Twilight Shadows Paranormal

The gallery will include photographs which may have a paranormal element. If you would like your photo displayed on this page, please email a copy to us with any information you may wish to include.

The gallery


This photograph was sent to us by a Salisbury resident. It was taken at Berry Pomroy castle in Devon.


The photograph was taken while on a family day out in Devon. The castle is Berry Pomroy and Rosie was taking a photograph of her children. It was not until she had the photograph developed that she noticed what looks like the head of a dog in one of the bottom windows. As you can see by the size of her daughter against the building, the windows are very high from the ground. There is no flooring. Rosie sent a copy of this photograph to the castle and they say it is possible that she has captured the ghost of the dog that is said to haunt the castle. Other visitors to the castle have witnessed a ghostly dog but Rosie may be the only person to have captured a photograph of it. 


This photograph was captured during our  investigation at Sally in the Woods, Bradford on Avon.


Other peoples' comments:

Male or female

Between 18 - 20 years old,

Long dark hair,

Brown dress,

Sad and lonely,



Following us and then stopped when captured in this photograph.

It looks as if there is a figure standing to the right of the photograph.

But is may just be.....the pareidolia decide.


Christina's brother captured this photograph while on holiday. He was surprised to see what looks like the face of a young child (looks female) in the pool. Upon careful inspection it looks as if other parts of a body can be seen but not so clearly as the face. This may also be pareidolia.....or perhaps not!


At paranormal investigations we often set up trigger objects, checking later to see if the object has moved. Trigger objects need to be placed in a secured area and whenever possible we endeavour to do this. This trigger object is a cross which sits inside the lines on a laminated card in an exact position. Usually we find that our trigger objects have not moved but in this instance at The Swan Hotel in Bradford on Avon, the cross had definitely been moved slightly.

Dave took this photograph at St. Briavel's Castle. On this photograph there is a strange blackness that seems to be coming out of the oubliette. This was the only photo that he took which showed this, all other photographs are clear. We can rule out that it is not a camera strap.


Westbury Swimming Pool

What is the cause of the blackness which obliterates the top of right hand photo? Apparently, this happens a lot in this room and can be seen with the naked eye.

Nicci captured this photo. Some people say that they can see a face at the end of the left side of the anomaly.