all felt the energy change. A different spirit was coming through. Dave said that something had just brushed by his cheek. The new energy felt very different. We started to question this spirit.

Are you a mother? (No response).

Are you a grandmother?


Are you buried in the cemetery up the road?


Have you been seen here?

Yes. (Were there two different elderly ladies that had been seen?)

Do you like the family who live here?


We started chatting amongst ourselves and there was a very loud bang on the table. The table then started knocking continually but it was all at one end of the table. Jacky asked if they were scared of the other end of the table and there was a huge knock. Sylvane asked:

Are you the spirit person who cuddled me in bed?(No response).

Was that you that I heard walking around?


The table appeared to be pushed from one side and then lifted on one side. Jacky said that something was playing with her hair. Shortly after this, we decided to investigate the cellar.


We all went down to the cellar. It is thought that the cellar was used as a holding cell for prisoners awaiting their fate in Salisbury, such as hanging or some other unpleasant end to life. The cellar is said to be haunted by a mother and her two children. The mother was apparently awaiting her transportation and punishment.

The cellar has markings scraped into the walls, marking how many days a person has been held captive in there. We all sat around and tried to communicate with the spirits. As we 'called out' to the spirit children, Jacky said that she captured a strange light anomaly on her Camcorder. We asked the mother and her children to communicate with us via the Spirit box. As I called to the spirits, we heard two loud knocks within the cellar and the sound of a cough. We asked:

Why were you imprisoned here?


Were you a witch? Some of us follow the Pagan Pathway. You are safe with us.

Can you say the word witch again?


(The K2 meter began to flash to red).

Were you a witch? What's your name?


(This was a woman's voice and then a man's voice came through).

Get out!

Are you talking to us?


Do you like witches?


Are we talking to a gaoler?


Can you tell us your name?

Frank. Helen.

Sylvane asked, The last medium we had down here saw a gaoler with a hood. Do we have a gaoler?


What is your name?


Do you realise that your job is now done?

Sylvane said: If you do not let the children leave, I will get rid of you.


Michael, do you know that you are dead?

Yes. Helen.

Do the children know that they are dead?

Yes. Magic.

Are the children stuck here?


Sylvane jumped and said, “I just heard a child's voice.” Something sounded like it was thrown in the corner but we were unsure that it wasn't just a piece of masonry falling. We then all heard the sound of a child crying out. We asked if the child was calling for its mother. We then heard the sound of a child crying. Tasha asked if the children hear her saying hello, when she comes down into the cellar. We heard a child's voice. We asked:

Is the gaoler Michael still here?

Do you ever leave this room Michael?

Do you walk around the house.

At this point, we were all shocked as a child's voice came through the spirit box and cried out:


Are you calling for your mummy?


Did they take you away from your mother?


Tasha asked:

Would you like us to put some toys down here?

Yes. Help me. Mama! Not leaving.

Tasha told us that there is a strong smell of onions in the cellar sometimes. The K2 started to display a high reading. We asked:

Are you affecting our meter to show that you are here with us? Do you like talking to us?

An adult voice said:

Thank you.

A child's voice called:

Mummy! Help!

How can we help you? Are there three children in here?


Can you tell us your names?

Jack. Melissa.

Can you pull on any of our clothing?


Jacky said, “I can smell apples.” I had smelt apples a little while earlier but I had not mentioned it. There were no apples in the cellar. Only wood and masonry were stored down there. We all heard a voice say, “Help me, help me!” We then heard a strange sound which we thought sounded like someone opening a can. Loretta suddenly jumped up and said that something had just touched her shoulder. The K2 meter started to give a high reading.

A voice came from the spirit box:

Get out! Sad. Stop meddling.

We are going to meddle.

Something was thrown and then we all heard a male voice say:

No. F*** off!

I asked the spirit not to be so nasty. The reply was:

The children.

Sylvane said to us that he thought Michael was a bully as he seemed to be picking on the children. A voice loudly said:

F*** off!

Jacky asked Michael if he was too scared to move on and go to the light and a male voice replied loudly:


After this, the atmosphere seemed to dip and the activity stopped. We decided to end our investigation here. We have already been invited back to conduct another investigation. We are really looking forward to this. On behalf of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal Team, I would like to thank Sylvane and Tasha for allowing us to investigate their beautiful home and also a big thank you to Fiona for arranging this investigation.

