Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Friday 24th January 2014, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at a Bed and Breakfast in Somerset. We split into small groups.


Tracey and I sat in here on our own. Initially, we felt nothing of a paranormal nature. There were a lot of very interesting things from many different countries in this room. We didn't know if this room had any significant history whereas we knew that the upstairs attic rooms had been used as a brothel and that at one time, a doctor had practiced downstairs and had performed many different procedures.

I 'called out' and the atmosphere started to change. We kept seeing strange lights flickering and searched the room to find a rational explanation but we couldn't find the cause. The lights started to move around the room and the more Tracey looked around for them, the more they moved to a different spot. We examined each other to see if we had anything shiny or reflective upon us, but neither of us had.

We heard a strange sound and we both felt that we weren't quite alone in the room. Tracey heard a knocking sound by the fireplace and we both kept seeing strange shadows moving about. We were sitting still and there were no car lights outside. The Olvius said, 'Solve' and 'Discover.' I saw a shadow move over by the stairs and then the Olvius said, 'Off.'

Loretta joined us. We 'called out' again and heard the sound of water dripping but we could not locate it. Jacky and Dave joined us and they said that they had also heard water. They had experienced footsteps in the bedroom which they were investigating. They told us that they had been sitting on the bed and heard someone else sit down on the mattress beside them. The Olvius said, 'Element.'


We swapped rooms with Jacky and Dave. Loretta, Tracey and I went into the first bedroom. We heard a bang within the bedroom. There were other strange noises in the room and Loretta jumped as she had heard something. There was a little tap followed by a knocking noise. Matt, Andrew and Ben joined us. They told us that they had heard a jangling noise and lots of tapping upstairs in the rooms that were once used as a brothel. Loretta told us that when she had been up there, she felt like her hair was standing up on end and at the same time, she saw a 'white ball shaped object fly right past her eyes.'

We decided to use the Ghost Box. I 'called out' and I saw something dark move between Andrew and Matt. Loretta said that she could hear a tapping sound between her and Andrew. I asked, “Can you talk to us?” A male voice from the Ghost Box said, “Yes.”

I asked:

What did you get up to upstairs?

Dirty boy.

Did you just say dirty boy?




What did the dirty boy do?


Did you like the dirty boy?

Poison. Dirty. It's awful.

What's awful?


The temperature started to drop. A voice from the Ghost Box said:

You all f*** off!

Would you like us to f*** off?

F***. Go f***.

We discussed that this spirit was either telling us what went on upstairs, had tourettes or was telling us in no uncertain terms that we were not welcome there. I thought the latter.

I asked:

Do you want us to go?

F*** it!

We all heard the Ghost Box emit a male laugh, twice.


Tracey, Loretta, Andrew and I decided to investigate the attic bedrooms. We assembled inside one of the bedrooms that was used as a brothel. The beams in this room were made from the wood from very old ships. The room felt very cold, in temperature and cheer. There was an identical room across the landing (also used as part of the brothel). We kept the doors open so that we could see into the next room.

I thought that I would try to talk to the 'Ladies' that once lived/worked there. I asked them to join us and we heard a woman's voice from the Ghost Box:

Tits! Tits! Brassiere!

Something very strange then happened which surprised us all. From the Ghost Box came a sound which sounded like a woman having sex. There were little gasps and a woman crying out. We were all a little shocked and slightly embarrassed.

I asked, “Are you taking us back to the times when this was a Knocking Shop?” A voice replied, “Knocking Shop.” We heard more female noises of passion. I asked, “Take us back to that time?” We heard more naughty noises and then a man's voice said, “Look out.” The sound of a woman moaning was followed by a male laughing. It was a distinctive, “Ha Ha Ha Ha.” This was followed by a male breathing, in a sexual way.

Loretta said, “I can see the shadow of a person standing in the doorway of the opposite room. He's watching us. I heard a man's breath. It was a creepy, horrible sound, this time it wasn't sexual. There was more male laughter from the Ghost Box and then all was quiet.


