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On Saturday 18th January 2014, Jacky, Dave, Andrew and I had the opportunity to join Claire Stevens and her group West Country Paranormal on a paranormal investigation at the Fleur De Lys at Norton St. Philip, near Bath.


Following a wonderful meal together at the pub, we began the investigation in the old function room. As soon as I started to 'call out' my left hand started tingling. This happens when I feel a spiritual presence close by. Jacky gasped and said that she had just seen a large light anomaly. We heard a tap on the floor. I asked for another and we heard another tap. We became aware of lots more tapping on the floor. The taps seemed to be coming from a specific area where a stack of high chairs had been placed. The tapping continued and then it started to come over to where we were sitting.

We all heard a loud buzz but we couldn't work out what it was. There was a noise from behind Jacky and Dave by the chimney and then something was thrown. Dave and Andrew went to look for the object but they couldn't find it. We went up to the store room and sat in the dark for a while. I didn't feel anything at all in this room but as soon as I went back down to the function room, the atmosphere felt electrical.

Something was thrown which sounded like a small object. Jacky caught it on camera and it came from the far side of the room. Dave said that he really didn't like standing with his back to the fireplace/staircase area. We had a little chat amongst ourselves and an object was thrown at us. Dave left the room, leaving the three of us and a metallic object was thrown at us. Andrew found it on the floor and told us that it was a small metal washer.

For a long time nothing happened and then something else was thrown. We heard a tap on the floor beside us, Jacky saw a light anomaly and a stone landed behind Jacky. Dave came back in and we started talking about the little store room at the top of the stairs. I said that I had felt nothing but Jacky said that she had felt quite threatened in there. Dave said that he had felt fuzzy. Andrew decided that he was going to go back up there on his own so he went up, turned off the light and shut the door. Dave said that he was experiencing a sudden and intense pain in his neck, especially on the right side. Jacky gleefully told him, “It's probably the hangman's noose and the knot was on the right side.”

Andrew eventually came back down and said that he hadn't experienced anything up in the store room. I heard a sound that was like a foot had stepped on the floor board next to me. A constant tapping started on the floor, all around the room. Jacky asked if the spirit could step on a loose floor board and make it creak and we heard a sound just like that.

Dave said that he was still in considerable pain in his neck and he'd also got a pressure headache too. Jacky asked how many spirits were in the room with us and we heard one tap. She 'called out' again and there were two taps in the corner. The temperature seemed to be dropping and Dave checked this out with the laser thermometer and confirmed that it was. It was freezing. Jacky said that she saw a glittery light traveling slowly across the room and there was the sound of a footstep right beside me. We then heard footsteps tapping loudly on the floor and we realised that 'something' was walking right through the very large table that we were sat beside.

Jacky said that when we had been sitting quietly in the store room, she had got a vision of an elderly lady who was wringing her hands. Dave said that he had been hearing a name but he was unsure whether it was Annie, Anna or Hannah. We asked if the spirit was happy that we were there and we received an affirmative tap. Asking for taps to confirm, we started to ask the spirit lady to tap when we called out her age. We received a tap at 78. There were a few sounds by me. We asked if it was 'she' who had been throwing things at us and she said that it wasn't. We kept asking questions and we all heard a loud thud which made us jump.

Dave heard a whisper and as he said that, I had noticed that the sound indicator had showed a sound at the time when Dave heard the whisper but unfortunately, the sound cannot be heard on the recording. Jacky said that every now and then her chair was moving on its own. Nobody else felt their chair moving. The taps continued all around the floor and then we heard a loud bang within the room. We all felt as if a different spirit had entered the room and as we expressed this with each other, we heard the sound of heavy footsteps which sounded like a man. There was another loud bang by the door. A handful of stones were thrown. Jacky said that she was feeling threatened and Dave said that the hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end.