Written by: Maria Williams


Our next investigation took us to a beautiful farmhouse which was set deep in the heart of the country, surrounded by fields and woods and also had its own family graveyard just around the corner. The cemetery contained occupants of the building from long ago.

The original house was once much bigger. The building as it stands now has now been split into 2 separate homes. The farmhouse was a mix of lovely oak beamed rooms, attic rooms with priest holes and even had its own creepy cellar. The house has a lovely ambiance and friendly atmosphere and the energies present were almost tangible from the moment we stepped inside the door.

After we had been introduced to the family and had a tour of the house we decided to start the investigation at the top of the house and work our way down.

A few of us positioned ourselves in one of the top bedrooms in the attic while a few others positioned themselves in the hallway and Dave went to one of the priest holes. While Dave was stood in the hallway he thought he felt his jacket being tugged. We started to call out and straight away I saw a light anomaly through my digital camcorder. Andrew switched on his ghost box device and we also had a K2 meter placed in the middle of us on the floor. A ghost box is a device that scans the airwaves, giving off white noise. It is believed that spirits can communicate through them which we can then hear. A K2 meter is an EMF meter which shows the level of EMF by lights. Green is normal level through to red which is not. It is also believed that spirits can effect EMF levels. Another theory is that if there is an unusually high level of EMF present, this can cause hallucinations which may be mistaken for spirit activity.

We continued to call out and ask questions to encourage some activity. We thought we heard the name Arthur through the ghost box and during this séance the K2 meter kept being activated.

Some of our team decided to move to another of the bedrooms in the attic and I volunteered to stay in the room by myself. I could hear the team trying to communicate with a spirit through the ghost box and they heard a name come through it. I could hear Maria saying she thought that I had mentioned that name during the séance we had just conducted in the room. I could see lots of light anomalies mainly in the right side of the room. They then seemed to stop until Dave came back into the room. He stayed in the room and the anomalies started back up, again in the right hand corner of the room.

We decided to then take the investigation down to the kitchen and see if we could build the energy up by doing a table tipping experiment. We all assembled around the table and after taking the team though a grounding exercise, we started to hear some taps coming from the table. We had what we agreed felt like a female spirit but she was quite weak. We received information that she used to live in the property but it was very hard to get a response from her. The energy died down and we then felt the energy build up again and this time it felt very different. We got very loud taps to our questions and the table suddenly shifted position completely. This scared one of the house members considerably who was present but we assured them this was normal and though quite freaky to witness, nothing bad would happen. We asked the spirit to lift the table which instead it decided to shove the table in Maria’s direction who happened to be sat on quite a high kitchen stool at the time. The energy was strong and the taps were very loud. During the séance we witnessed quiet taps through to loud bangs. The table was shifting and also lifting. We also made contact with a number of spirits. One of which confirmed a question that was asked by one of the members of the house that none of us would have known the answer to.

After a break, we decided to take the investigation down to the cellar where we had learned had once served as a prison. The family had been told there was an adult female spirit and 2 children in spirit form that seemed to stay on this level. They had been told this by a medium that had previously visited the family. During this vigil we used Andrew’s ghost box and K2 meter. Almost as soon as we started I captured an amazing light anomaly on my camcorder. We called out to see if we could make contact with the spirits that were supposed to inhabit this level. We got a good response through the ghost box, including a child's voice. We also heard what sounded like something being thrown at us. This may have just been loose plaster from the ceiling though. We also made contact with the gaoler.

The energy seemed to have died right back so as it was getting very late, we decided to bring the investigation to a close.

We would like to thank the family of the farmhouse for allowing us into their lovely home and we look forward to returning there in the very near future.

Written by: Jacky Wicheard.


On Saturday 5th April 2014, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a second investigation at a Haunted Farmhouse in Stourhead, Wiltshire.


We settled in this room and I 'called out' asking for any spirits to join us and communicate. In this room (behind the wardrobe) is a sealed off door which leads to the manor house. The ghost of a lady (known as Sarah), has been seen coming into this bedroom through the sealed off door.