We went into the opposite room where Loretta thought she saw a figure watching us. I asked, “Is there anybody in here with us? Although we didn't hear it at the time, the Camcorder picked up a whispered, “Yes.” Tracey didn't like this room and Andrew thought that it was creepy. I didn't feel threatened at all in here.


We had not been told that this bedroom had been involved in the brothel but as we entered it, it had the same feeling. Tracey said that she did not like this room either. We did not experience anything unusual in this room.


This was a lovely room but apart from Jacky capturing a light anomaly on her Camcorder, nothing of a paranormal nature occurred. We decided to end the investigation here. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Jacky and Dave for organising this investigation at this very interesting venue.

Written by: Maria Williams.


(The owners of the building have asked us to keep the location anonymous so all I can tell you is, that it is located somewhere in the Somerset.)

Once the team had arrived, we split into 3 small groups and agreed to spend roughly 30 minutes in each room or area. Dave and I started in one of the smaller guest rooms and the rest headed off to the upper level of the house.

Room 1

Dave and I chat about what we know about the building (Dave had been here before so knew a little about the history). While Dave is talking I noticed that I would see light anomalies on the camera and when I spoke or called out, the light anomalies would disappear. I pointed this out to Dave and asked him to call out (as the spirits may recognise him from his last visit.)

We try this theory and much to my dismay the light anomalies stop (typical). I call out and ask if any spirit people could make a noise to let us know they are around. We hear 3 knocks on the wall. (This is captured on video which can be viewed on the Facebook page). We ask a few questions and get a knock (which seemed to reply) then the tapping stops.

We call out again and for a while nothing happens at all. After some time Dave starts to talk and I see another anomaly go towards Dave. We continue to call out. I address the spirits directly and say to them it’s been a while and now it’s your chance to talk to us. Can you say hi? Dave thinks he can hear faint taps but is not sure if it is the house settling. He then asks for the cupboard doors to open. Nothing happens (though I am secretly pleased about that.) Dave gets up and I ask him what he is doing. He turns around and pulls a face at me and we laugh. After about 5 minutes I comment that his face (which I am viewing through the night vision cam) resembles the face I saw imprint on him at the previous investigation. After I say this I see a very bright light anomaly on the camera. Dave goes and tries some scrying in the mirror. Again I see a light anomaly that seems to follow him over to the mirror. He turns to me again and I comment that he doesn’t look anything like the Dave I know. He says that I look different too. I ask him what I look like (through his night vision camera). He replies that I look blonde. (Well that I can believe). I laugh and tell him he must be seeing my true self.

Dave says to me that the ghosts don’t seem to want to come out to play today. Just as he says that we hear a noise like a tap letting out water. I then see another light anomaly near him. (There is a sink in the corner of the room). Dave goes over to the sink and the bowl is dry. We notice that we are both drawn to that corner and have subconsciously been watching this area the whole time we have been in the room.

It is here that I am aware that I can hear tapping noises from that side of the room that are starting to sound like footsteps. I then hear a noise that sounds like a mattress when you sit down on it.

We continue to call out in this room for another 10 minutes or so but apart from a few more light anomalies, nothing else is captured. We decide to change rooms.

We go to the sitting room (where Maria and her team are). They swap with us and we settle down. Just as we do Matt, Ben and Andrew come down from upstairs. While we are chatting Dave’s camera decides to switch off and I capture a light anomaly by his camera on my camera. (Dave tells us he has a full battery). We then decide to swap with them. Before we go they advise us that they have heard a chain rattling but could not find the source.

Upstairs (Room 2)

We go and settle in one of the top rooms. This building does have a very long history and I can tell you it has had some rather dubious history and also some very upstanding history. The location of this building made it an ideal position for a house of ill repute. To begin with I do not feel anything about the room at all. I felt at ease and it felt very welcoming (as did the entire house). Dave tells me that when we were looking around when we first of all arrived, he felt uneasy up here but did not now. We started to call out and I asked that if there were any spirit people around, could they show themselves in light form? Much to my amazement I see a light anomaly on the camera. I thank the spirit and then ask if they could possibly affect the lights on my EMF meter and change them from green to red.

