Twilight Shadows Paranormal

This investigation was conducted on 27th July 2006 when James, Matt and Maria visited Figsbury Rings with two guests who are interested in the paranormal.


"This is a very strange place. A circular fort high on a hilltop with fantastic views of the Salisburyarea. It has the outer bank and ditch separated by a wide space from an inner ditch. Why have inner ditches in a fortification? It is almost as if it is a fort and henge combined".


At approximately 21 00 hrs we made our way to our destination...... known as Figsbury Rings.


We began our investigation by situating on the Western side of the inner area of the Rings. After several minutes of contemplation, we waited for darkness. Maria and James agreed to open up a circle and invite the spirits to join us. Maria started the ritual by greeting the Higher Realms and psychically protecting the team members.


The first event of many during the night would materialise psychically to Maria as a woman. It appeared to Maria that this spirit was a reasonably young girl, by modern day standards; she presented herself in what Maria described as "brown clothing with a texture that looked like sacking material".


But apparently, this female spirit lost interest with us within minutes and was not felt for the majority of the vigil. This was the first night that James had tried to use his clairvoyant abilities, he sensed that there was a man stood watching the, what would have been the main entrance to the hill-fort in it's time. At first James thought that the man was dressed in Iron Age garb, but later it became apparent to him that he was in fact dressed in Roman attire. This Roman male spirit seemed to pace the, what would have been the battlements.


As we opened the circle he seemed to show an interest in what we were doing and walked along the battlements to stand parallel with the team. At this time Chloe (James's sister) also started to pick up on another presence: who was also of Roman appearance. After a short while of Maria coaxing him towards us, the Roman spirit, according to Chloe, started to advance towards us. After several minutes of observing us the spirit dashed off to a third Roman spirit who was only brought to Chloe's attention as the second spirit walked away. They seemed to converse for a few minutes until the third spirit took the second spirit's place close to us.


Several other anomalies made themselves known in varying ways. At one point during the evening Matt impressed that he had been pushed off balance and nearly fell over. As the team was leaving the location three team members heard a loud and distinct whistle. Was this paranormal? We were the only people at the hill-fort.


As we walked away James felt that the first spirit followed them back to his post at the entrance in which we left. Maria shouted over her shoulder to him "we will be back" at which the spirit according to James heartily chuckled in a way which insinuated sarcasm.

Written by: James and Chloe Pearce


We will return with the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team.













Figsbury Rings