There were more knocking sounds by Jacky and she felt as if a male energy was right beside her. We tried to coax the spirit nearer to us so we could communicate. We heard a weird gurgling noise (not our tummy’s), a bang and some footsteps. We could still hear the original tapping noises and we felt that there were two spirits in the room with us. The temperature was plummeting and Andrew started shivering. Something else was thrown. Andrew (who never usually complains that he's cold) said that he was getting colder and colder and his teeth started chattering. We could all feel a presence over by Andrew. Dave walked over to Andrew and we jokingly said, “Watch out, Dave's coming” and we heard footsteps running away from Andrew towards the door. Dave ran over to the door and then we heard the footsteps run back in. As Dave turned around, he jumped and said that he had seen a black orb with his own vision. We all heard a door creak (although neither door moved) and then we heard the sound of a woman's voice. It was not a formed word, just a sound.

Jacky left the room and after she had shut the door, we heard footsteps within the room. Dave then heard a strange noise behind him. I heard footsteps behind me and Dave saw a light anomaly traveling up the stairs. We felt like there were two different spirits and two different sounds of footsteps. There was another tap. Suddenly, a strange smell of pear-drop sweets impregnated the room. None of us had any sweets.


This part of the pub used to be an outside area and it is said that people were led out this way to be hanged. The place where they were hanged was a little further on. We sat around in a circle and Jacky 'called out.' We heard some responding taps. We asked if we were communicating to either one of the spirits that were in the other room and we were told that we weren't. There was a horrible feeling in this room and it felt like fear. It was quite palpable. We talked about how awful the times were through the ages and how cruel humans can be to other human beings. None of us could remotely imagine what the fear was like, knowing that you were going to be led out in front of an audience and hanged.

We made contact with a spirit who we believe was generating this feeling of fear. We learned that he was kept in the cellars of the George Inn across the road, and he was not guilty of the crime that he was accused of. We were getting very loud bangs. Jacky looked sad and she said, “This person is really upset. We all felt terrible for this troubled soul.

The knocking had traveled to the other end of the room and Jacky wondered if the spirit was walking over to where he was hanged. We wondered whether there were two spirits in the room because the knocks sounded very different. We asked how many spirits were in this area with us and we received eight loud knocks and then a multitude of different, quieter taps. Jacky wondered if the prisoners used to tap to each other to communicate while in the holding cells in the George Inn. Jacky asked, “You weren't tried by that awful Judge Jeffreys were you?” We received a massive response with a huge bang which made us all jump in the air.

A while later, Dave jumped and said, “I feel like someone's just kicked me up the ass.” Although he was sitting on a chair, the underside of the seat felt like it had been kicked really hard. As he said this, It happened again. At this point, Dave and I heard a gasping, breathing noise which was recorded on our equipment. Dave said that he could feel a cold draught on the back of his neck. Andrew started to get really cold again and started shivering. At this point, there were lots of loud deafening bangs. We tried to ask who was making the loud bangs. Jacky looked pensive and then said, “Are we talking to the executioner. A massive bang resounded near us. Jacky said, “This is an angry soul.” Jacky asked if the spirit was stuck here or had decided to stay here and also if he was afraid to go forward into the next life. The spirit appeared to move and went behind Jacky and started making loud bangs.

Jacky asked, “Are you sorry for what you did?” There was a loud bang in response. We all acknowledged that times were different in our country then. The spirit seemed to calm down slightly at this. He was still banging about behind Jacky. Jacky said that something had touched her leg. He was moving around behind Jacky and we all felt that he quite liked her. She asked, “Did you kick Dave up the bum because you like me?” There was a bang. Jacky asked, “ Did you have a lot of lady friends?” There was a massive bang and then Dave's chair was 'kicked' underneath the seat again.

We asked:

Did you have a beard?


Did you have long hair.


Were you very powerful?


