Twilight Shadows Paranormal

antrobus house

On Saturday 3rd May 2014, Twilight Shadows Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at Antrobus House, Amesbury, Wiltshire. We arrived at the location and explored firstly downstairs and then upstairs. I immediately felt a presence on the stairs.

We assembled into two groups and my group started downstairs and began to conduct a séance. We switched on the Spirit Box and I began to 'call out.' Ben tapped out, 'shave and a haircut' on the table and there was a response somewhere else in the room. This was promising.

I asked, “Are you here?” The Spirit Box immediately said, “Might be.” Ben kept knocking the table and was receiving responses from elsewhere in the room. I said that we could hear the bangs and the Spirit Box box said, “Thank you.” Ali saw a strange shadow.

We had learned about two spirits that supposedly resided at this location. We decided to call them so I asked, “Mam and Douglas, are you there?” The Spirit Box said, “Yes.” I asked, “Is that Mam?” The Spirit Box repeated, “Yes.” Dave said that he had seen a face. The K2 kept spiking.

The Spirit Box said something that sounded very much like “Margaret Hussey” which we were amazed by. The Spirit Box then said, “Look, Look” and “Up Up.” The other group was upstairs. Andrew asked, “What do you mean? Look up at the ceiling or look upstairs?” The Spirit Box said, “Up, go up, upstairs, big box.” After a little while, the Spirit Box repeated, “Up.” There was then a groaning noise that came from the Spirit Box. We asked if anyone died in the house and the Spirit Box said, “Yes.” The K2 spiked again.

The Spirit Box said, “Can't hear it.” Ben asked, “What do you want us to do, go up or stay down? The Spirit Box said, “Poppycock.” We laughed and said, “Did you just say poppycock?” The Spirit Box replied, “Yes, poppycock. Look at name. Good, good.” Ben asked, “Do you mean the name of a painting or a picture?” Ali reminded us that there was a board of names upstairs. The Spirit Box said, “Up,up.” We all heard a sound like a ball bouncing. We asked if that was a ball bouncing and the Spirit Box said, “No, up, up, up. I'm dead. Female.” We asked, “Margaret, are you on the board upstairs?” The boys went upstairs to have a look at the board. We asked, “Do you want us to know who you are? Were you a mayor?”

The boys came back and said that they had found a lady called Margaret on the board. The Spirit Box said, “Am a female.” Matt said that he could hear bell noises. We were talking about Edmond Antrobus who died 100 years ago and how his mother had this house built in his memory. The Spirit Box said, “Odd. Edmond. You're dead. Edmond.”

There were sounds like musical notes coming from the Spirit Box. Matt started to play notes on the piano which seemed to make the notes on the Spirit Box even louder. We were trying to get a date from the spirit communicating with us via the Spirit Box. We kept hearing the number 7. We then got a date which was 1930. The Spirit Box said, “Later,”

It seemed as if there were two spirits trying to communicate. The first spirit we thought was Margaret. The Spirit Box said, “Douglas, Douglas.” We asked if we should talk to Douglas instead of Margaret. The Spirit Box said, “Yes, Douglas.”The Spirit Box said, “Am, get behind am.” I asked if someone had died on the stairs and received an affirmative response from the Spirit Box. I asked who and the Spirit Box answered. We have decided not to reveal the name or details of the death as although it is not recent, we feel that its not old enough to discuss publicly. Andrew said that his legs had gone icy cold. Loretta and I went to the toilet and while in there, we both heard a male voice in the toilet with us. All members of the team were downstairs.

We went upstairs to conduct a séance and I started to 'call out.' I called to Florence as we were in her room. The Camcorder picked up some whispering that we did not notice at the time. There was a knock behind us. We sat and listened and there was more knocking. Strangely, we all heard the sound of a horn.

The Spirit Box said, “Juliet. I swim” I asked if there had been a swimming accident and where did it happen. I asked if it had happened in Amesbury or Salisbury and the Spirit Box said, “Home. Mary.” Lesley asked who was Mary and did she cause the accident. The Spirit Box said, “Friend.” We asked if Mary had pushed her into the water and we were told no. When we asked if it had happened in the river, we were told that it did. The Spirit Box said, “Male, Walter.” We asked if Walter had pushed her into the water or did he leave her to drown and the Spirit Box said, “Mary.” At this moment, we saw a red light between Loretta and Ben.

