Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Saturday 31st May 2014, a small team of Twilight Shadows Paranormal took part in a paranormal investigation at Guys Cliff House in Warwick, Warwickshire.

Guys Cliff House is a Gothic Mansion set in a beautiful location. The house which dates back to 1751, stands on land which has been inhabited since Saxon times. It is named after Guy of Warwick who was a servant to the Earl of Warwick. The Chapel of St. Mary has been used by the Freemasons since 1955 and is still used by Masons today. During WW1, the house was used as a hospital and it was used again during WW2 as a location for evacuated children.

There are reports of many ghostly occurrences in the house. Poltergeist activity has been witnessed in the chapel, along with the sound of heavy footsteps and something being dragged over the floor. The basement is thought to be haunted and stories of people being enveloped with the feeling of oppression have been reported. Some people have experienced sudden terror, causing them to flee from the building. Strange lights have also been seen.


We settled down inside this beautiful room and Jacky 'called out.' I asked if we could be shown a light and I immediately saw a light travel from Jacky towards Dave in the right hand corner. I asked for the door to open and although it didn't, I thought I could see a figure right beside it. Jacky said that before the light completely faded, she thought that she had seen someone sitting in the chair. We knew that there were only the four of us inside the room. I looked back towards the door and the shadow figure I had seen, had disappeared.

Dave told us to listen as he could hear footsteps. We all listened and we could hear them too. Dave had felt sick in this room during the walk around and he had to leave quickly. He felt fine in here now. We all did. Jacky 'called out' and I saw two flashes by the door. Jacky caught a light anomaly from right to left on her night-vision Camcorder. Dave said that the room felt sinister previously and he thought that it would feel worse with just the four of us there but strangely, it didn't. We had been told that there was a dark entity attached to this room but we certainly could not feel it. I could feel energy but not spirit energy as such. I saw a ball of light appear and then shoot towards me through my night-vision Camcorder. It was very bright and moving so fast towards me, it made me jump.

There was a big knock between Andrew and I and a thud from outside the door. Dave became very hot and he said that he felt that he was inside a court room. Jacky saw a large light moving from left to right and I saw a black shape move across my night-vision Camcorder. Nobody had moved and my Camcorder was sitting on a small tripod. Dave said that he felt an energy behind him. He swung around and switched his torch on as he was so sure that there was someone there. There was just a cupboard. I suddenly felt unnerved and very uncomfortable to the left of me. Jacky said that she could feel an energy building up. I felt a cold draught going up my legs.

Dave said, “You and Jacky have been 'asking out' but I expect that the Masons are ignoring you.” Dave 'asked out' and Andrew jumped and said, “I just saw a foot walk across the white tile.” Andrew was really startled by this and he couldn't believe that he had just seen one foot. He said that the foot was black. Dave 'asked out' again and then he saw a sparkly light with his own eyes. He saw this twice. Dave kept asking for spiritual activity and then we heard footsteps in the room with us. I couldn't feel any feminine energy in the room, it really did feel masculine. We heard a strange ticking noise which then stopped and re-started again. We couldn't find anything in this room that was making this noise. We sat there in silence for a while and as I looked over towards the large chair, I saw a shape which looked like someone was sitting in the chair and looking towards the door. I looked away and when I looked back again, it was gone.


This was a tiny room so it didn't take long for us to settle in. The four of us sat around a little table and although we weren't asking for any spiritual activity, the table was knocking and shuddering. We all experienced something weird, like the whole room shaking for a split second. We started to ask questions and it became apparent that the spirits were not happy that we were there. When we probed, they did not mean just us, but all of the paranormal the investigators in the building.

As we communicated with the spirits, we discovered that there were six spirits present with us, all of who existed before Guy. Jacky said that she could feel an energy building and it was making her feel weird. I felt a male presence and I got the impression that he liked Jacky. I could also feel a female presence.

During filming of Sherlock Holmes a fire broke out during a scene which caused extensive damage to the building. The spirits seemed aware of the fire. Jacky suddenly felt unnerved and said that she felt someone standing right beside her. We heard a knock in the room which we took as an affirmative answer. The temperature was dropping and the table lifted. It was such a heavy table and there were only four of us sitting around it. I still felt that one particular male spirit really liked Jacky. I suddenly felt really scared.