This was followed by some very loud bangs. Suddenly, we all burst into hysterical laughter but none of us knew why. We wondered if the intensity of the situation had just got to us. After we had calmed down, we heard a moaning sound which was picked up on camera. Jacky felt something touch her knee. The banging continued. Jacky saw something move behind me at the far end of the room. There was a really huge bang . We started knocking out patterns on the table and these were immediately copied. We had grown to like this spirit even though he was initially angry. We tried to understand that even though he held down an awful job (we thought so), in his private life, he may have been a likable man with a sense of humour. We asked him to knock twice if this was true and we received two loud knocks.

We thought we would try to use the Ghost Box although we wondered if more ancient spirits are able to use this method of communication due to them never knowing or understanding the concept of a radio. We were desperate to get a name. We kept hearing the name George. We also heard John, Edward, Theodore and Charles. We later discovered that four out of five of these names have been identified in relation to the Pitchfork Rebellion. I also heard 'Go, Edward.'

Shortly after this, the situation became very strange with our faces seeming to change and the features of other faces superimposing upon our own. Jacky also saw the the same finger missing on each of our hands and later it seemed as if two spirits tried to use Jacky and Dave to communicate to each other. This became very emotional. Jacky explains this at the end of her report (please see below).

This concludes our experience at the Fleur De Lys pub. I would like to thank Claire Stevens from West Country Paranormal for allowing us to investigate with her team.

Written by: Maria Williams


A few of us from Twilight North and Twilight Shadows were given the opportunity to investigate he Fleur De Lys in Norton St Philip with West Country Paranormal and as this is a place we will be taking the whole team in the near future, of course, we jumped at the chance.


With every investigation we do, you always hope that you are going to witness some type of paranormal activity. It is often the case that after 4 hours of footage taken at a location, you maybe lucky to pull 5 or 10 minutes worth of evidence. (Any type of evidence we get I am always grateful for whether its 2 seconds or one hours’ worth.) I am shocked and astounded at the activity we witnessed during the evening. I pulled over 40 minutes worth of footage some of which I decided not to share as I had quite a personal experience (which I will talk about at the end of the report). I do not claim to be psychic; however, I have learned to be more sensitive the longer I carry on investigating. In this investigation I found that a spirit imprinted herself onto me which I have never experienced before. It something I am honoured to have experienced and it has given me comfort to realise that real and true love never dies.



We started off the evening with an informal meeting with West Country Paranormal and ourselves. (We also all had a delicious meal together which gave us all a chance to chat to some of the newest recruits in Claire’s team). After this we then split into our respective teams and went to our allocated areas’. Claire’s team took the Skittle Alley and our team went to a room at the top of the stairs which used to be used as a small meeting room. After getting ourselves comfortable, we switched off the lights and started to call out.

After about 10 minutes or so, Maria asked if my hand was tingling. (We both experience this when the energy is starting to build up). I realise that it was. Just after we say this I capture a light anomaly on the video camera. After this, I see a series of light anomalies on the video camera. I notice that they are mostly towards the 2 wooden high chairs near the entrance door. I find that I am drawn to that area. Maria asks out again to see if we can encourage any more spirit activity. We hear a noise behind us. Maria asks for any spirits to tap on something (to let us know they are with us). With that we hear something clatter to the floor. This was to be one of many apports we witness in this room.

[Apport (paranormal), the paranormal transference or appearance of an object].

Dave goes to look for the apport and finds a small piece of plaster. I point out that this was too small and light for the object. Whatever has just been thrown was thrown with force. In fact it was thrown so hard it bounced off the table in the middle of the room. The object cannot be located. We continue to discuss the apport for a while. I ask for any spirits to show themselves in light form. I do not realise until I reviewed the footage that I did indeed capture a light anomaly on camera just after I have asked to see one. We hear a tap behind us and Maria asks out again. I ask to hear the spirits footsteps if possible. (Dave wishes to have a break so I take hold of his camera also so we can continue filming.) Nothing much happens for about 5 minutes and I ask if the spirit is still with us. I capture a light anomaly on my camera but not Dave’s. We then get another apport. It is here I tell Maria that I am drawn towards the highchairs and she tells me she can tell.

