Twilight Shadows Paranormal


On Saturday 12th May 2012, a small group of Twilight Shadows Paranormal decided that we would go on a three-location paranormal road trip.

Our first location were some allegedly haunted woods in Wiltshire.The woodlands lie on an ancient site and as soon as you enter them, an ethereal, atmospheric sensation, envelops you. It does not feel entirely comfortable and you definitely feel that you are being watched. I have been to these woodlands many times and I have had many experiences, witnessed by other people.


I have seen many shadow people here and one Halloween night, Loretta saw a group of these entities, who passed by her in single file, each turning their head to look towards her as they passed, not seeming to recognise her, looking straight ahead and then walking on.

Several people, including team member Vikki have heard growls right beside them in these woodlands which is unnerving. I have actually seen a semi - transparent, large, dog-like animal which looked very much like a wolf. It just ran through the clearing where I was standing and disappeared. Although I could just about see through it, I could see that it had a dark coat.

I have also seen the figure of a very tall man standing by a tree. He was huge and didn't appear to be wearing many clothes. He was so tall, I was terrified. He did not look at me but to the right of me. I turned around to see what he was looking at and when I looked back, he was gone.

I have also heard the sound of women chattering although the voices are always indistinguishable.


Initally, we walked over to a barrow near the woods and then further into the woodland. Loretta and I had not told the others of our previous experiences at this site. We were interested to see what would transpire.

We stood together and Dave said that he could feel a male presence close by. He then looked behind him and said "And a wolf." I was really shocked at this.

We started to 'call out.' Nothing happened initially but then the atmosphere seemed to get thicker. I felt as if there were people coming towards us, as if we were in the middle of a circle and they were getting closer and closer. It felt uncomfortable. There were only five team members present, we really felt out-numbered.

Jacky suddenly said "I don't feel alone. I feel others are here."

We stood together nervously and then we all heard female voices chattering. As usual, we could not hear what they were saying.

The voices eventually disappeared and all was silent. Like many ancient places, the feeling that elementals were close by was apparent. We all agreed on this.

It was quiet for a while and then Jacky jumped and said "I saw something walk across from one tree to another. It was strange but it was man-sized but there were no foot sounds. Matt said that he had seen it too. The rest of us were looking  a different way.

We stayed a while just chatting about our experiences in the woods and we became aware that the apprehensive feeling that we had all experienced had lessened. We decided to move onto our next location. However, as we were leaving the woods, we all felt as if our departure was being watched by many eyes. It was eerie.

Written by: Maria Williams