Ali asked, “Did you know something about Walter that he didn't like?” The Spirit Box said, “Yes.” She asked if Walter was seeing other girls behind Mary's back and was told, “Yes.” Ali said that she felt that Juliet was going to tell Mary what she knew, so Walter pushed her into the river. The Spirit Box said, “See.” We asked if Dan had seen her in the kitchen and we were told yes. Lesley asked if she had heard her when she was on the stage was she was told yes. Dan said that he had heard someone sigh when he was on the stage and he asked if it was Juliet and we were told that it was. Dan asked if Juliet was standing behind him and the Spirit Box said, “Yes, ask for me.”

Dan went downstairs on his own. As he left us the Spirit Box said, “Goodbye.” There was a picture of M. Cook in this room and we wondered if this was Margaret. I could hear chattering and then the Spirit Box said, “Help, Ted, Katie.” There was a sad atmosphere in the room. Andrew kept turning around and he said that he kept hearing a tapping noise. The Spirit Box said, “Gold” a few times. We could all hear strange little noises in the room.

We were chatting about the many strange sort of messages that we were receiving via the Spirit Box and then I remembered that this building had been used for spiritualist meetings. I wondered if spirit people were coming through thinking that we were spiritualists and were being drawn to us.

Dan came back and said that he thought that Juliet had been downstairs with him and that she made him tingle all over. The name Mary came through the Spirit Box again and she told us that she was looking for the people. We asked her if the people she was looking for were the people that came here to bring through loved ones, in order to give them messages and comfort to their family and friends. We received an affirmative response. We talked to Juliet and we got the impression that she was still very upset about the situation between Juliet and Walter. The time frame was the 1930's. It seemed Juliet wanted to reconcile with Mary and she couldn't reach her. The Spirit Box said, “Sorry.”

We all went downstairs again and sat around a table. We felt breezes swirling around us. The Spirit Box said, “Let go, dare,” Ali felt that someone was breathing on her arm. Matt saw something white by the window. It felt as if there were many spirits lingering around and I told them that we weren't spiritualists and we didn't work the way that they did. I explained that we didn't try to contact spirit people to give messages for their relatives. The table we were sitting around started tapping gently, shuddering and then moved slightly. Lesley saw flashes of light as she looked towards the kitchen. Matt said that he had been hearing tapping noises from around the room. The temperature started dropping.

Matt said that he saw a shadow pass by the window. He asked, “Is that door closed?” I confirmed that it was and he said, “That's strange because I saw someone peep around it.” There was nobody there. I saw a flash by the kitchen hatch. We all heard footsteps. After a while there was tapping around the room, followed by a large knock. The door then opened and there was a creaking sound to our right. As we sat there quietly we all heard a voice whispering but we could not discern what it was saying.

There was a tapping on the table and the door swung open a bit more. We sat quietly and we heard glasses chinking in the kitchen. We then heard footsteps in the room. Andrew shone his laser at the far wall and there was a shape the size of a small child. We threw a small pebble and it our surprise, it rolled back.

We decided to use the writing planchette. It spelled out, 'Hello,' There was movement in the kitchen. I asked who we were talking to and the planchette wrote, 'Micheal' onto the paper. The planchette then wrote '1901' and then seemed to draw a picture. We asked what the picture was and the planchette spelled, 'Mountains.' As we looked, we could see that it did look like mountains as there were two big peaks.

There was a bang outside the door. After a little while, there was a really big bang. The planchette started to move again and it drew a boat with a sail in the sea. We asked the artist to sign the picture and he wrote 'Michael' in the bottom right corner. The way he wrote the name Michael was exactly the same as it was written previously. The planchette then drew a crown. We asked Michael to write what he had drawn and he wrote the word, 'King.' Ben asked if Michael would draw a flower and he did. He also drew what looked like a bird and as we were asking him about it, there were two sharp taps on the radiator, followed by another two taps. Michael then wrote, 'Woman' and then he drew what looked like a woman's head.

The energy began to diminish and as it was very late, we decided to end the investigation. We all really enjoyed our investigation at Antrobus House.

Written by: Maria Williams