We get another apport while we are talking among ourselves. Dave returns and says how different this room now feels. We get another apport, this time it sounds like a metal object. Andrew finds it and it looks like a brass washer. We are discussing how the apports are happening to us more and more when I notice a lovely light anomaly on Dave’s camera but not mine. Dave comes and sits next to me so he can watch the 2 cameras. Just as he sits down we get another apport. They all sound like small stones though we are unable to find any when we go and look. We get yet another apport and while Maria and Andrew are looking for it Dave hears a tapping sound. Maria finds one of the apports and it is a small white stone. (This is very common in stone apports). We tell Dave about the brass washer and he manages to pick it up. He shows it to the camera. Just as he does this I capture a long light anomaly on Dave’s camera but not mine. (They are both pointed in the same direction). This I find fascinating. Just as I exclaim my surprise with this light anomaly, we get another apport. Reviewing the footage we do not hear Dave say that he has been hit on the back of the leg and you can hear something clatter to the floor.

Maria asks what the spirits are going to do next. Andrew decides to go up the wooden stairs in the room that leads up to a small storage room on his own. He stays in there for about 5 minutes than comes back down again. I ask him if he felt anything while in there. He answered that he did not and says he never does. I laugh and tell him that will change and he shouldn’t have said that out loud.

Dave tells us that he has got an awful pain in his neck. Maria suddenly wonders if this is a spirit imprinting on him and talks about the hangings that happened at the Fleur during the pitchfork rebellion. He says no, and that the pain is on the right hand side. I suggest maybe that’s where the knot from the noose would have been. Dave makes a joke of it and tells us he was supposed to have been a highway man in a former life. (I can believe that).

I return my focus to the investigation and say out loud “Come on ghosties”. Just as I say this we get another apport bang on cue which you actually see bouncing off the floor on my camera. We can now feel the energy change in the room. Maria asks if we can hear the spirits footsteps. We do hear something but it does not sound up on the video. Dave tells us that his neck is getting worse. I ask out loud that if it is a spirit doing this to Dave, could they stop. I then ask can we hear the spirits voice. We get a loud tap in reply. I ask a series of questions (What is your name, age, etc.) and leave a long pause in between them to allow a spirit to answer. (Hopefully we will be able to hear on the video footage or digital voice recorder if they have.) To my amazement when reviewing the footage, when I ask how many spirit people are there I capture a female voice answering 6 of us. This footage can be seen on our Facebook page.

I ask for the spirits to either show themselves in light form or throw something (as they are so good at doing that). I see more light anomalies on the video camera. I thank the spirits for all the activity they have shown us so far. We ask if we can see the spirit on camera and explain that this has happened before (Woodchester Mansion). We continue to ask out encouraging spirit activity and we start to hear tapping sounds. We hear a series of taps which seem to correspond to our questions. Dave says he feels this is an (old) lady. We hear a loud tap as if in agreement. I say at this point that when we were on a tour of the place, before we started the investigation, I got an image of an old lady wringing her hands (when we went up into the storage area). As I say this I get the sensation I feel down my back when a spirit is really drawing close. Maria asks me what this feels like and I explain to her (the best way I can) what it is similar too. When this happens to me it almost feels like the sensation you get just before you get pins and needles. I ask if the spirit is now in the room with us. Tap. Dave goes to say something but finds his words are stuck. We get a very loud impatient tap and we laugh at this. Dave gives us a name he feels this might be. He got the name Annie. We start to debate the age. I said the woman I saw in my mind’s eye was in her 80’s. Dave disagrees and said he feels she feels more in her 70’s. Maria suggests we ask her, so we do. I ask are you in you 70’s? Tap. Are you nearer 71? (Nothing). 75? (Nothing). Nearer to 80? Tap. 78? Tap. Maria then asks for the spirit to tap again. To our amazement we get a tap back. She asks for a loud tap (as she wants to check something). TAP. Maria then explains that she wanted to see if the taps are showing up on the sound display on her camera. Dave then suddenly says Anna or Hannah. We hear a massive thud as if to respond to what he is saying. (It is here that on camera you hear a scribbling sort of noise. Dave says that he has heard a whisper and then goes on to describe the scribbling sound perfectly.)

