Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Friday 16th October 2015, Twilight Shadows Paranormal were invited to investigate a guesthouse which was formally a Georgian Hunting Lodge in Hampshire. We commenced the evening with a walk around the premises with team medium Pete.


The previous use for this room was a smoking room. I couldn't feel anything in this room and I thought that it felt a little flat. But Pete quickly picked up on a spirit that he felt that had been seen standing by the bed by guests. He identified this spirit as female who only came in visitation. She was not residual. Sarah (who owns the guesthouse) told us that she had only slept in this room once and she didn't like it. Pete said that this lady spirit had two roles. She worked for the establishment and somewhere else. She would have been in residence in this room although it would not have been lavish as it is now but would have contained two bench-like beds. Pete said that she looks at people sleeping in this room and wonders what they are doing in there. This room was warm but Pete said that it gets icy cold at times and Sarah said, “Yes, it's always cold,” Pete said that most guests wouldn't feel the lady spirit but they might feel a strange atmosphere at times.

Pete said that he felt that movement was often heard in the bathroom. He thought that another female was responsible for this but he couldn't pick up much about her, except that she was like a matron. Pete said that there was also a grumpy old man connected to this room. Pete told us that the grumpy man was watching us and tutting. He was repeating the sentence, “They didn't understand me, they tried to put me away but I wouldn't let them.” Pete said that this gentleman had dementia. He thought that he was in possession of his own faculties but he wasn't quite. He dressed eccentrically. Pete continued telling us about the grumpy gentleman. He said, “He fought tooth and nail.” Sarah knew about the gentleman and she confirmed that he existed and that this was his room. She said, “This is where he lived and that's where he died.” Pete told us that someone was interested in this gentleman's money but they didn't get it.


Nettie told us that she had been locked into this room earlier. She had been sitting on the bed with Dan. Tracy had left the room and when she returned, the door was locked and she couldn't get back in. Dan had to get up from the bed and unlock the door. Dan told us later that he had seen some strange lights. He couldn't explain what they were.

As we walked into this room, I could feel a definite atmosphere. Everyone else said that they could feel it too. We stood in silence for a while and the spooky ambiance just enveloped us. Pete said that females did not sleep very well in this room although it had a very peaceful feeling. Pete kept wiping his face because it felt like spiders webs were brushing against it. At this moment, there was a chinking noise from downstairs which sounded like someone was stirring a cup of tea, We were all accounted for so Dave went downstairs to check. There was no clue to what was causing the noise.


This was an exceptionally pretty room but felt quite spooky. Pete told us that he felt that a lady had died in this room. He could see her lying on a bed, having been laid out with pennies on her eyes and a piece of material wrapped around her jaw to keep her mouth closed. She was waiting for the undertakers to collect her. He said that she was a cook. He thought that she would be on staff records somewhere and there would be some things discovered to do with someone in this room. Sarah confirmed that a locked box, some pictures and old papers had been found during renovations.


Some of us went up into the loft and Pete said, “It's not rats that have been heard up here, it's children.” Sarah said, “We thought we had a problem with rats and we kept putting stuff down but we still heard it.” Pete said that the children were playing with the toys. Sarah said that they had just cleared out the toys. Pete said, “There was a dolls house which you didn't want to go.” Sarah said, “Yes, it was massive. It was a replica of a house in London.” Pete said, “Two little girls were playing with it. It was furnished.” Sarah replied, “Yes, it even had electric lights.” Pete said, “And a grand piano.” Sarah said, “Yes.” Pete told us that the little girls had been taking the furniture out of the house and rearranging it by putting it in different rooms. Sarah said that the she thought that the furniture had been moved. Pete said that one of the little girls was called Emily but he wasn't hearing the other child's name. He said that they were family members of someone that used to work at the hunting lodge and they loved it there.


I couldn't feel anything in this room but Pete said that two teenage girls had been heard whispering in here. He said that people assumed that it was someone on the landing. Jacky said that she could feel a presence on the landing.


Matt said that he saw a shadow move along the wall. There was a strange atmosphere here.


Nettie said that she felt really uncomfortable in this room but I didn't feel anything in here. Pete didn't pick anything up in here.


Pete immediately linked in with a shotgun suicide. He said that it was a man who worked for the estate. Pete told us that he was a groundsman/gardener who was dismissed for stealing.


Pete said that he could feel Christmas in this room and he saw a family in period dress, playing parlour games with a large Christmas tree by the fireplace. He said that he could also feel a relative of Sarah's who lived there in the present who was good with her hands. This lady is an artist and exceptionally talented with needlework. Pete said that she also lived here during a previous life. Her being was in the very fabric of the building.

