Twilight Shadows Paranormal

The red house - visit 2

On 7th July 2018, the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team conducted a paranormal investigation at the Red House Museum in Dorset. This was our second visit to the museum which was formally a workhouse. 


Attic Room

We started our investigation on the top floor which we have been told is usually very paranormally active. We assembled around a table and started to discuss the building and we noticed that the table had started moving on its own. However, the activity soon stopped. We thought that we could feel an energy but nothing happened for a long time. 


Tracy ‘called out.’ Nothing happened. Matt tried ‘calling out‘ but again, all was quiet. Apparently, other paranormal teams have spent hours investigating this room as it’s been so active but upon both our visits, we haven’t really experienced much. 


Middle Floor

The boys went downstairs and I went with the girls to investigate the middle floor. I ‘called out.’ I was sitting on the floor, leaning against a cupboard and something knocked on the cupboard behind my back. We  heard other knocks coming from around the room and also movement. We were all sitting very still. I felt tapping underneath my right elbow. This happened several times. We felt a male presence and we wondered if he was from the time of the workhouse. We asked if we were correct and we heard footsteps within the room. There was a loud knock and a tapping sound from inside one of the drawers. This went on for a time. The boys joined us and the tapping in the room continued. We discovered that we were in the male side of the workhouse building. It is thought that the Workhouse Master was a much kinder and fair man in comparison to most Workhouse Masters and we tried to contact him. We also ‘called out’ to any male spirit that was in the room with us and there was a loud knocking beside me. I asked if the spirit could make a different noise and something inside the cabinet rattled loudly. 


I knocked out a pattern and it was immediately copied. This happened three times. The knocking then continued simultaneously. I saw a white light coming towards me from the back of the room. This was followed by the sound of movement which was like a shuffling noise. After this, all activity ceased and we decided to move downstairs to the old kitchen area. 



We sat around chatting about the building and we all jumped as there were two loud bangs in the room. This was followed by the sound of something shaking. When we had first arrived, I had initially entered this room on my own and I had heard and felt a big breath in my ear. This happened again now, making me jump. 


We started ‘calling out’ and we all felt icy cold breezes wafting around. It was a stifling, hot evening and we’d all been struggling with the heat within the building so the icy breezes were very noticeable. The boys went back upstairs. They reported that when they got up there, the atmosphere was thick and oppressive but as soon as they went in and sat down, it immediately dissolved. They eventually came back down to the kitchen but no further spiritual activity occurred for the remainder of our time there. 


On behalf of the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team, we would like to thank the museum for giving us access to this lovely location and a big thank you to Tracy Hughes for organising the event. 


Written by: Maria Williams