It goes quiet for a while (which happens). We start to hear knocking sounds again and Maria asks for the lady to tap if she is back. We get a quiet tap, then a loud one (which sounds totally different). We all hear a strange noise and I ask Dave if that was his tummy. He laughs and says he was about to ask me the same question. Maria says she thought it was Dave’s tummy too and turns to Andrew and asks if it was his. He tells us it was not. This sound was captured on the video footage.

We hear a loud bang. We notice we are still getting 2 types of taps in response to our questions. Andrew suddenly says he is feeling really cold. Dave says he is also feeling cold. We hear a massive knock by the door. Dave goes to investigate and opens the door (to see if there is anyone on the other side). As he does this Andrew hears footsteps running passed Dave and round the back of where Maria and Andrew are sitting. He is explaining this to us when I see a massive anomaly on my camera go from Dave (who is now standing back by me) and travel towards the door. Dave then says he just saw a black anomaly (with his naked eye) by the door. We all laugh and ask how on earth did he see this when it is dark in the room. He explains he saw it down by the bottom of the door (where the light from the corridor is seeping underneath.) I ask Andrew if he is feeling warmer now and he confirms he is.

Maria goes to place a chair by the door and asks us if we can still see. Just as she does this she hears a noise on the other side. She goes to have a look and there is nothing there. We point out that if it was someone playing tricks we would hear them running down the stairs. Just as she closes the door we all hear another strange noise. I say it’s the door hinges so Maria tries the door again. There is no noise. We again are all amazed. The footage of this can be viewed on our Facebook page.

I need to take a natural break so I go towards the door. Just as I do the door rattles as if someone is about to come in. I jump back in surprise. We find out later this is not paranormal activity and the door does in fact rattle if approached from a certain angle.

We continue to get lots of light anomalies on camera and we hear lots of taps. Many in response to our questions. We could have stayed in this room for the entire investigations but decide to change to the skittle alley.


We make ourselves comfortable around a small table that Claire’s team had set up in the alley before us.

We start to call out and very soon hear small tapping noises. We are just discussing the history of the building and that the long corridor that leads to the skittle alley from the main bar used to be outside. It is believed this route is were the prisoners of the pitchfork rebellion were lead down towards the gallows they were hung from. Just as we discuss this we hear an almighty bang on our table which makes us all jump. We acknowledge the spirit and ask if the spirit was one of the men that were hung. We get another loud bang. The table then tips up on 3 legs then places itself back down in a very precise manner. We ask a series of questions and start to get 2 different types of taps in response. One is very loud and one is very quiet. The tapping then starts to take on a rhythm. I say it’s like Morse code. Dave rightly points out that this didn’t exist in their time. I suddenly get an idea. I say maybe the prisoners devised a code they tapped on the wall to communicate between themselves. We get a thud in response to this. As the infamous Judge Jefferies name is mentioned, we hear another almighty thud which makes us jump again. Maria hears a gasping noise just behind her which really unsettles her and I see something move behind her further down in the skittle alley. The table then lifts up on 2 legs again.

I suddenly feel a weird sensation on my left knee. It felt like someone was gripping it. The rhythmic tapping starts again and I say that I am thinking something and if I am right can you knock on the table. Maria suddenly cottons onto what I mean and we all laugh. She asks me why I thought it might be this that the spirit is imitating. I tell them that it’s probably because he has been feeling my knee for the last 5 minutes. I start to sense the atmosphere changing and this spirit feels very jolly. I ask if the spirit likes to join in with the people in the bar and we get a loud knock. I ask if the spirit is touching my knee. Bang. Maria laughs and tells the spirit to behave itself. I say that my husband is in the room so he had better behave. BANG. We hear another very loud bang on the table. I say that if the spirit wants to do that he is going to have to scare my husband away. Dave then cries out as we hear another massive thud. The bang happened under his chair.

