Twilight Shadows Paranormal

Little Phantoms in tisbury

On Saturday 10th March 2012, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at a private home in Tisbury, Wiltshire. We were invited to Claire and John’s home as they had been experiencing what they perceived as paranormal activity. I had been sent a photograph of what looked like a child/children sitting on the stairs. Claire had seen the apparition initially, taken a photograph and was amazed when she saw the image captured on her camera.

As we went into the house, all seemed calm downstairs and none of us could feel any spiritual presence. However, when we went upstairs, the atmosphere felt thicker and we experienced individual feelings which we all personally undergo when a spiritual presence is close by.

Most of the paranormal activity experienced by Claire and John has occurred upstairs so we decided to gather together on top of the landing and begin a séance. There was definitely no sinister feeling in the house and we quickly relaxed. Claire said that she did not mind the spirits co-existing with her family in the house as long as they didn’t frighten them.

I ‘called out,’ asking for any spirits present to make themselves known. I asked if there were specifically children spirits in the house and tried to reassure them that there was no need to be afraid of us and that we would like it very much if they joined us.

During the last six months, Claire has heard her children talking to ‘nobody’ as if they are in a conversation. The children have denied that they are talking to anyone and say that they are just talking to themselves. However, the children have reported to their parents, the sound of running feet upstairs when nobody is up there. Claire said that people have given up baby-sitting for them, saying that they don’t like the house. She said that baby-sitters have heard the sound of children’s feet running down the stairs but when they have investigated, nobody is downstairs and the children are fast asleep in their beds. Claire told us that a couple of weeks prior to our visit, she was in the kitchen and she saw a little girl walk across the hallway.

I ‘called out’ again. Jacky said that she could feel the presence of two children, a boy and a girl who were wearing Elizabethan clothes. Jacky said that she thought the boy was aged between 3 and 6 years old and the girl was older. The photo that I had seen previously looked like a girl with long hair and perhaps a small male child.

Sharon said that she saw a movement in the bedroom behind Jacky. A shadow had dashed from left to right across the room. Jacky said “I don’t like children’s spirits, they scare me.” I could feel the presence of a woman. Claire said that a woman’s voice has been heard. We wondered if the woman could be the children’s mother.

I felt something touch my face, like something had brushed right past me from the landing and into the room behind me. Jacky said that she could feel a draught that she had not felt before. The house was very warm and Claire confirmed that the house was always warm, apart from one of the children’s bedrooms. It was the bedroom behind me and Claire said that it was always cold. Jacky said “I’m definitely getting a draught from the warm room behind me.” I ‘called out’ again asking for the woman and the children to make contact with us.

Jacky said that she had heard two names relating to the children. The names were Daisy and Adam. Jacky asked Claire “Do you get ever get spooked?” Claire said “Yes, I get the feeling that something is watching me sometimes.” She told us that when she is running on her treadmill, she normally has the door shut until she hears knocking on the door. There is nobody outside when she opens it.

We started talking about the photograph that Claire captured on the stairs. Most people agreed that they could see an older girl and younger boy on the stairs. Jacky said that she could feel an energy building up in the room behind her. Sharon said that she could feel something watching us from that room. Jacky said that she had felt ok with her back to that room but now she was starting to feel uncomfortable. Dave said that he saw a couple of light anomalies with his own eyes (not digital camera) in that room.

We started chatting amongst ourselves about other ghostly encounters which we have experienced, when suddenly Sharon said “Jacky, there is someone standing right behind you!” Jacky said “How close?” Sharon replied “Very close.” Jacky said “The draught is getting stronger too.” I moved slightly so that I could see where Sharon was looking and I could see a faint outline of a small figure standing behind Jacky.

Claire said “The door knocks on this room and the light-switch, switches on and off. John had even changed the light-switch but the strange phenomenon still occurred.

I ‘called out’ again, asking for some spirit activity. I immediately saw a reddish/orange light to the right of Jacky. Sharon saw it too. Jacky closed her eyes and said “It’s the girl.” Jacky ‘called out.’ The Camcorder caught a flashing white light directly behind Jacky. She continued to talk to the spirits. I saw a shadow move to the right of the window in the room behind Jacky. Jacky kept seeing ‘things’ to the left of her.

We all felt an energy shift. Jacky said “It’s definitely the little girl, she wants to be part of family life.” She told Claire, “I think they stay here because they feel safe.” It felt like a very happy home.

We wondered why they were there and so far had not been able to work out if they were connected to the area. The house was not very old. Jacky questioned if they had transferred with the stone which the house had been constructed. There was originally an old house on the site but John told us that the stones of this house were new.  We asked where the mirror had come from and Claire laughed and said “From a skip.” Some of the furniture in the house had been brought in from another house where somebody had died.

Jacky was still pondering and said that she definitely felt that the spirits had come into the house with something that had been brought in. She felt that they were attracted to the family unit and were not malicious in any way. We all agreed with her.

We sat quietly for a while and Jacky said that she could feel somebody peeping out at her from around the door. She said “They’re getting closer.” Jacky decided to change places with Matt. Dave had to leave to get some fresh air as he felt that the atmosphere was intense.

I ‘called out.’ All was quiet. Matt and I were chatting and Sharon gasped and said that she had seen movement from right to left across the bed. I tried to encourage more activity. I had a feeling that I wanted to really laugh for no reason but this mood passed quickly. We felt like ‘they’ were watching us but they would not be prepared to show themselves to us. It felt as if they were happy co-existing with Claire and John’s family and we were intruders. Matt said that he could feel children watching us from the side of the bed. We all felt like the female child’s presence was more apparent than the male. Jacky said that she thought that the ‘big sister’ came forward first to make sure it was safe for her little brother. But both children really liked Claire’s energy.

The spiritual atmosphere eventually dropped and it felt like the spirits had drawn back so we decided to end our investigation. Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to thank Claire and John for letting us conduct this investigation inside their home and also thank you to team member Sharon for organising this interesting evening.

Written by: Maria Williams