There were two loud taps on the window. There aren't any trees nearby which could have tapped on the window and all of the window panes are secure. Apparently, this phenomena has been experienced many times. There were two taps from behind the wardrobe which is the blocked off entrance to the manor house. Tasha who lived at the house reminded us that the female spirit that haunts the farm is known as Sarah so we ensured that we addressed the spirit as Sarah when we 'called out' to her. I asked if this was Sarah and if it was, could she tap either on the window or from the sealed door. There was a loud knock and another. Ben looked inside the wardrobe and behind it. As he was right there, there was a knock again. Ben said, “It's definitely coming from the blocked off door, behind this wardrobe.” There was another loud knock. We asked, “Please can you come into the room with us? The Ovilus emitted the word, 'One.' Did this mean that she is the only spirit person that comes into the house from the Manor?

It was quiet for a while and Jacky asked, “Is Sarah still with us?” There was a loud thump, indicating that she was. We heard a noise just outside the door and jumped up to investigate but there was nobody there. There were two taps inside the room. Jacky asked Sarah to carry on tapping and to perhaps show herself in light-form. Tasha also reminded us of the connection that the manor has to the cottage and the church nearby. Unfortunately, the tunnel between the manor and the farmhouse has been closed off but that obviously does not stop Sarah from using it, in her ghostly form.

There was a cord dangling in the room and Tracey noticed that it had started to swing. We checked for draughts but we could not not feel any. I asked if any spirits present could made the cord swing more and Tracey said, “It is.” I just kept 'calling out' and there were taps and knocks constantly inside the room. Tasha said that she could hear a murmuring voice which was definitely not any of the team talking.

We heard footsteps upstairs. There was nobody up there. Everyone was accounted for. The ghost known as Arthur is known to stomp about upstairs. Arthur is one of the priests who is thought to have hidden away in the two priest holes in the house, during the time when Catholics were persecuted by law in England from the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1558. Was this Arthur we could hear? Tracey said that she heard a 'metallic chinking' noise. Dave and I both felt that we had been touched by unseen hands.

I asked if we could hear footsteps upstairs again and immediately, we heard footsteps walking quickly across the floor in the room above us. There was a short silence and then the sound of footsteps again, followed by a really loud bang. I asked if the spirit could knock on the floor upstairs directly above us and there was a huge bang. There were more footsteps and then an unusual sound which Jacky thought sounded like something being dragged. Tasha said, “Yes, we hear dragging noises often from upstairs.” Dave and I both heard a strange noise which Dave said that he thought sounded like a giggle. We heard it again.


As soon as we entered this bedroom, the Ovilus malfunctioned and Jacky's dictaphone stuck on pause. We noticed that the loft hatch was open and Tasha said that it should be closed and was closed when we had entered Bedroom One. Perhaps that was the cause of some of the louder bangs and dragging sounds which we had heard. Tasha told us that the loft hatch is never opened by the family.

I heard a woman's voice but I could not decipher the words which were spoken. I 'called out' and asked Arthur to make contact with us. We all heard loud thuds. We then started talking amongst ourselves and

there was a massive bang, as if to make us re-focus. Ben asked for more tapping and knocking and the spirits were immediately compliant. Jacky said that she was capturing strange light anomalies coming from the door. There was a strange noise as she was speaking. I kept seeing strange lights with my own vision by one of the priest holes and Tracey and I both heard two taps right beside us.


I felt a strange presence when I entered this room and we heard two knocking sounds. We could feel the thumps from the knocking on the floor, under our feet. After this nothing at all happened in this room.


Andrew switched on the Ghost Box. I 'called out' to Michael the gaoler who communicated with us last time. The ghost box emitted a loud voice which said, 'Leave.' We told Michael that we wished to speak to the children. Dave switched on a laser grid to see if we would pick up any movement upon it. I 'called out' to the children again and we heard a loud thud in the cellar with us.

I asked:

Are the children here?

Thank you.

(There was a noise behind Ben, as if someone was moving).

Can one of the children talk to us?

Jack (Jack was one of the names for the imprisoned children we received upon our first visit to the farmhouse).

What about Michael the gaoler, are you here?


Michael, are you still keeping the children here?


Please let them go, let them go to their mother.


