Twilight Shadows Paranormal

Undisclosed location in Hampshire

On Saturday 13th September 2013, a few of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team had the privilege of taking part in an investigation in Hampshire.

Maria, Andrew, Dave and I opted to start our investigation in the theatre which was once a chapel. We joined a few others in a séance. We did make contact with a strong spirit who came through quite quickly. He said he liked us and told us that his name was Louis. He said that he was 37 years old. He said that he was killed at this building and he named a character called Mully. Louis also mentioned a lady called Gill and another man called Robert. He also mentioned vodka but he didn't really explain why. Louis wanted to know why we investigated haunted places.

During our séance, something was thrown which sounded like a coin. Louis said that Mr. Roberts threw it at us. Louis told us that he wanted justice. He also mentioned the word 'jilted' and then he left after saying 'Goodbye.' We tried to find what was thrown at us but we couldn't find anything which was like the sound we heard. We tried to encourage more activity but nothing else happened.

We decided to go for a wander along the corridors. We went to an area where men only would have slept and we tried to encourage some activity there. I did capture two light anomalies on the Camcorder but nothing else. Andrew tried using his Spirit Box to see if we could get any information through but again, there was no activity.

We relocated to another room along the corridor. This had a totally different atmosphere and we decided to try some table-tipping in there. I set up my Camcorder and arranged a table for us to sit around. We had just started and my Camcorder and infra-red torch switched themselves off. We 'called out' to see if we could get any spirit activity going. It felt very promising to begin with but again, nothing much happened in this room which was very disappointing.

We decided to investigate the mortuary. The mortuary was situated underneath what is now, the coffee shop. We were warned that there is a horrible smell down there which despite numerous attempts of painting and decorating (to mask the smell) has done nothing to get rid of this horrible stench. As we descended the steps, it smelt of rot and decay. There were four small rooms inside the mortuary. I went into one of the rooms and tried 'calling out.' We didn't get much spirit activity but I did capture numerous orbs on Camcorder. When we moved into the next room, the same happened again, no audible activity but definite light anomalies. We could also see orbs (on the closed circuit TV that the other team had set up in the cafe) on the screen down in the mortuary.

Our next room was one of the class rooms on the second floor. We did not get any spirit activity in this room at all.

To finish, we decided to return to the theatre and sit quietly at the back while another team were holding a séance. During this, I captured a lot of light anomalies on Camcorder and witnessed the team having something thrown at them like our team did in the beginning.

This building held such promise for a paranormal investigation but in reality, it did not deliver. We wondered if the fabric of this building had been altered so much that there was very little left of the 'soul' of the former building which in hindsight, is perhaps a good thing. The most active area for us was the theatre and I was not surprised to learn that this room is the least refashioned. Although this investigation was spiritually disappointing, we are already looking forward to our next investigation.

Written by: Jacky Wicheard