The lights do not change but I do see another light anomaly on camera. I ask again that if there are any spirit people in the room, could they please either make a noise or tap on something? There is a brief pause and we hear a tap. I say thank you. I ask if we could hear their footsteps. We hear another tap. I ask if the spirit is a lady. TAP. I then ask a series of questions but we do not receive a response. I ask if the spirit is still with us. We hear a quiet tap. I say to the spirit not to be frightened and try to reassure her that we are not going to hurt her in anyway. I ask some more questions and but do not get a response. I ask if the spirit is still with us and urge the spirit to come back to us. TAP. I ask if she used to live in the village. TAP. I ask if the lady is aware of any other spirits but there is no response. I ask if she isn’t aware of any other spirits and get a loud tap in reply. The taps then stop and I do not get any more responses to any other questions. Dave tells me he has a funny pain in his head and suggests we move rooms.

Room 3

As soon as I enter this room I notice I feel very uncomfortable. I have selected a place to sit on the floor but I feel I have to stand. I tell Dave this and he laughs and says he feels fine in here.

We are not in the room for very long when I start to capture lots of light anomalies that seem to be all around Dave. He doesn’t seem to be capturing them on his camera though (despite capturing most of the light anomalies on our last investigation with his camera).

Dave tells me that he sees a very dark shadow. I say to him “please don’t say that” (already feeling very uncomfortable). I place my EMF meter on the bed and ask again if any spirit people can affect the lights and turn the lights from green to red. I see a light anomaly go from the meter to Dave. I ask for any spirit people to make a noise. We do hear a tap but this does not sound on the camera footage. I ask if we can hear footsteps in the room. After a while we do hear lots of taps around the room. I turn to Dave and say “well we did ask for this”. Just as I direct the camera at him I think I see a dark figure just over his shoulder in the corner of the room. (I saw this with my naked eye and not with the camera). Dave tells me he has gone very cold. (It is not cold in this room at all). As we are nearing the 30 minutes allotted for this section of the investigation we thank the spirits (take a few pictures) and move to our next room.

Room 4

We try again in the sitting room. Maria and her team head up to the upper level (with Andrew) and Matt and Ben join us.

I start to call out and ask for any spirit people to show themselves in light form (as they had been doing so well doing this). I do get a lovely bright light form and I thank the spirits for joining us. I try again with the EMF meter and explain what it does and not to be scared of it. On my camera I see a very bright light form appear momentarily above Ben's head. I ask out to see if we could encourage any spirits to manifest in full body. I ask Dave to try asking out. He goes to speak but finds he is struggling to get his words out. Matt says he is feeling very drained and then says he had a nasty pain and a cold sweat in one of the rooms upstairs. (It is the same room as Dave experienced pain in earlier). I go to speak and I too am having trouble getting my words out. Ben is visibly tired too. (The house used to hold a Doctor's Surgery and we debate whether Dave and Matt's shared experience maybe due to this). Nothing much is happening here so we decide to all try the dining room.

Room 5

Whilst setting up in the dining room, I did not notice until reviewing the footage that I had captured 3 light anomalies. We start to call out though I notice now watching it all back we all seem to be very distracted and our focus soon strays. Maria discusses that they heard some dubious sounds from the Ghost Box.

Seeing that we know the history of the house we find this quite compelling. Maria also advises us that she felt very uncomfortable in the same room that I did. We spend about 20 minutes in this room. I do capture a few light anomalies and at one point we hear a jingle sound that I at first think it is china clinking together. We find out a bit later that one of the teddy bears in one of the chairs has a bell in its chest and Dave accidentally set this off without realising, so we rule this out.

We decide to call it a night.

Although this was a fairly quiet investigation, we still managed to capture light anomalies and audible tapping noises. Matt, Ben and Andrew thought they heard a chain rattling upstairs but could not find the source. We also had good success with the ghost box.

Written by: Jacky Wicheard.