We decided to have a séance in this room. We sat around a large table. It didn't take long for the table to start moving. Pete said that he could hear singing. Rachel could feel knocking under her hands. We were all 'calling out' and having different experiences. We heard clinking again like earlier as if a spoon was stirring inside a cup. Ben asked if the clinking sound was caused by a spirit person and a definitive knock was rapped onto the table. Pete said that he felt that this spirit was just visiting for the evening.

The table started knocking quite loudly. Rachel said that she started to feel sick and she had the feeling of something climbing up her legs. Eventually, this feeling subsided. Ben asked for a knock to show that the spirit contact was still there and a loud knock was heard. We started to chat amongst ourselves and we could feel that the spirit was getting annoyed by the atmosphere in the room. Pete said that this was definitely a female spirit. Ben asked the spirit if she was happy that we were there and Pete laughed and said, “She's got a gob on her. She's having a right go!” He described her as being a lady who was in her mid to late fifties and was approximately 5ft 4ins tall. She presented to him wearing a paisley patterned dress with long sleeves. It was an old fashioned dress. She had auburn, permed hair. She had a good sense of humour although quite sarcastic. She was answering yes and no by knocking on the table as we were discussing her. Eventually, her link weakened and she started to draw back. The table was still tapping slightly and the EMF meter was spiking now and then but it eventually all went quiet. Pete said, “She's gone.”

After a while, I 'called out' to see if there were any other spirits who wanted to join us. Pete said that the grumpy man was hovering outside the door. He told us that he was a lovable soul but just a grumpy person.

Rachel noticed that the table was moving again. Pete told us that another spirit had come in to our circle. The table started knocking and leaning to one side. Rachel was feeling quite affected by this spirit but we could all feel it. We heard three knocks behind Sarah. She said that she felt as if someone was breathing down her neck. (At this moment, some of us heard a sound like a lady moaning).


Andrew was using his new software and the name Audrey came up on it. For a while, all was quiet and then the K2 started giving high readings. Pete told us that a little girl was causing the K2 to spike. Dan wondered if the lights he had seen earlier was the spirit that Pete was picking up. Pete said that the child was called Daisy and she presented by dancing around Rachel. She belonged to the family that Pete saw as a memory, celebrating Christmas in the dining room. Pete told Rachel that Daisy had come bounding in and held her hand and as he saw this, Rachel had looked down at her hands at that exact moment. Pete described Daisy as a little girl wearing a blue velvet dress with puffed sleeves, with her hair in ringlets and wearing a bonnet. She had white socks on with frilly tops and black shoes. He said that she was a very pretty little girl and she seemed pleased that we were there.

Lesley and Rachel both felt a whoosh of cold air at exactly the same time and they both let out a small cry. Pete said that Daisy was aware of the grumpy man even though they were from different time frames. Pete could smell a strong scent of roses. Rachel saw a light and as she described it, Dan said, “That's exactly what I saw.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed and we all felt slightly uneasy. Andrew's new software started to speak and it said, “You've got to ask the question.” This was followed by several unsavoury remarks and Pete said that he thought that this spirit was from the lower realms. My fully charged camcorder stopped working for no apparent reason. We told this spirit that we were not prepared to communicate with it and after a while, its energy began to dissipate. Suddenly, my camcorder began working again. Andrew's software emitted the name David three times, followed by the word nosy. Pete asked if we could switch to the conventional spirit box and the laptop said, “Don't go.” I started to 'call out.' Sarah felt a little light-headed and emotional and had to leave the room. A little while after this, the atmosphere felt flat so we left this room.


We were told that we were going to get a surprise. There were a few strange knocks and then it sounded like something had fallen over. Sarah checked and she couldn't see anything on the floor. We kept hearing noises like someone was coming up the stairs. We moved outside to the landing and then we heard movement coming from inside the room. Sarah told us that she felt back to normal.


We soon got chatting to a spirit. This spirit was residual and said that he lived here during the 1700's. He was in his 50's when he died. This was the gentleman that shot himself. Sarah asked him some questions. We discovered that he wanted to stay and although he wandered around the house, he didn't go upstairs. He didn't mind scaring the gentleman of the house but he did not want to scare the lady. He said that he'd been very unhappy in his life. The spirit box said, “Metal,” Rachel asked if this gentleman spirit had said metal and we were given an affirmative response. He reaffirmed that he wanted to stay in the house.

We heard on the spirit box, “She looks good in the nude.” Ben said, “All those times that you felt like you were being watched Sarah,” As we laughed at this, the spirit box said “Bad.” We asked if he thought he was bad or was it other people that thought this and the laptop software said, “I agree or at least I suppose I do.” Pete said that he didn't believe for one moment that he was bad.

After this, the energy went flat and nothing else happened so we finished our investigation. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Sarah for inviting the team into her lovely home and business.

Written by: Maria Williams