We feel that we are talking to the executioner. Maria asks if he has regrets for what he has done. We hear another very loud bang on the table. The table then lifts again. I say that I feel the spirit is behind me. We hear a thud on the table. Maria asks why I feel that and I explain because the table lifted where I am sat. I feel the feeling on my knee again the tapping goes back to the rhythmic tapping once again. I say again that the spirit would have to scare my husband away if he wants to do that. I tell the spirit to growl in Dave’s ear. (Dave isn’t too pleased about this). Maria asks if the spirit was powerful in life. We hear a loud tap. Dave says under his breath “he thinks he was powerful” and there is an almighty bang on the table as if to tell Dave off.

We chat about how a person would be appointed as executioner and I go really cold, then I get the giggles. It is here I capture a groan on video that can be seen on our footage on our Facebook page. We are unaware of the groan at the time and we can be seen chatting on among ourselves and I ask a question out loud to myself “I wonder if it is us that turns people this way”?. As if in answer to that we hear another massive bang which again makes us all jump. I say that I hate it when they do that.

Maria then says to the spirit “is there a question you would like to ask us?” Bang. “Oh dear, what would that be?” Maria asks. I reply “our names?” Bang. We go around the table and introduce ourselves and I finish by saying “and your name?” Bang. We laugh and I say hello to bang. We then get an idea. We have 2 types of ghost boxes and maybe we can use one to communicate.

[Ghostbox (paranormal research device), a device meant to communication with spirits using open radio waves]

We ask the spirit if we can use this and we get a bang in response. We have a small debate while Andrew sets up his ghost box that maybe it only works with more modern spirits, however, we decide to carry on.

We ask the usual questions of what is your name. We hear (at different times) the name George, Edward, John, Theodor and Charles. We also get bangs on the table to clarify other questions we have asked. (All but one of these names are on a document in the bar regarding the pitchfork rebellion. We did not see this until we are about to go.)

It is here that things really start to get strange.

During the ghost box experiment. I notice that Maria’s face has changed and I tell her this. She replies that she didn’t want to say but mine had too. For me Maria had become very old and her face was more oval. For Maria I had become very scary looking and my eye sockets are just hollows. She says I look almost vampiric in appearance. This is disturbing me so much that Maria changes places with Dave who (straight away) his face starts to alter. I start to freak out a little and say he looks like an evil gnome. As he is saying 'thanks very much' the word Idiot is said on the Ghost box. I then hear a Huh or sigh next to me. Maria asks if the spirit means Dave is an idiot. My knee feels as if it is being gripped again and Andrew suddenly feels really cold. I say to him he shouldn’t have said he never feels anything earlier. We all laugh.

I see something moving at the bottom of the skittle alley and I try to lean over to see what it is. Andrew asks if I am OK. The table then moves on Andrew’s side.

I start to see one finger black out on Dave’s hand, then mine, then Maria’s and then Andrew's. I say this and tell everyone I am starting to feel very weird. I feel the finger is missing due to punishment. The finger that is missing is everyone’s wedding finger. I realise I am feeling very emotional and I look at Dave and his face is now totally different. Dave looks behind him at this point and on the video footage you can hear a rumbling noise like a bowling ball traveling down the alley. I apologise to everyone and say I have never had this happen before. I suddenly realise that Dave’s hands have changed. They look enormous. Maria asks what I am seeing. I say I don’t know and I am not very good at this. She replies that she thinks I am and urges me to continue. I explain that these hands I can see look almost cartoonish. I suddenly feel like I need to reach for these hands and I find myself saying we have been here before. Maria says how much my face has now changed. Dave agrees and says he knows the face but doesn’t know the name. Maria says she is getting the name Jeanette or Jenet. I say we have been here before. Dave starts to talk and Maria tells Dave that she thinks I am trying to tell him something. I am feeling really strange. It’s almost like something has got control of my voice and all I can say is we have been here before. Dave and I (or rather these 2 spirit people who have imprinted on us) are looking at each other. The love I feel at this point is over powering. Then, as quickly as it arrived, the feeling starts to fade and I can see Dave’s face again.

