Twilight Shadows Paranormal

Undisclosed Location in Wiltshire

On Saturday 14th June 2008, a small assemblage of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team was invited by Phoenix Paranormal to join them on an undisclosed location in Wiltshire. Wessex Paranormal was also invited. It was requested that the name of this location was not published.


This location consists of a Georgian house, a cottage and extensive grounds. The grounds are beautiful, containing several large ponds and even an arboretum. We were all overawed by the beauty and large scale of this location. We decided to explore the gardens while it was still light, to get our bearings and to see if the atmosphere changed as it got dark.


We explored the area which took a long time as it was so vast. Chris informed us that in the outside area he was aware of children and at least two dogs. He said that the spirits present did not mind us being in their space. The atmosphere felt positive and tranquil so Chris's comment made perfect sense. Chris also said something about running water and there was some connection to the water. He felt that someone may have fallen into the lake. The significance of this became clear later.


Jacky identified an area by the arboretum which she felt spirit nearby. I could also feel it as my solar plexus area and the palms of my hands started to tingle, something that always happens to me when I notice spirit people drawing near.


After exploring the area further, we headed over to the cottage to see if we could make any spiritual contact there.


As soon as I entered the cottage, I experienced severe chest pain. I could tell that the pain was not my own and I asked spirit to take the pain away. The pain subsided.


We all gathered inside the cottage. I could feel a spirit very close to me and as it got stronger, my chest pain returned. I tried to link into this and immediately saw a person with grey, slightly curly hair. I felt that the spirit was male, but every now and then I doubted myself and wondered if the spirit was female. But I felt that the spirit was masculine so I will assume the spirit was male. He was wearing a green jacket, brown trousers and boots. I did feel that the spirit man was connected to the cottage, if not the cottage then the grounds. I did not get much more information than that but I did assume that this person died of a heart attack due to the chest pain I was experiencing.


Chris asked if there had ever been an accident within the vicinity. The person living in the cottage told us that she was sure there had been, as there used to be a factory situated in the grounds and she was sure there would have been an accident.


We started to 'call out' and asked for any spirits present to show themselves or make a sound. I heard two knocks which were verified by Dave. The knocks came from the staircase. Jacky came and sat by me at the bottom of the stairs. We took it in turns to 'call out' but we received the best results when Dave spoke. The knockings were very quiet but definite. The spirit seemed to have a weak connection so we offered our energy to make the phenomena stronger. However the knocking remained quiet and eventually disappeared. We eventually decided to return to the gardens as it was dark.


We decided to split into two groups and explore the gardens. 

After we had reformed as a group, we heard voices. There was nobody in the grounds apart from us so we could not understand where the voices originated from as they seemed very close to us. The grounds were locked so we were sure that there were no other people wandering around.


At one point as we were walking around we felt as if we were being followed. This feeling was really intense and slightly unnerving. Eventually our perception of being followed diminished. We stood by one of the lakes and heard a very strange sound. Jacky said it sounded like a wheelbarrow. I imagined the ghostly figure of a gardener trundling around the grounds pushing a wheelbarrow. Jacky then told me that the person now living in the cottage told her that a gardener lived there and had died of a heart attack. I was really surprised by this and wondered if this was the spirit that I connected with, upon entering the cottage.


Near the end of our investigation, we all stood looking into the murky depths of the lake. Jacky then gave us some information about the lake. The main house was connected to a wealthy family who lived at this location for many generations. One member of this family who had inherited the property could not cope and tried to escape. He left and travelled to Francewhere unfortunately he died. The family had his body brought back to the house and his cremated remains were scattered in the lake. We all thought that this was incredibly sad seeing as he was trying to leave. Suddenly I remembered what Chris had said earlier about a spirit and some significance to the water. I feel that he was connecting to this man.


We walked around the gardens again and eventually decided to end the investigation as all seemed quiet. Jacky said "I think the spirits have all gone to bed" to which Dave replied "Yes, flowerbed" and on that overtired note, we headed home.


I would like to thank Phoenix Paranormal for inviting us to investigate this incredible location. It is always lovely to work with you and also the boys from Wessex Paranormal of course.


Written by: Maria Williams