Twilight Shadows Paranormal
On Saturday 1st December 2007, the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team were invited to conduct a paranormal investigation at a farmhouse in Warminster.


The residents of this house wish to remain anonymous and have requested that we are not location specific.

We have been told that prior to our investigation; the residents have experienced auditory phenomena in the form of disembodied voices. They have also seen figures within the house.


We arrived at the house and our first impressions were that the house possessed a lovely warmth and friendly atmosphere. After a quick chat with the residents we decided to take a tour. As I got to the top of the stairs, I immediately felt a presence and the atmosphere changed rapidly. We all walked into bedroom 1 and everyone could feel a definite presence. It was the presence that I had felt at the top of the stairs outside the bedroom. We carried on with our tour. Nobody felt anything in bedroom 2, bedroom 3 or the bathroom. Shelly left a Dictaphone recording in bedroom 1 and 3.


Eventually, we all decided that we would congregate inside bedroom 1. We all sat round and after we had spiritually protected ourselves, we attempted a vigil. We called out to any spirits that were with us in the room. The temperature in the room seemed to plummet but the actual room temperature remained the same. The team all agreed that the atmosphere felt heavy. We heard a couple of little bangs but none of us felt confident to suggest that these bangs were of a paranormal nature.


We called out to any spirits that may wish to communicate with us. We sat in silence for a while and we all became aware that there was movement by the door. The door was slowly opening. We all froze, holding our breaths and then the owner's dog popped his head around the door. We all burst out laughing.


After we had settled down, we began our vigil again. We all heard a bang right next to Matt, followed by two more bangs. They were definitely within the room.


Shelly felt like she wanted to laugh for no reason. As a team we have discovered that laughter often brings forward paranormal activity so we never try to dispel laughter, especially if there is no rational explanation for it.


I decided to attempt some scrying as there were many mirrors in the room. Shelly and Kirsty decided to join me. We tried for a long while and Kirsty eventually made contact with a child. This was exciting as some of us had thought that the spirit within the room was a child. Kirsty soon discovered that the child she had seen and made contact with had a physical disability and she also thought that he was deaf.


Suddenly Matt said that he wanted laugh. He kept giggling but there was no reason for it.


When Matt had regained his composure, we all heard tapping within the room. Although we asked for the tapping to continue, no more tapping occurred.


Using the dowsing rods I quickly made spirit contact and communicated with a 15 year old who was extremely mischievous. This presence was most likely the cause of unexplained laughter of Shelly and Matt. I could not decipher whether this spirit was male or female. Kirsty tried the dowsing rods and so did Shelly.

Due to the anonymity promised to the residents, we cannot publish anything more of our spiritual contact.


The Twilight Shadows Paranormal team would like to thank the residents of this lovely farmhouse for letting us investigate their property. Also a big thank you to Kirsty for arranging this wonderful location.

Written by: Maria Williams



After listening to the Dictaphones, no EVP's or anything else of a paranormal nature was captured.



Private Residence in Warminster