We continue to talk for a while but this experience has really affected me and I am quite relieved that we decide to call it a night.

At the time I felt like Dave and I were old souls that have met in a lifetime before. However, looking back on it I now think maybe this female spirit has been hanging around waiting for the opportunity to reach out to her lost lover and tell him everything will be OK and that she doesn’t blame him for leaving her behind. I am still unsure if this was a love torn in two by one of the men executed but that was the impression I felt at the time.

To conclude this report I can honestly say this was one of the most active investigations I have been on to date. We experienced light anomalies on camera, apports, taps, footsteps, audible voices, EVP captured on camera, and sightings. We had enormous success with table tipping and reasonable success with the Ghost box. Also we must not forget our personal experiences.

I would like to thank Claire from West Country Paranormal for inviting us to her investigation and to the landlord for allowing us to investigate this amazing location.

Written by: Jacky Wicheard


On Saturday 8th March 2014, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a second investigation at the Fleur De Lys pub in Norton St. Philip. We split into two teams.


I 'called out' and I asked the lady who made contact with us during our first visit to join us again. I told the team members that weren't present last time that she had been tapping the table, the floor and had been walking around us so that we had been hearing her footsteps.

Tracy H felt like there was someone standing behind her. She said that she felt icy cold. I continued 'calling out.' There was a knock from inside the room, over by Matt. Ben saw a white light and said he had heard a tap and a rattling sound. We started talking amongst ourselves and there was a big bang as if to focus us. There was also a small bang and continuous tapping while we were chatting. At this point an EVP was recorded. We didn't hear it at the time but it was an eerie moaning sound.

Loretta heard footsteps and there was a big knocking sound over by the fireplace. We sat around a table. I 'called out' and there was a bang on the wall. I heard a knock over to the right side. The table knocked and it seemed like it was moving. There was a massive bang under the table which reverberated through all of us. The table was vibrating and then became stronger and was shuddering. There was another knock, the door knocked behind Matt and then there was a knock next to where I was sitting. The shuddering of the table completely stopped and we all felt breezes over our hands. There was a little pattern of knocks and a very strange noise in the corner. We all heard a movement by Matt, directly in front of him. Andrew heard knocks near the table and Ben heard footsteps. Tracey D suddenly felt cold.


We started talking about how this passage once led to the gallows. As we were talking amongst ourselves, our recording equipment picked up an audible, male groan. I 'called out' and there was an immediate tap on the table. Upon our first visit here, we made contact with the a hangman. So we tried to communicate with him again. We started tapping on the table and the wall started tapping in response. There was another tap, a tapping noise by me and then we all heard footsteps. Ben and I both 'called out' but all was quiet for a long time.

Suddenly we noticed that Dan had started rocking. He said that he couldn't stop although he wanted to. He felt as if someone was rocking him. It was sort of a 'swaying' motion so we wondered if it was connected to a hanging. Dan said that he felt that it was. He said that he was 'feeling very weird' and that he was extremely cold. As Dan continued to sway, we asked if the spirit responsible, could come forward and communicate with us all. We asked questions to do with the Pitchfork Rebellion and asked if a spirit who had been wrongly hanged was making contact. Dan said that he really did not like the corridor.

We all heard a jingling sound. Matt told us that his neck had suddenly started to hurt. He seemed to be talking in a very strange voice. During our previous visit, Jacky had been talking as if she had been imprinted upon and was speaking as if she was another person. Her voice really changed. Matt had not been present for the first investigation and so he would not have known that his experience was in the exact same place as Jacky's experience.