Micheal, did you say b*****d?


Michael, do you like us being here so that we can talk to you?


(Something was thrown).

Michael, when you say b*****d, are you talking about a child born out of wedlock or are you just swearing at me?

F**k you!

Did you just say F**k you?

Yes. (This expletive was repeated twice more).


Michael, am I irritating you? (Something was thrown and there was the sound of movement).

Jacky said that she felt that the atmosphere was getting darker and oppressive.

F**k off!

Jacky said that she could feel Michael stepping closer to us and immediately, something was thrown towards us.

Michael, what's the matter?

Tasha asked Michael if he liked the family that lived in the farmhouse but he did not answer. Jacky said that she had captured a light anomaly.

Tasha asked:

Are the children down here Michael?

I guess so.

We all heard a child's voice. Something was thrown and then something moved behind Tracey. Everyone was concentrating upon keeping their feet still but we could hear movement all around us. Something else was thrown.

Tasha asked:

Can you do that again?


Do you stay in the cellar?


Do you walk around the house Michael?

(Ovilus emitted laughter)........He he he ha!

Jacky said that she thought Michael was standing very close to her. As she said this, the Ovilus emitted another bout of laughter. Tasha asked if we could speak to the children. We switched off the Ghost Box and the Ovilus said 'F off.' This was followed by 'Leave alone,' We switched off the Ovilus and spoke to Michael, telling him that we knew that he did not like us but we were being civil to him and we would like him to communicate in a physical way with us. We heard a noise behind Fiona and at the same time, she said that she felt that someone was tickling her neck. Jacky said that she could feel an energy building up on her right and it was making her feel slightly threatened. There were two knocking noises behind Dave and a clatter in the corner. Dave said, “Shhhhhh, I can hear footsteps.”

Tasha told us that the door at the top of the cellar stairs opens by itself, even when you know that it has been shut securely. She said, “You can shut it, turn away and when you turn back, it's open again.” We discussed that upon our last visit, we were able to communicate with the children in the cellar but this time, we were unsuccessful. However, we could all feel Michael's presence with us. There was movement behind Tracey and I, Tasha said that it was icy cold right by her and Jacky told us that her camera kept going out of focus. Tracey said that something touched her neck. We heard a jingling sound and we wondered if it was Michael the gaoler's keys. All was quiet after this so we decided to leave the cellar.


We decided to walk up the small lane to the small cemetery where people from the manor were buried. Although this was very interesting, we did not experience anything of a paranormal nature here.


We sat around the large farmhouse table and 'called out' to the spirits.' The kitchen door opened. Tasha said, “That door was shut properly. It does this sometimes. You can't pull it open as it clicks shut but it does open by itself.” Ben shut the door firmly and we heard it click. He tried to pull it open but he couldn't. We resumed our séance around the table and after a while the door opened again. Ben closed it, we heard the click, he tried to pull it open but it was closed securely. A little while later, the door opened again. This time, the door opened quickly and with force. It had previously opened slowly. Ben closed the door again.

We could hear knocking in the corner of the room and there was a loud knock on the table. For some reason, most of us started to feel disorientated and we could all see things moving when in fact, they weren't. It was really strange. Jacky asked if any spirits there with us could tap on the table. There was a tap on the cupboard. Jacky 'called out' and the table shuddered. Ben and Tasha heard a strange noise and there was a knocking underneath the table right by Ben. The table felt like it was pulsating. Dave said that he couldn't really feel any spiritual presence in the room so we asked for a spirit to knock the table in front of Dave. There was a very loud knock in front of Dave which was so loud that we all jumped. We had not been able to establish between male and female spiritual energy and we had no idea which spirit was attempting communication with us.

There was a shuffling noise in the corner of the room. We were quietly listening and we heard the sound again. Something touched my hand. We all felt that there was more than one spirit in the room and we could feel the energy building up. The table started banging and tapping and we heard a sound like nails running underneath the table.

Andrew set his Geophone onto the table so that we could visually see the table knocks as well as hearing them. We discussed positive and negative static where we could determine whether a spirit was drawing near, or leaving. One of the spirits started communicating with us and we soon discovered that this spirit recognised us from our previous visit. We asked if this spirit was responsible for opening the door but we did not receive a response. Indicating our monitors, we asked, “Can you hit the red?” The monitor hit red immediately. After a lot of questioning, we established that the spirit was aged approximately twelve. Tasha asked if the spirit was a boy and received an affirmative response.