The table was really lifting and we asked how many spirits were lifting it. We were told that there were two spirits, one male and one female. Dave suddenly felt spooked. He could feel someone standing between Andrew and him. Although we weren't really table-tipping, the table was knocking and lifting. The table was shoved and as we were not participating, it really made us jump. There was a noise in the corner of the room and then lots of breezes which weren't there before. We discovered that the male and female spirits were connected and but not in the romantic sense.

Andrew saw a flash of light. Dave said that he could feel someone standing each side of him. Jacky's chair shuddered. Andrew said that he could feel the presence who was standing between him and Dave. We started talking about ectoplasm and discussing if we believed in it when Jacky suddenly shouted, “No! They are pulling my hair!” At the same time, I felt the top of my head being touched. Andrew's chair shuddered and then Jacky's chair shook as well. I asked for my chair to move and it immediately shuddered. We all then realised that the floor was shuddering and amazingly, it was shuddering at request.

Andrew switched the Spirit Box on and we asked the spirits to talk through it.

I asked:

Have you got a message for us? Yes.

We listened expectantly and nothing was said.

Dave asked:

Have you got a message for us? Yes.

Can you tell us your names? Dave and Jacky.

Dave replied:

Not our names. We want to know your names.

My hands were resting on the table and suddenly, something pushed them off. I saw a little light.

Dave asked again:

Please tell us your names? Why?

For some reason I had a fit of uncontrollable giggles and then the Spirit Box emitted a laugh. Andrew turned around quickly and said that he had heard a growling noise behind him. As this was such a small room, it was rather disconcerting to have something growling at us in such a tiny space. Jacky said that when she looked at Dave, she could see a skull superimposed where his head was. We discussed what we thought that this room was (and had been) used for. It seemed to be an anti-room.

MASONIC HALL (Downstairs)

Dave saw a light anomaly. He said that he didn't like it in this room. I felt quite unnerved in here as well. I had a little walk around and then we all sat quietly on a bench/pew, in the middle chamber. After a while, we all realised that the bench was tipping back. It was fastened securely to the floor but somehow it started tipping backwards and forwards. It got stronger and stronger. We were amazed at what was happening. This strange phenomenon carried on and it was so strong now that it was really straining. Suddenly there was a big jolt. Jacky saw a flash of light over by the large chair to the right. We asked, “Do you want us to get off?” Andrew asked, “If you would like us to get off of this pew, push us forward.” We were pushed back so we thought that they didn’t mind.

The pew continued to shake. We asked if this spirit was the same entity as the spirit upstairs and we received an affirmative answer. We asked the spirit if 'they' liked us and again we received a positive response. Dave said that he was feeling sick with the rocking and Jacky asked for the pew to be rocked harder which it did. Dave was really queasy. He said that he could feel something standing behind him. I was also feeling queasy but I was so excited that I didn't mind. Suddenly, the rocking stopped. Dave said that it was like using a planchette but being sat upon it. The pew started pulling us back again. Dave asked (jokingly), “Can you write your name?” We were all hysterically laughing.

I noticed that I wasn't feeling nauseous anymore. Two lights flashed within the room. The bench was rocking at our request. We were still laughing hysterically and we felt like something was really affecting us and making us laugh. Suddenly and fleetingly, I saw a figure. He had long, straggly white hair and no teeth. Dave said that he was feeling sleepy and the rocking pew was rocking him to sleep. Every time we asked a question, we couldn't stop laughing. It was a lovely atmosphere.

BARN (Outside)

We sat around in the barn and after a while, we could all smell something. It was quite horrible, like an unwashed body. As quickly as we all noticed the smell, it suddenly disappeared. I heard a noise behind Andrew. Dave was wearing his enhanced sound head phones and he asked me to wear them for a minute. Immediately, I could hear footsteps. After this all was quiet.


We joined another group as a last vigil. We sat around chatting and sharing our evening's experiences. A few people began to feel nauseous. I felt quite low in mood while sitting in the cave. Although we were all sitting very still, we heard footsteps inside with us. We sat in silence and then we heard a strange sound, like something was shifting. We started to conduct a séance and immediately, we saw lights on camera and also with our own eyes. The lights eventually disappeared and and nothing else which could have been perceived as paranormal occurred.

On behalf of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team who attended this paranormal investigation, I would like to thank Claire Stevens for inviting us along. It was an amazing night.

Written by: Maria Williams