Andrew said he'd suddenly become very cold and a chill had traveled right through his body to his feet. I started to talk about what it must feel like to be hanged and the table started tapping. Matt continued to rub his neck and it was at this point that our recording device distinctly picked up a voice which said, 'swinging.'

Jacky's team joined us and assembled around another table further up the alley. The tables started knocking and there were tapping noises around the room. Ben identified that the temperature in the room had began to plummet. Nicci agreed and said that their end of the room was decreasing in temperature also. Suddenly the Ovilus said the word 'Bitch.' We asked if the the spirit with us disliked women and there was an affirmative tap. The table which Jacky's group was sat around had started to move.

I asked (using the Ovilus):

Do you really dislike us?


Just the women?

(No response)

All of us?

Yes, (followed by a large tap).

How many spirit people are with us in this room?




After this, the atmosphere went flat and nothing more of a paranormal nature occurred. We decided that we would close this investigation at this point. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Jacky and Dave for arranging our second investigation at the Fleur De Lys.

Written by: Maria Williams


Following our very successful visit to the Fleur De Lys at the beginning of the year with West Country Paranormal, we had the opportunity to take our own team back for another go at communicating with the spirits.

After a lovely meal, the team split into 2 groups and our group headed off to the skittle alley. We were trying a new device from Digital Dowsing called a Ghost Talker 11. It is thought that spirits may be able to manipulate white noise and electronic devices. The spirit then communicates to us using the device. It is a little like a ghost box where a spirit communicates through the radio waves which can be heard through the device except this is not a radio. The ITC talking device picks up EMF as language.


As we were setting up in the skittle alley, the Ghost Talker started to make sounds. We heard what sounded like How are you or who are you coming from it. This got us very excited as previously this room proved to be very active.

We set up a table tipping exercise and it wasn’t long before we started to get a response to our questions. The tapping was very gentle and quiet and we felt that this maybe a female spirit. We ask if the spirit would like us to introduce ourselves and the table bangs down in response as if to say yes. We begin to say our names however the table starts to pre-empt what we are going to say and tilts towards the person that is about to introduce themselves next.

Just after this happened, we all hear a small high pitched noise (though this isn’t picked up on camera.) We get a few taps to our questions and I ask for the table to levitate off of the floor. The table does actually jump and this is followed by another weird noise (which is picked up on camera). We talk among ourselves about what the noise could be and I think I see a figure behind Dave, down towards the skittle alley. Nicci also says she has seen one down where I am pointing.

Not much happens for a while when we hear what sounds like a moan. Nicci feels like there is something behind where she is sat and has got his/her hand placed between her shoulder blades. This is making her feel quite dizzy. The table suddenly moves with much exaggerated movements and lifts and bangs back down on the ground with quite a force. The table moves towards Dave and we ask for the table to move back to where it was. Caz asks though we do not get a response. It does eventually when Chris demands that it does. This continues for a few minutes longer then the activity goes quiet again. We decide to have a break and change rooms.


We venture back upstairs to another room that was also very active on our previous visit. We get ourselves comfortable and call out.

We do get 2 apports in this room, (an apport is the paranormal transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source that is often associated with poltergeist activity or spiritualistic séances) while we are in there but not much else happens. After about half an hour we decide to join the others back in the skittle alley.


Back in the skittle alley we set up a table down from where group 1 have a table tipping exercise also going. Our Ghost Talker that started off very active had been quiet all the way through the night but suddenly springs back into life. We do get a few responses to our questions during this session, however it seems that the spirits had decided to leave us for the remainder of the evening.

I would like to thank both Twilight North and Twilight Shadows for giving up their Saturday evening and making this investigation brilliant and as fun as ever. I would also like to thank the landlord of the Fleur De Lys for welcoming us back and taking such good care of us during our investigation.

Written by: Jacky Wicheard.