I noticed that it was now midnight and as I said it, the table was shoved. We could all hear a voice whispering in the room. During our last visit, we captured a child's voice. We asked if we had managed to capture this spirit's voice. We all heard a noise which sounded very much like someone passing wind. This made us laugh and the monitors were all activated at once.

We asked if the spirit known as Sarah was present. We did not receive a response and we started chatting amongst ourselves. The spirits must have got bored as suddenly the table was shoved and made us focus again. We started asking if the table could be pushed in different directions upon command and it was. The table then started shaking. It was an extremely heavy table and we were amazed at it's movement. After this, the energy began to die down but very soon, built up again.

We heard a creaky noise followed by a groan. We could feel an energy shift and the first spirit was leaving and another was joining us. This spirit felt more sinister. We wondered if it was Michael, the gaoler. We talked about how life was hard and totally different and what was acceptable in our country years ago, was totally unacceptable nowadays. We tried to look look at life from a historical perspective which is really difficult.

Jacky said that she was feeling uneasy. We could all feel that this spirit was cross. His presence surrounded us as if he was walking around. We started communicating with this spirit and it was clear that he had abused his position in many ways. We questioned him and the atmosphere thickened uncomfortably. One of our questions coincided with a strange occurrence. The candle on the table emitted a large spark making everyone jump. The candle spark may not have been connected at all but it was perfect timing.

We tried to coax other spirits to join us but it felt as if the spirit we thought was Michael was blocking them. We asked Michael to leave and the corner of the table lifted right up. Ben said that he was suddenly very cold and Dave felt a cold breeze. The temperature started to plummet. We decided to try out the Ghost Box again. We could still feel the spirit of Michael.

I asked:

Speak to us Michael.


(The table started to move).

Is your name actually Michael?

Michael (said with a horrible voice).

The Ghost Box emitted a horrible laugh. The table started tapping and lifting. It then was pushed forcibly and then it lifted again. We all heard several swear words from the Ghost Box.

Jacky asked:

Say that again.


What is my name?


Did you just say my name?


Dave laughed and said:

I can't believe such profanities came out of that Ghost Box.

Profanities. Anger.

We 'called out' to other spirits of the house and the Ghost Box said, 'Shut up!' The table started shaking and Tasha said, “I can feel the old lady.” The Ghost Box said, 'Mother.' Weirdly, the chair I was sitting on moved, 'someone' had pulled it with me sitting on it.

I called, “Mother" and the Ghost Box said:

Old Mother. Rachel. Shall be there.

We then heard the voice of Michael laughing again.

We asked:

Rachel, can you speak to us?


We heard that Rachel is aware of the children and that she tries to make Michael go away.

We heard Michael's voice again but we could not work out what he said. Jacky said that her chair had been tugged from underneath her.

Sylvane joined us. The table moved towards him and he told us that he had just asked silently for this to happen. The table began tapping and shaking again. Tasha asked if this spirit came into their bedroom and Sylvane said, “You make such a racket.” Sylvane told us that sometimes the landing smelt like an old building and when this happens, the punchbag was often swinging. He asked whether the oldest boy did this and we received an affirmative response.

We heard a sound like the drumming of fingers on the table. All was quiet for a while and then the table started tapping and shaking again. The energy changed and a different male spirit joined us. The table lifted right into the air but this spirit felt much more friendly. It even performed team member's Ben's favourite trick of rapping out 'Shave and a Haircut' onto the table.

We asked:

What's your name?


Can you tell us how old you are?




Did you live here?

No. Got you. Table.

Move it then. (There was a massive move).

Unfortunately, it was very late and we needed to end the investigation. We told the spirit that we had to leave and the table started doing gymnastics. We let it settle and said “Goodnight.” The Ghost Box immediately said, 'Night.'

On behalf of Twilight Shadows Paranormal, I would like to thank Sylvane and Tasha once again for inviting us into their lovely home. Also, thank you to Fiona for arranging this investigation.

Written by: Maria Williams.